SkyCode Horoscopes for the week of May 29-June 4, 2017

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Quenching Swords” This week will likely build up a lot of energy. This weekend might right release a lot of it. That’s frequently true of first quarter moons like this Thursday’s. First quarter moons usually require action. That is even more true when […]

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SkyCode Horoscopes for May 22-May 28, 2017

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Inventive Necessity” The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims begins shortly after this week’s Gemini New Moon. It marks a time when people around the world abstain from sex, food or drink from just before sunrise to sunset to draw closer to God. […]

SkyCode Horoscopes for the week of March 6-12, 2017

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Blinded by Desire” *featuring the work of @thisreo @crystalcaines_ got now! Go check out her new song “No Drama”. Had so much fun working on these visuals for her new project! More to come! #NODRAMA#crystalcaines #rap #aftereffects#photoshop #design #art #adobe #trippy#music #beats* On Thursday evening (EST), action-loving Mars moves into pleasure-seeking Taurus, a […]

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SkyCode Horoscopes for January 23-29, 2017 1

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “The ‘Almost’ New Moon” We don’t get to have that effervescent new Aquarius moon until Friday. That means about five days of contending with what’s called a Balsamic Moon. Balsamic moons have nothing to do with balsamic vinegar. But they do have something […]

SkyCode Horoscopes for January 16-22, 2017

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Do No Harm” In the US, on Monday, we’ll celebrate the birthday of one of the world’s greatest drum majors for justice, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On Thursday, there’s a tense aspect between spirited Mars and tedious Saturn that makes me […]

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SkyCode Horoscopes for November 7-November 13, 2016

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. Small and mighty Three big things happen in the heavens that don’t seem important on the surface. (Of course, the big thing on Earth is the US Presidential election. If you can, vote!) On Monday, there’s a first quarter moon. It’s a time […]

SkyCode Horoscopes for the week of October 17-23, 2016

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. As the great comic book hero sage Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That’s especially true when gritty Mars joins at the hip with profound Pluto in accountable Capricorn on Wednesday. Great power should be matched with great projects or noble […]

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SkyCode Horoscopes for September 26-October 2, 2016

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them.  The woman in the pic is my mom. She’s always on my mind around this time of year because her birthday is September 28. (I’ve written about this before too.) 36 years ago this week, on a fourth Sunday like this one, I […]

The upcoming Mars and Pluto retrogrades…

A short video on what you need to know about the upcoming Mars and Pluto retrogrades on 4/17 and 4/18/2016:

Here’s also what I had to say about Mars’ retrograde:

Although vigorous Mars doesn’t appear to move backwards (or retrograde) until Sunday, we will likely feel a slow-down and mellower shift during the week. As Mars is one of the key symbols of masculinity, whether it manifests in women or men, there’s a chance for more thoughtful expressions of power and strength. Perhaps we’ll hear more stories of nobility in sportsmanship or greater civility among our presidential candidates.

However, the riskier possibility with Mars retrograding is that some might rebel with bluster and aggression, because Mars doesn’t appreciate feeling contained or curtailed. Mars only likes “No” if he’s saying it. It’s the kind of bold defiance that has more balls than brains, like you taking a dare to jump off the roof of your house thinking you won’t break your legs – or worse.

Mars retrogrades can also signal periods of depression. When we can’t express the lively energy associated with Mars, it craters into a sinkhole of miserableness. Try to counter it by placing more energy in the body through active engagement or release, even if only to shout. You might also reflect on when you decided NOT to do something recently to get a clue about the source of this pent-up energy.

In general, thoughtful action is the optimal strategy for riding out Mars retrograde. Like any planet moving retrograde, it’s an important time for renewal and clearing what blocks us. Since Mars is low on impulse control, it makes sense to think about how you refresh your personal drive. You don’t have to tie up your passion or ride it into the ground. You can gallop until you claim the victory you desire.


Blunting the shock of Mars’ retrograde will be the easy flowing trine between sassy Mercury to merciful Jupiter and passionate Pluto during the week. This will help us keep some decorum as we figure out positive ways to express Mars’ inward turn.

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It could get ugly before it could get beautiful

The ugly before the beautiful

 Weekly Horoscopes for November 10 – November 16, 2014   “’Cause it could get ugly/Before it gets beautiful” — “Don’t Judge Me,” Chris Brown As I say in the video above, I almost decided to quit. Then I started thinking about the upcoming Mars-Pluto conjunction coming up this week, on Monday. Energizing Mars and Energy-rich […]

Horoscopes for the Toddler and the Wild Man

Weekly Horoscopes for October 27 – November 2, 2014 Mercury has come now on the other side of his retrograde and his interior conjunction as described a few weeks ago. Although the week after Mercury moves direct is generally described as the “shadow” period, you might better think of it as Mercury’s toddler phase. I […]

Mercury the toddler, a**hole

Shirk, shirk horoscopes,

September 15-21 — Shirk Your Horoscopes

“Shirk” Horoscopes for September 15 – September 21, 2014 Was last week heavy for you? Well, it was heavy in parts for me and quite a few clients and friends. So I’ve decided to lighten things up. It’s not that the horoscopes below shouldn’t be taken seriously at all, but they’re not to be taken sooo […]

Weekly Horoscopes: September 1-6 — “Is it bad?”

Weekly Horoscopes for September 01 – September 06, 2014   “Is it bad?” Over the years, I’ve gotten that question, in different ways, as I’ve practiced astrology. Of course, I’ve often given the stock answer that nothing is good or bad, but I’ve come to rethink this recently. This week I particularly felt inspired to […]

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Weekly Horoscopes: August 25-31– Where is the love?

Weekly Horoscopes for August 25 – August 31, 2014 Where is the love? For our weekly horoscopes this week, it looks like summer’s decided to take an early vacation. There’s been a nip in the air, at least for the last few days here in NYC. #Virgo season, the last summer zodiac sign, has officially […]

Remember this when Mars-Saturn seems to have you down…

Meet Floria Guei, 24 year-old French woman who stunned the world last Saturday with a photo finish to remember. In fact, as we approach the Mars-Saturn conjunction tomorrow, where we may be tempted to give up when we don’t own a long-term plan, think about this video. This sister could have given up; she was in a distant 4th place. But she didn’t and the result is remarkable.


Here’s more about her actual chart:

Mars-Saturn, Mars-Jupiter





















Although Guei had her Jupiter Return last year, she was in the shadow of it for most of the spring. She’s definitely found some measure of her path…and even a moment of fame. I’m very impressed by the power of her Venus to ultimately shine, along with her Mars-Jupiter trine to keep her in motion. Her performance in the “Miracle” race is well testified by her ability to find the reserves of energy (Mars-Jupiter with a wide contact to Pluto) after a sluggish start. If she has enough time, she’ll find a way to perform well in a race. The problem is that she may not always have enough time, both on the track or off. She’ll have to learn to perform when it’s not most important, not when the odds are stacked against her.


Mars-Saturn, Mars-Jupiter