Kevin Uehlinger

Understand more about the Mayan Calendar

My friend, Kevin Uehlinger, spoke on the Mayan Calendar recently at the last Zodiac Lounge in April. He’ll be at the next Zodiac Lounge on May 7, 6-10p. In this very educational, 20¬†minute talk, Kevin discusses the similarities¬†and differences between MesoAmerican astrology and Western astrology. In discussing the Mayan Calendar specifically, he gives insight on […]

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Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Kevin Uehlinger, Astrologer

Kevin began his study of divination in 1998 when he first encountered the I Ching. In the summer of 2000, he experienced a dream that called him to work with the Tzolk’in, the Mesoamerican Sacred Calendar. He has practiced Western Astrology since 2003, offering consultations in natal and horary astrology. Learn more about the Mesoamerican […]