Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Tara Bedeau, Tarot

Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Tara Bedeau, Oracle

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Tara Bedeau

Tara – like the name of the multi-civilizational goddess — has been called to the mystical path since she was a child. In her intuitive counseling work, she works with the spiritual gifts of knowledge, wisdom, prophecy and discernment. Tara has undergone initiations via oneiric/somniatory (dream), charismatic and shamanic processes to engage with various forms of the Formless, including but not limited to, Jesus the Christ, Kane, White Tara, Ifa, Oshun, The Spider Woman and Tehuti (Thoth) as well as the elementals and various power animal guides – each granting her access to their mysteries and the traditions of which they are a part. In addition, Tara draws on her training in depth (e.g. Jung), developmental (child & adult), personality and organizational psychology in her work. As part of her spiritual development and training, Tara has traveled throughout the globe, lived in three countries, participated in numerous spiritual and wisdom communities, mystical practices and traditions and holds a degree in Religion and Psychology from a seminary within the Columbia University system. Tara is committed to assisting others in manifesting their unique form of the Formless in their lives as well as helping folks navigate this journey we call life. To that end, she founded Novaturient | The Call of Hummingbird, a life healing & wisdom enterprise providing intuitive counseling, coaching and consulting to individual, group and organizational via psychospiritual mediums, aka #thefreedomseekers. Tara can be contacted at

Specialties: oracular divination.

Topics include: spiritual engagement and evolution & religious trauma recovery, self identity and actualization, life path, business, relationships (family, friendship and relationships), healing of emotional wounds and organizational/community issues.

Be there for Tara’s debut at the Zodiac Lounge
on February 11, 2017, 5:00-9:00 p, at Minka Brooklyn.
More details here.