Venus in Virgo: Study to show thyself…

"Practically Perfect" Dame Julie Andrews in "Mary Poppins"

“Practically Perfect” Dame Julie Andrews in “Mary Poppins”

Sensual Venus submitted to the sign of Virgo last Saturday. She won’t be there long before she begins her retrograde back into Leo on this coming Saturday. However, she still has something to teach those with Venus in Virgo in their birth charts (and those without) during this week.

Whenever I think about Venus in Virgo, I feel pulled back to my Baptist minister days to reflect on a Bible verse—1 Timothy 2:15: “Study to show thyself approved unto God. Knowing that a workman needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.”

I still remember that one, in the King James Version style, by heart. Here’s what I remember of its context and translation into modern English. The Apostle Paul writes to his protégé Timothy here about not getting snatched up by idle talk over false doctrines and ideas. “Study” might be better translated as to work or apply yourself. One works or applies oneself to reveal herself as a person ready to be approved by God. Once you’ve done the work, you don’t need to be ashamed by properly coming to your own knowledge and sense of the truth.

She must remember that she is enough and also her own reward.

This also illustrates Venus in Virgo well. Venus is the principal astrological symbol of self-worth, love, attraction, and affinity in astrology. Based on a set of relationships between the other planets, chiefly the moon and Sun, Venus is considered “exalted” or in an honored place in the sign of Pisces. With her in Virgo, the sign opposite to Pisces in the sky, Venus is in “fall” or a place of dishonor. This doesn’t mean that people or situations with Venus in Virgo are dishonorable, at all. (After all, my own mother had this placement, so I couldn’t dare say that about her!) It means that Venus acts very different than her natural expression. With her in Virgo, she emphasizes working way too hard for approval.

Is it bad to work hard, to be attentive to detail, to be a workperson not ashamed of rightly acting on one’s conscience? Lord, no! However, Venus may attempt to work too hard with things like obtaining love and self-worth that should be less about “work.” For example, a person with a Venus in Virgo may “study” too hard to help a helpmate rather than recognizing that a helpmate is someone who can also help her and be of help to something larger than them both. Rather than working hard to build her character for her Divinity or Divine Self, the Venus in Virgo can be too concerned with dividing the word of personal truth for others rather than for herself. She must remember that she is enough and also her own reward.

A similar manifestation of this I call the “Mary Poppins” effect. In the movie, Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins says, “Practically perfect people never permit sentimentality to muddle their thinking.” No surprise that Dame Julie has a Venus in Virgo in her own natal chart. Virgo is a sign that’s watched over by thinking-obsessed Mercury. Venus in Virgo may attempt to chuck away Venus’ natural reach for “sentimentality” and affinity in favor of Mercury-inspired thinking and then overthinking things. This push for “practical perfection” could lead the Venus in Virgo influenced person to believe that thinking, studying, or reasoning is the better way to deal with matters of the heart. For instance, a Venus in Virgo heterosexual guy might rely too heavily on what others write about picking up women, focusing more on finding the perfectly pitched words and techniques rather than nurturing heart-felt connections. However, his attentiveness to detail could later become a boon once he’s learned how to make genuine connections from the heart.

As with everything in astrology, it’s finding the right measure for the mojo and the magic in life.