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Here’s what I say I do:

Sometimes life comes at us from so many directions that it’s hard to know where to focus and when. My astrology sessions help clients to prioritize and when to direct their intentions for better results. I’m an astrologer who combines street-wise insights with heavenly movements for smarter, healthier, and more prosperous living.

Although I work in a “new age” field, I’ve never had much patience for woo. My background from Buffalo’s hardened East side, North Philly, and New York City’s “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy prompts me to look for nitty-gritty, real-world descriptions and understandings of the heavens. Fortunately, my sense of awe for the mysteries of life keeps me attuned to the miracles that bursts through modern life’s concrete.

This is why I’ve been able to use astrology, to the amazement and delight of my clients, to pinpoint thorny issues and blindspots that they’ve found hard to discuss, discern, or own.

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Here’s what others say about what I do:

“Talking with Sam is a great experience that I would encourage everyone to participate in. Beyond the insight that he provides, Sam has a great gift of communicating to people on their individual level. I’ve done several readings that have been beyond helpful in guiding me towards making critical decisions. I’ve recommended him to several friends and family who waiver from extremely cynical about astrology to followers of the craft and every last one has walked away enchanted by Sam’s readings.”

Jouelzy, #SmartBrownGirl

“Sam, hi there. It’s Natalie. I met with you first in New York, and I had my first real astrology session. A friend recommended me to you, and I wasn’t sure about astrology, this session, or you. I’m glad I followed through with the session. Our meeting was more like a therapy session, an old-fashioned lemon squeeze, a punch to the gut, and a true dialogue. I still listen to the recording that you made that day. Since then, I have returned to work with you. Your guidance and insight have proved to be valuable reality checks on my love life, my career opportunities, and my health. You ground everything in truth, wisdom, spirituality, and concern. It’s been a joy to work with you and to continue working with you.”

Natalie, Atlanta, GA

“Sam possesses a deft knowledge of astrology and the celestial arts, and shares his insights with honesty. My readings with Sam echo for me to this day. I regularly recall aspects of his message, marvelling at what has come to fruition. I come away feeling more aligned with the planet’s path for me and more equipped to make decisions.”

N.T., Harlem, NY

“Samuel Reynolds is a phenomenal astrologist. He is welcoming and easy to speak to, along side being extremely knowledgable and truly just a pleasure all around. His readings have sometimes caught us both off guard and yet have always been found to be accurate. He is thorough and detailed and answers all of your questions with explanations that make things easy to understand. I’ve always left feeling satisfied and inspired to continue with him. Regardless if you’re a novice or a veteran in the science of astrology, I’m confident you will feel the same.”

Dinna Alexanyan, Miami, FL

In addition to a master astrologer, Mr. Reynolds is an educator, empath and quite possibly a psychic. During our phone session, he asked about an injury to my right hand and arm. Something I didn’t mention…something I don’t feel comfortable discussing. He explained how the hands and arms (among other body parts) are controlled by mercury. He knew that I spent time writing but needed to develop and share my writing to honor my mercury. Mr. Reynolds also informed me that I am experiencing my 3rd Jupiter return in Leo and that this is a period to be courageous, have confidence and move forward. He shared a very informative article he wrote about Jupiter returns and what they represent. I left our session feeling more knowledgeable and wanting to learn more.

R. Elaine, Washington, DC

“It is worth your time and money to have a natal chart reading with Mr. Reynolds.  He is funny, insightful and a great conversationalist, while you are learning about yourself its like talking to an old friend.  There are things  I could not place my finger on about my personality, where he referenced two movies that provided me with clarity and how I can live my life to my greatest potential.  If you’re reading this, please just press the consultation once you see ‘Let’s Talk.'”

T.O., Brooklyn, NY

“I have taken many private astrology classes with Samuel and I can say that his readings are always insightful and straight to the point. Samuel truly cares about his clients and you can tell that he loves what he does. If you want someone that is honest, knowledgeable, organized, and accurate, Samuel is the astrologer to go to. He is one of the best, if not the best, astrologer out there.”
Anastasiya R., Vancouver, Canada

“I have been getting astrological readings from Sam since 2007. He provides great analogies to make it easier to understand the transits and what it means for you. Go for the recorded sessions, because you can go back and listen to them at any time! Sam always checks-in with you to see how things are going. I like working with Sam and I know you will too!”
Ariel, Baltimore, MD

“I had an over-the-phone birth chart reading with Samuel, and it was my first time receiving a birth chart reading ever. I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately he was able to pinpoint my current life’s path by obtaining the most basic information about me (name, birth date, birthplace, etc.) He took his time to explain the terms of astrology (some I knew and some I didn’t), how a birth chart worked, and he especially took the time to truly explain what my birth chart revealed. I was able to clearly understand the details of my birth chart, and what it has meant for me and my life’s journey. I was able to get answers to questions to very specific situations I’ve been pondering about by simply listening to Samuel read my chart. I also appreciated how there wasn’t this cloudy or vague “blanket” over the reading. It felt very true and matter-of-fact, but that’s because IT IS your life he’s discussing with you so it should feel as such. He would kindly pause in between the entire session to make sure I was able to understand and to also ask if I had any questions. The session was recorded so that you’re able to receive a copy of it, which Samuel sent soon after our session finished. I have heard this exact recording a few times since, and it is still very spot on! It really surprises me how well he was able to pinpoint who I was/am and the pathways I’ve been trying to carve for myself throughout my life.”
Sally A., Boston, MA

It was an amazing reading and I learned so much about myself. Thank you for your generous spirit and the knowledge that you possess and so willingly share.”

Golda Solomon, Yonkers, NY

“A friend of mine had a reading with Sam and she was so impressed she gifted me with one.  For two years she and I have been working on ourselves in every way imaginable. We’ve researched all types of things and tried things from meditation to psychic readings to figure how to become the best versions of ourselves.  Some of the ideas and information received was useful but we both needed a bit more guidance and/or reassurance we were headed in the right direction.
This is where Unlock Astrology and Sam come into the picture.  She and I had very different experiences with our readings. I gained confirmation that I pretty much know exactly what I should be doing but I don’t necessarily put forth the effort to do these things. I often struggle with self-doubt so it’s easy for me to just decide to take the path of least resistance. After speaking with Sam I am working everyday to push myself beyond my comfort zone and step into my greatness. I am tackling my fear of failure head on and I can say thus far I’m winning.
One of the most powerful things to come from my reading was this year I need to focus on myself and my pleasure. I am one who gives my all to others and I take whatever remains. Well no more is that the case. I’ve returned to running regularly, taking time to meal prep, pursuing my doctorate degree, resigned from work and making plans for an awesome fortieth birthday celebration. This is my season and I’m eternally grateful to Sam for helping me make peace with making myself a priority. I plan to schedule a session with Sam every six months as financially possible just to make sure I’m on track and living the life of passion and purpose I believe I was created to live.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment to gain insight into yourself that will be otherwise difficult to secure.”
–L. Fields,  St. Louis, MO


“Sam is amazing!! He has helped me gain a greater understanding of myself and my path in this life. Seeing him is powerful and cathartic. I met with him during a time when I was feeling uncertain about my choices and unworthy of my future. Looking back upon this time, I can see it as the beginning of a glorious transition. Sam helped me see that not only was my life okay but Also that I was inherently okay and good. And that all would be revealed to me in time. His insight into what I need in my life to be happy has proven invaluable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for insight about themselves or guidance about their life. I look forward to seeing him and having our sessions recorded to preserve the wealth of wisdom he shares!”
–Isabella C.,  Brooklyn, NY

“Hi Sam,

Thanks so much again. I REALLY enjoyed my session with you…very enlightening and it was great that you were “spot on” about a lot of things about myself.”
KG, Brooklyn, NY
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