Astrology & Islam talk from April 13, 2015

 Astrology & Islam: Are they really oil and water? In a 90-minute presentation,  I, as a practicing Muslim and astrologer, examined the relationship between astrology and Islam in three different ways. I surveyed astrology’s presence in the Qu’ran (Islam’s holiest book). I also engage Islam’s critical history with astrology (both during its medieval period and now). Finally, I […]

New Lecture: Astrology & Islam–are they really oil & water?

A new lecture I will present Monday, April 13 in New York City at 6:30 pm. Details below! National Council for Geocosmic Research NEW YORK CITY CHAPTER Astrology & Islam: Are they really oil & water? Monday April 13, 6:30-8:30 pm Joanna Shannon Library 39 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10003 In a 90-minute presentation, […]

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Is Astrology Against My Religion?

This past Wednesday I did my first public google hangout on astrology and religion, specifically “Is Astrology against my religion?” It was a fun 45-minute discussion, and so I’d like to have more google hangouts for certain. I hope you find this informative.

A New look at the Lunar Nodes 2

Once I realized that I no longer believed in reincarnation, I had to disentangle for myself how much of the idea is woven into modern astrological lore and books. In fact, clients and other astrologers just take it for granted that I believe in reincarnation and seem genuinely surprised when I tell them that I […]

Mercury Retrogrades and Ramadan… 1

The other day I received this musing from a friend of a friend: “I was wondering the implications and the power of Ramadan taking place during Mercury Retrograde.  Any insight you could provide is greatly appreciated.” This is a really interesting and thorny “question” for multiple reasons. First off, the common take from most Sunni […]