August 23, 2017

Murdering Zodiac Myths–Taurus, 1

MURDERING ZODIAC MYTHS A SERIES from DAR ALEXANDER   TAURUS Beauty is deadly. Light is only seen, only known in the coils of darkness. The truth of beauty […]
August 25, 2014

Weekly Horoscopes: August 25-31– Where is the love?

Weekly Horoscopes for August 25 – August 31, 2014 Where is the love? [youtube=] For our weekly horoscopes this week, it looks like summer’s decided to […]
December 17, 2013

Nothing like the Sun…

As Venus prepares to retrograde in Capricorn, I can’t help but think about what she and her retrograde signify in our larger American society. One manifestation […]
June 11, 2013

Why I love Superman…

I’m excited about Chris Nolan’s reboot of the Superman franchise, set to premiere on Friday. [youtube=]   I’ve been a Superman fan for as long as […]