The Annunciation: Venus in the bosom of the King 1

A friend of mine, a fine pastor and Kabbalist, told me recently that today, March 25, is the celebration of “The Annunciation.” That’s when Mary was told that she would conceive Jesus, the child-savior. It’s celebrated exactly 9 months before Christmas. I never grew up with this celebration since the saints and feast days aren’t […]

Cazimi Venus and More on Turner here:

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An epic eclipse horoscope post with a Venus cherry on top

epic eclipse horoscopes for october 20 – october 26, 2014   Last week, I talked about Mercury’s cazimic re-birth in the heart or throne room of Sun. This coming week is Venus’ turn, but it’s a superior conjunction during a solar/new moon eclipse in Scorpio. Um, can you say INTENSE, kids?! (Fittingly this is a […]

Into the Royal Throne Room: Horoscopes for a cazimi Mercury 1

Weekly Horoscopes for October 13 – October 19, 2014 Before I came to look at astrology as a story of heavenly cycles for life on Earth, I lacked a certain appreciation for the “story” arc of certain planets, especially Mercury. We all get the waxing and waning of the moon’s cycles, however. We naturally accept […]

Cazimi Mercury in royal throne room