January 29, 2018

SkyCode Horoscopes for January 29-February 4, 2018

Horoscopes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Practice for the performance of your life” Wednesday is the start of eclipse season, […]
February 6, 2017
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SkyCode Horoscopes for February 6-12, 2017

Codes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them. “Givers, Receivers, and Takers” Friday night’s lunar eclipse is the first set of eclipses […]
December 10, 2015
2016 Solar Eclipses by Sign

The Doors Which Are Opening For You In 2016

Opening Doors: The Solar Eclipses of 2016   The 2016 Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Virgo mean there will be doors opening for us all! If […]
October 29, 2013

Motion Sickness Monday…

I know we’re practically hip-deep into Tuesday, but I started this in my head yesterday–when I was listening to my poor wife barf at 4:30 am […]
October 8, 2013

The Churning…

Today, Mercury “conjoins” with Saturn. Literally Mercury gets hooked at the hip with Saturn (from the Earth’s perspective). But what it means is that it’s a […]
May 13, 2013

A “bye” horoscope week…

In a few horoscopes, I called this week a “bye” week as we’re between eclipses.  This means it’s a time to recoup and refresh your heart […]
November 25, 2011

How about a Mercury Retrograde with a nice solar eclipse finish for after Thanksgiving dinner?

Or we can make this really simple.  Today, November 25, 2011, Mercury goes retrograde AND there’s a solar eclipse.  My astrology colleague, Gary Caton, does a […]