Astrology Proves It: Grant Gustin IS The Flash!



Prepare to be zapped.

October 10, 2014

As we wait for another Spidey movie, CW’s new The Flash gives us a geeky superhero to chew on, and he’s surprisingly zesty. But the Spider-Man-esque tunes of Arrow’s spin-off aren’t the only thing that’s got me excited: It’s the astrology.

See that shooting “red streak”???


Birth Chart of Grant Gustin - The Flash

Birth Chart of Grant Gustin – The Flash

That’s Grant Gustin’s birth chart.

Wink, wink.

I’ll give it in a flash: Actor Grant Gustin has his speed planet, Mercury, zapped to the planet of electric force and flurry, Uranus. His mental processor is, in short, shot by lightning. But that alone wouldn’t make him the “impossible” superhero. Grant’s electric Mercury-Uranus faces off with boundary-pushing Jupiter, the planet of possibility—and superinflation. More power, more energy, more speed. Together, this is a recipe for explosion.

Grant’s Moon in Virgo, symbolizing his physical body, actually runs on his electric Mercury’s orders. (Mercury rules Virgo). It’s like an electric charge throughout his body!

What’s more, his Sun in Capricorn the climber aims high, while his Moon in Virgo tells him to run faster, run better. Keep running. Don’t stop. No speed is ever good enough, fast enough.

All this astrology would still be nothing exceptionally The Flash if not for Grant’s Mars. When looking for action, look at Mars. Mars is the one doing the running!

Grant Gustin’s Mars is the single wild card in his entire chart. It’s in already wild and expansive Sagittarius, alone and aloof without any connection to the other planets. Electric? You bet! Expect The Flash to overestimate his abilities and get in over his head, though. Fun stuff.

To top it off, Grant Gustin has a sole dispositor, meaning one key boss for everything in his birth chart: Saturn. Saturn represents the father. Grant Gustin’s Barry “looks up” to his father, just like his planets “look up” to Saturn. This is where you admit you were moved by that scene with him visiting his father in prison.

Barry’s sidekicks, Caitlin and Cisco, I noticed, are Saturn and Jupiter. Caitlin is severe realist Saturn who doesn’t put on a smile and is most concerned for Barry’s survival, while Cisco is enthusiastic, fun-guy Jupiter who exclaims that a bank robber having superhuman powers is “cool!”

The cute Saturn/Jupiter duo is summed up in the scene where “Saturn” Caitlin critically asks, “why a lightning bolt?” for The Flash’s costume and “Jupiter” Cisco answers, “so it’s not boring.

I’m with Jupiter on that one: The Flash is anything but a bore, especially when its lead actor’s astrology zips along to the party!


Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.