The Zodiac Lounge is a monthly gathering to celebrate healing, wisdom and community.

It is an event more than an actual place. In fact, since July 2005, we’ve met in many places throughout New York City.

The Zodiac Lounge builds community by making ancient and modern ways of knowing and healing from quality, emerging practitioners more accessible to people. It’s a happy mash-up of a psychic fair, a birthday party, a roaming social networking event, and a marketplace with mini-lectures.

The Zodiac Lounge is also a safe space for spiritual and healing practitioners, especially of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, to develop their professionalism and to expand the reach of their clientele. It’s operated off and on since July 2005 at various locations in New York City.

My Personal Guarantee For Zodiac Lounge

The psychics and healers at The Zodiac Lounge are the real thing. I know because I’ve tested them myself. I am a natural-born skeptic, so I’m always looking beneath the surface for what’s real. You can count on my decades of practice as an astrologer and my extensive study of human nature and native-born skepticism.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. There will be dozens of other people just like you at the Zodiac Lounge with whom you can compare notes and with whom you can connect. So when you go on your journey, you don’t have to go it alone at The Zodiac Lounge.

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Event Date

April 14, 2018

Event Time

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Event Location

SoulWork Studio
821 Halsey St.
Brooklyn, New York

Event Hosts

Samuel Reynolds
& Aqila Norris

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a cover charge to attend?
There is usually a small cover charge of $5-10 that helps us to break even on the cost of the location for the lounge.
2Where is the Zodiac Lounge located?
The location of the Zodiac Lounge changes for every event. The events take place in various parts of New York at this time. You want to view the Events page for the next event date and location.
3How long are the Zodiac Lounge events?
The event is usually around 3 hours in length.
4What is a typical Zodiac Lounge event agenda?
Attendees are greeted by our onsight co-host and presented with a 1 page program for the night. There are typically two 10-25 minute mini-lectures from spiritual practitioners, interspersed between the ongoing readings/healing sessions and socializing. You'll have an opportunity to socialize, receive affordable readings, as well as get affordable spiritual healing.
5How much do readings and healing sessions cost?
Readings and healing sessions cost $1 per minute. The sessions can last up to 30 minutes, and are purchased in 10 minute increments.
6What kind of payment is accepted for the readings?
The healing sessions are made and immediately paid for, via cash or a credit card mobile app, with our on-site co-host .
7What kind of spiritual practitioners will be present at the Zodiac Lounge?
At the Zodiac Lounge you'll find personally vetted professional astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, Reiki, acupuncture, and much more! At each event we usually feature 5-6 practitioners.
8Who are some of your past featured practitioners?
You can learn more about our past practitioners by clicking here.
9Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Reach Samuel F. Reynolds at
10How can I become a vendor?
Contact our team at or call me at 484.727.8277
11How can I become a sponsor?
You can learn more about becoming a sponsor, by clicking here.

What People Are Saying About Zodiac Lounge:

Brooke Y, mother and entrepreneur

The Zodiac Lounge has been a life affirming experience.  My new friend, Dawn Nedd, has been a great help to me, and thru me, to many other people as well.  She is a real person, a fact that shines through her smile…her being REAL, NO PRESERVATIVES!

–Willie W, retiree and local elder

The Zodiac Lounge is a most unique experience.  It allows you to explore multi-spiritual levels.  You have the option of astrologers, mediums, readers, or a massage therapist–all in one space.  If one is quiet and centered, it is easy to feel the powerful energy of all these healers move around the space.