Superhero Twins: Merlin and The Flash

by Adrianna Dream · October 11, 2014 · (blog) · In the opening scene for CW’s new The Flash, before I even looked at lead actor Grant Gustin‘s astrology, his body type, pace of movement, the glimmer in his eye was all uncannily reminding me of the famous sorcerer from BBC’s hit series Merlin, played by Colin […]


Prepare to be zapped.

Why Grant Gustin IS The Flash!

by Adrianna Dream · October 10, 2014 · As we wait for another Spidey movie, CW’s new The Flash gives us a geeky superhero to chew on, and he’s surprisingly zesty. But the Spider-Man-esque tunes of Arrow’s spin-off aren’t the only thing that’s got me excited: It’s the astrology. I’ll give it in a flash: Actor Grant […]

Astrology Match: Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding Jr.

by Adrianna Dream · October 9, 2014 · (blog) · Yesterday I was singing the praises of Cruise’s Jerry Maguire monologue. Today, it’s all about cosmic matchmaking. Forget what you thought: This film is not about Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. This film is about Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr., period. Why? Because Astrology said so. Tom Cruise’s Sun […]

Enduring connections. Astrology can't be beat.

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Jerry Maguire – Play From Your Heart

by Adrianna Dream · October 8, 2014 ·  Two words: Jerry. Maguire. I heart Jerry Maguire, one of the secret founders of this blog, a hidden motivator, a part of my writing here right now. And I don’t just mean Tom Cruise with slick hair Jerry Maguire, or even Jerry’s Mission Statement that “even looked like The […]

The Bloody Moon: Tetrad Eclipse, part deux

“Eclipse” Horoscopes for October 6 – October 12, 2014 Eclipse season is about to begin, starting on Wednesday. As I’ve mentioned before, eclipses are like shots of espresso: they take a little while to kick in and kick you up. Nevertheless, kick they do. People have historically feared them, because eclipses denoted change. Change in more […]

A lunar eclipse moon for 2014, 2nd installment of the 4 (tetrad) blood moons near the high holidays for Judaism, Christianity or Islam

Water, Mercury retrograde, at-one-ment

A reflection on a coming Mercury Retrograde

Weekly Horoscopes for September 29 – October 5, 2014 I’m writing these horoscopes from sunny, hot and beautiful Chandler, Arizona for the International Society for Astrological Research’s 2014 conference. Although virtual classes and conferences are great ways to learn subjects from the comfort of wherever you want to be, there’s nothing like being inspired by […]

Pluto returns with a new Libra moon

Weekly Horoscopes for September 22 – September 28, 2014   If two weeks ago you found yourself heavy, then this week is likely to be earth shaking or mind-blowing for a good number of you. For starters, starting on Monday, the Sun finally stops crossing its “t’s” and dotting its “i’s” to find its level […]

That moment when you thought you could control how Pluto comes back...

NCGR-NY Art of Astrological Prediction event on 9/19/2014

Friday September 19, 2014 | 6:30pm – 9pm



A Comprehensive Approach to Chart Interpretation & Prediction

Source of Life Center
15 West 39th Street (West of Fifth Avenue), 3rd Floor
New York, New York

A Panel Discussion

Samuel Reynolds
Faith McInerney
John Marchesella
NCGR-NY Art of Astrological Prediction event on 9/19/2014
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of astrological forecasting and prediction
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September 15-21 — Shirk Your Horoscopes

“Shirk” Horoscopes for September 15 – September 21, 2014 Was last week heavy for you? Well, it was heavy in parts for me and quite a few clients and friends. So I’ve decided to lighten things up. It’s not that the horoscopes below shouldn’t be taken seriously at all, but they’re not to be taken sooo […]

Shirk, shirk horoscopes,

Jennifer Aniston, astrology,

Jennifer Aniston: America’s Favorite Friend

Jennifer Aniston, America’s Favorite Friend: From true love to free love, fairytale to breakup, she’s a posh princess on a rocky road by ADRIANNA DREAM (blog) · We know her as the “friend,” but did you know Jennifer Aniston’s Sun sign Aquarius is the “friend” sign of the zodiac? Astrology reveals her roles—and her life. After […]

Pisces full moon horoscopes: September 8-14

Don’t be a “mark” Monday’s Pisces full moon is the last super moon of the year. To remind you, a “supermoon,” is both an astrological and astronomical event. It’s a new or full moon that happens when the moon is closer to the Earth than usual. This closeness is thought to affect the Earth’s crust and […]

Pisces full moon

African Americans and astrology

An open appeal to African Americans about astrology

If you didn’t know better, you’d think African Americans just weren’t into astrology. That would mean that you wouldn’t know that 47% of African Americans believe in astrology. This is compared to 29% of their White counterparts or 33% of Latinos, according to a 2003 Harris Poll on the religious and other beliefs of Americans. […]