The DARK Side of the Signs by Dar Alexander

BLACK Friday’s The DARK Side of the Signs **BLACK Friday Weekend Special: Uncover YOUR DARK SIDE with DAR (details at bottom)** An EVIL ARIES will:  *Act arrogant but have zero confidence in himself * Surrender to utter contempt for humanity * Think paying the bills gives him an asshole-license An EVIL TAURUS will: * Eat her own […]

A New Way to Consult…

I love to teach. I particularly love to teach astrology while giving a session. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how consults work. Unfortunately, many people still go to astrologers with the expectation that we’re fortunetellers. A fortuneteller treats you and your future as a statue that’s shrouded. She sees her job as unveiling a future […]

Last six days…

If you’re not on my email list, you might not know that I’ve been running a special for nearly a month. It’s about to end on December 22, 2015. 60-minute, recorded sessions for $165 $135 30-minute, unrecorded sessions for $85 $70 Book Here   If you’re not on my email list, you can sign up here.

The Churning… 1

Today, Mercury “conjoins” with Saturn. Literally Mercury gets hooked at the hip with Saturn (from the Earth’s perspective). But what it means is that it’s a time for ponderous thoughts and some thoughts could get too heavy, even for speaking or writing. So it’s no wonder that I don’t feel inclined to write so much […]