Nitty Gritty 3: Advanced
Group Astrology Class

Class Schedule to be Announced, Spring 2018

TWELVE weekly, 2-hour WEBINARS to learn the nitty-gritty on how to use astrology to answer burning questions, to use techniques of AstroCartoGraphy to map out how and what places work for a chart, and to know best times to elect to begin or end an endeavor.

Class Syllabus

An assignment will be given after each class and students will e-mail their completed work about three days prior to the next class (Sunday night or Monday morning, at the latest). I will also email a recording of each class to all enrolled students. Since every registrant will get a recording of the class, whether in attendance or not, there are no make-up classes or monetary compensation for missed classes.

A separate online forum and syllabus page will be used for this class as well. A public, weekly office hour for questions or concerns on Tuesdays at 12-1 pm EDT. Practicums are classes specially designated for practice or to dive deeper into the material covered.

Here's a list of the weekly classes, with a brief description. Names of classes subject to change.

1Class 1
AstroCartoGraphy: Learn how to use astrology to project the best places to live for your various needs.
2Class 2
A CLASS PRACTICUM with example AstroCartoGraphy charts & projections, including your own volunteered charts.
3Class 3
Horary Module #1: What is horary? History of Horary. Questions asked and not to be asked. Key terms used in horary.
4Class 4
Horary Module #2: Review of houses as topics of questions, planetary rulerships, void of course moons, what are the considerations before judgment and how to use them.
5Class 5
Horary Module #3: Mutual receptions, applying and separating aspects, timing and key points of crisis and development in a question.
6Class 6
Horary Module #4: Explorations of questions & topics for Houses 1-6.
7Class 7
A CLASS PRACTICUM Practicum for horary questions concerning Houses 1-6 with practice charts.
8Class 8
Horary Module #5: Explorations of questions & topics for Houses 7-12
9Class 9
A CLASS PRACTICUM Practicum for horary questions concerning Houses 7-12 with practice charts.
10Class 10
Introduction into Electional Astrology
11Class 11
Electional Astrology continued: electing conceptions, marriages, mass mailings, launches, and other various events.
12Class 12
A CLASS PRACTICUM of either predictive or electional astrology questions and examples, by students choice.

Nitty Gritty 3 Class Enrollment

Enrollment for Winter 2018 Nitty Gritty 3: Advanced Group Astrology Class, CLOSED ON January 7, 2018.
Next class sessions will be announced via email and social media.
You can also contact Samuel directly about private one-on-one classes, by exploring the private classes page.

You can either pay for the series of classes up front, or you can pay over a period of 3 months.

Single Full Payment: $750

3 Monthly payments: $250 per month

Anonymous Student feedback

The pdf slides and class recordings were huge! I would go back and play them over and consult throughout the week. Also, the office hours were very helpful and much appreciated. I also liked any chance we had to live read a chart together.

Natalie P (Brooklyn, NY)

"You are an effective and fun teacher -though I knew this. I really enjoyed working with you."

Anastasiya R. (Vancouver, Canada)

I have taken many private astrology classes with Samuel and I can say that his readings are always insightful and straight to the point. Samuel truly cares about his clients and you can tell that he loves what he does. If you want someone that is honest, knowledgeable, organized, and accurate, Samuel is the astrologer to go to. He is one of the best, if not the best, astrologer out there.