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At the top of this week, there was a powerful conjunction between the revealing Sun and nebulous Neptune. The merging of these two planets can symbolize many things, but one of the things it can also signify is illumination and enchantment. Enchantment can have a negative connotation for some. It can imply that someone’s under a spell or someone else is doing the spellbinding. Illumination, on the other hand, means we’re seeing things as they are, sans spells or illusions. However, this is not the way.

The Sun-Neptune merger blurs the lines between illumination and enchantment more than we’d like. We have to admit that we experience a bit of both. Perhaps you have to allow yourself to enjoy the enchantment and magical wiles of the world in order to experience illumination. I know it may sound hard to some. It has been hard for me since I was born with this same kind of conjunction, but that’s when it was in Scorpio oh so many years ago.

I was a kid who strove to be every type of superhero there was, especially Superman, and allowed myself to be enchanted by the wildest stories. For example, in the fourth grade, a kid convinced me there was a “Woodnest” bird that could swoop into my pocket and take my money. I spent a day looking in every dictionary and encyclopedia I could find in my classroom or the school’s library (all pre-world wide web) to get more info on this bird. I discovered, of course, I had been duped, though that kid still swore that bird existed when confronted about his obvious deception.

After a childhood of various moments like that, my twenties found me just the opposite: slow to believe in anything, including whatever didn’t involve race, sex, gender, or class. I was steeped completely in the material world. Although I had spent my young life prior as a Christian minister, I also, at that time, was without belief in a god as well. I wanted only illumination, the truth. I felt I had finally rid myself of the possibility of believing things that were not true. That is until I realized that even things like race, sex, gender, and class are social constructs as well.

During my twenties, I also discovered astrology. Better yet, astrology discovered me. That would be the more enchanted way to put it. Make no mistake: astrology did enchant me, and I resisted its enchantments for 10 years. I still resist on occasion. However, the difference between the gullibility of my childhood, the thirst for illumination of my young adulthood and my now 47 year-old self is that I see enchantment as a way toward illumination.

Now I know the “Woodnest” bird might perch itself on a store’s shelf next to an electronic gadget that I KNOW I don’t need to buy, but want because it looks so cool. The damn bird is still trying to get my money. However, I don’t have to quibble about whether it exists in the “real” world. It exists in that in-between space, like the conjunction between the Sun and Neptune.

Re-discover the enchantment in your life to embrace illumination. If you hold out for stark illumination, you’ll miss the emotional ecstasy and beauty of the enchantment. It’s like living in a room without lampshades and only bald bulbs because you want the light unfiltered, and then you wonder why everything looks so ugly and naked. Light and shade can co-exist. This is the way.

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