About Unlock Astrology Readings

Sometimes life comes at us from so many directions that it’s hard to know where to focus and when. My astrology sessions help clients to prioritize and when to direct their intentions for better results. I’m an astrologer who combines street-wise insights with heavenly movements for smarter, healthier, and more prosperous living.

Although I work in a “new age” field, I’ve never had much patience for woo. My background from Buffalo’s hardened East side, North Philly, and New York City’s “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy prompts me to look for nitty-gritty, real-world descriptions and understandings of the heavens. Fortunately, my sense of awe for the mysteries of life keeps me attuned to the miracles that bursts through modern life’s concrete.

This is how I'm able to use astrology, to the amazement and delight of my clients, to pinpoint thorny issues and blindspots that they’ve found hard to discuss, discern, or own.

Details About Unlock Astrology Readings

It starts with a consultation. A consultation is a conversation I have with you for either 30 or 60 minutes, using astrology. We talk about the cosmic cycles you’ve undergone and are undergoing to get a picture of where to go next. There are several different forms of astrology I use in a consultation. I sometimes even mix in a few of them, depending on the needs of client.

I currently have two kinds of consultations: a partial (30 minute) and a full (60 minute) consultation.

Full Consultation comes with an hour long session that’s recorded in a mp3 format for you to download onto your favorite mp3 player.

Partial Consultation comes with 30 minutes to explore a question, issue or area of life that’s pressing. It's unrecorded, but you're welcome to take notes or record it on your own.

Available Consultative Astrology Readings

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I use this form of astrology 98% of the time. With it, I explain your unique set of instructions based on the time, date and location of your birth. From your “natal” chart, I can forecast what are some likely (or unlikely) events that may surface in your life at particular times.

This method of astrology is most useful when you have a very specific, time-sensitive question or issue with which to contend. How it works is that an astrologer creates an astrological chart to examine one very specific question that may not be easily addressed from your natal chart (or your unique set of instructions). This form of astrology is like most other forms of divination you may know, like Tarot or Ifa from the Yoruba or Santeria traditions. A sample question would be, “Will I get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday?” You can see this question is very specific and time-sensitive. Another thing to note about horary astrology is that it should be something important and specific to you or your life. It’s not for asking, “Will the Jets win tomorrow?” unless you’re on the team or a coach. Horary astrology doesn’t care if you have money on the game, for example. If an issue or question is not directly your concern or business, then this practice will be of little use to you. If you’re interested in this form of astrology, I could coach on how to ask your question to yield the most helpful result. For instance, “should” questions are to be avoided because you’re seeking to divine an action that’s squarely in your control or ethical power. A “should” implies that this action is out of your control. If that were true, then asking a horary question would be useless anyway.

I use this form of astrology to figure out the most favorable and best time to “elect” when to start or do something, like have a grand opening, a wedding, or other significant action. If it’s something that has a beginning or an ending, astrology can help you time a good time for it.

I use this aspect of astrology to figure out what are the areas of difficulty and comfort you can expect with another person, whether that’s a relative, colleague, business partner or romantic/life partner. I do need as much birth data of the people involved (birth date, birth time and city (not parish for Caribbean friends) as possible. For couples, I have a unique way of calculating your compatibility by evaluating five areas of life and assigning a numerical value from 1-5 (based on astrological configurations), 1 for low favorability and 5 for high favorability. Those five areas are: temperament, communication, sexuality, purpose and daily living.

Using astrology, we can discover which countries, cities, areas of a city or a region that would work best with your chart. It’s compatibility applied to spaces instead of other people. Many people who think about where to vacation or to relocate benefit from using this form of astrology. For this kind of consultation, I need the names of 1-10 of the locations that you’d like to have evaluated for your own personal connection to those places. Also have in mind your intention(s) for the places you’d like to have evaluated, that is in terms of career, love, comfort, relaxation, or inspiration, for example. I don’t do blanket evaluations for the entire globe, like “Where in the world would I be happy?” In a consultation, I can use any of these forms of astrology to help you.

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Are you seeking to gain better insight into yourself and your current circumstances? Do you need clarity about a specific situation? Or maybe you're ready to start the healing journey to becoming your best and most fulfilled self. An Unlock Astrology reading can provide the guidance you seek, in a powerful but easy to understand format. Book your reading, today!

What Other's Say About Unlock Astrology Readings:

Natalie (Atlanta, Georgia)

I met with you first in New York, and I had my first real astrology session. A friend recommended me to you, and I wasn’t sure about astrology, this session, or you. I’m glad I followed through with the session. Our meeting was more like a therapy session, an old-fashioned lemon squeeze, a punch to the gut, and a true dialogue. I still listen to the recording that you made that day. Since then, I have returned to work with you. Your guidance and insight have proved to be valuable reality checks on my love life, my career opportunities, and my health. You ground everything in truth, wisdom, spirituality, and concern. It’s been a joy to work with you and to continue working with you.

R. Elaine (Washington, D.C.)

In addition to a master astrologer, Mr. Reynolds is an educator, empath and quite possibly a psychic. During our phone session, he asked about an injury to my right hand and arm. Something I didn’t mention…something I don’t feel comfortable discussing. He explained how the hands and arms (among other body parts) are controlled by mercury. He knew that I spent time writing but needed to develop and share my writing to honor my mercury. Mr. Reynolds also informed me that I am experiencing my 3rd Jupiter return in Leo and that this is a period to be courageous, have confidence and move forward. He shared a very informative article he wrote about Jupiter returns and what they represent. I left our session feeling more knowledgeable and wanting to learn more.

T. O. (Brooklyn, New York)

It is worth your time and money to have a natal chart reading with Mr. Reynolds. He is funny, insightful and a great conversationalist, while you are learning about yourself its like talking to an old friend. There are things I could not place my finger on about my personality, where he referenced two movies that provided me with clarity and how I can live my life to my greatest potential. If you’re reading this, please just press the consultation once you see ‘Let’s Talk.'

Sally A. (Boston, Massachusetts)

I had an over-the-phone birth chart reading with Samuel, and it was my first time receiving a birth chart reading ever. I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately he was able to pinpoint my current life’s path by obtaining the most basic information about me (name, birth date, birthplace, etc.) He took his time to explain the terms of astrology (some I knew and some I didn’t), how a birth chart worked, and he especially took the time to truly explain what my birth chart revealed. I was able to clearly understand the details of my birth chart, and what it has meant for me and my life’s journey. I was able to get answers to questions to very specific situations I’ve been pondering about by simply listening to Samuel read my chart. I also appreciated how there wasn’t this cloudy or vague “blanket” over the reading. It felt very true and matter-of-fact, but that’s because IT IS your life he’s discussing with you so it should feel as such. He would kindly pause in between the entire session to make sure I was able to understand and to also ask if I had any questions. The session was recorded so that you’re able to receive a copy of it, which Samuel sent soon after our session finished. I have heard this exact recording a few times since, and it is still very spot on! It really surprises me how well he was able to pinpoint who I was/am and the pathways I’ve been trying to carve for myself throughout my life.

Can Unlock Astrology Help Guide You on Your Path?

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Are you seeking to gain better insight into yourself and your current circumstances? Do you need clarity about a specific situation? Or maybe you're ready to start the healing journey to becoming your best and most fulfilled self. An Unlock Astrology reading can provide the guidance you seek, in a powerful but easy to understand format. Book your reading, today!