The Mummy Franchise: An Astrology Fable

Rachel Weisz: Wife of the Underworld

by Dar Alexander

November 16, 2014

While we all know Rachel Weisz isn’t married to the god of the underworld, but to the very much alive and sexy Daniel Craig . . .

Rachel Weisz, Egyptian Princess

. . . Here’s an example of how you can always learn something new from revisiting a chart. I re-run movies in the background like people play music (or my music is often from a movie). Enter one of my most favorite films of all time as a mood-setter: The Mummy, especially since I was about to begin editing the spooky underworld scene from my young adult novel.

I always knew Rachel Weisz as the uber-Pisces romantic dreamer she embodies in the character of Evelyn. She has Sun, Moon, Mercury, North Node and Venus all in Pisces . . . Whew, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Not much more to learn there, right? Wrong.

Evie tied up by the mummyTaking another peek at her birth chart, I noticed what makes her Evelyn, the grave/tomb-digger that a resurrected priest of the afterlife tries to seize as his Princess and take into his underworld. Remember her all bound and tied up by him here?

This underworld lord, the “mummy” compellingly commands Evelyn, “Come with me, my Princess. It is time for me to make you mine, for all eternity.” And this is why:


She has an exact opposition between Venus, goddess of love, and Pluto, god of the dead.

Venus at 26° Pisces is being pulled by Pluto at 26° Virgo.The Mummy Kisses Evelyn

Astrology is beautiful in this way, for illustrating the situation you’re caught in to a perfect tee.

Being so heavily a water sign, Rachel’s voice (much like watery Alan Rickman‘s as Professor Snape in Harry Potter) is suspenseful, resonant and liquid; she’s the perfect librarian to read provocative ancient texts, making them sound every bit as mysterious as they properly should. Her Mercury is also in a strong relationship with Neptune, the planet of water; of transcending boundaries between this world and the invisible, spiritual world. Put Pluto and Neptune together in one neat little package, and you get the perfect recipe for a person fascinated by the “afterlife.”

Or one with great tomb fantasies!

The two actors that follow Evelyn into the tombs have Pluto hanging around their birth charts, too. Evelyn’s tagalong brother, Jonathan, played by John Hannah, has his Moon squared to Pluto, meaning the “mummy” is out to get him! (But also that it’s his own damn fault for playing with dead stuff in the first place). Rick O’Connell, played by Brendan Fraser has larger-than-life planet Jupiter, also his Sun’s almighty “ruler,” on Pluto . . . which says this is his adventure!

Together, this Pluto trio finds a sarcophagus buried at the base of Anubis, the original ancient Egyptian god of the dead.

I just used The Mummy in a lecture as one of my favorite examples of astrology in story.

This horror-adventure franchise is completely dominated by the planet of adventure, Jupiter! (Between my own Pluto contact and Sag Sun/Rising, no wonder I’ve always loved it. The Mummy = my kind of fun).

The Mummy TeamWhen we first meet Sagittarius explorer Rick O’Connell, he’s caged like a wild animal (the centaur). Who does he bring on his adventures but the other Jupiter sign of the zodiac, Pisces stellium Evie. Taurus Jonathan tags along because he’s in it for the treasure (Taurus is the money sign of the zodiac)—and because he’s always travelling recklessly anyway (Moon in Sagittarius).

In the last scene, with their lives in jeopardy and the tombs falling down on them, Pisces Evie stops to mourn the loss of her dream (the book of Amun-Ra) and Taurus Jonathan turns around in the treasure chamber with his arms held out. If not for Sagittarius Rick, who has no such attachments—they’d be goners!

Arnold Vosloo The Mummy Hades in the Underworld of Souls

Ah, yes; the mummy himself, played by Arnold Vosloo has the most potent Pluto action of all, as expected: a t-square between Moon, Pluto and Jupiter.

To him, death . . . is only the beginning.

What’s not to love?


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