About Guest Writer: Dar Alexander


Who feels safe to live in his or her flesh? Too many lives are imprisoned by gadgets and dictated by cultural restraint. The life force suffers. Personal power is drained. I believe in emotional freedom. The only thing that’s our own is our body. Own yours.

Realigning isn’t about embracing a bubble of pseudo-spiritual ideas or an automated romp at the gym. We need to get back into our flesh the way it was made to be experienced: through the emotions.


I believe in creative movement, the embodiment of emotions as the only cure for the traumas inflicted by shaming the human animal. This can be achieved through the portals of drama and dance.

In my current writing project, Myth’s Primal Power, I dive into the heart of our ancient monsters to reveal their emotional truths. In a society of fear, the beast’s roar is real.

I’m not a job title. My work is alchemy, making fire for man so he has light in the dark.