SkyCode Horoscopes for June 12-18, 2017 1

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Truth: A beautiful and terrible thing” Last week’s Sagittarius Full moon brought with it a celestial tow-truck to take honorable Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler, out of his retrograde. As the ruler of THE straight shooting sign of the Zodiac, Jupiter has a special interest […]

"Practically Perfect" Dame Julie Andrews in "Mary Poppins"

Venus in Virgo: Study to show thyself…

Sensual Venus submitted to the sign of Virgo last Saturday. She won’t be there long before she begins her retrograde back into Leo on this coming Saturday. However, she still has something to teach those with Venus in Virgo in their birth charts (and those without) during this week. Whenever I think about Venus in […]