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Krena Dean

Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge–Krena Dean, Astrologer

Understand more what the stars have in store for you from Krena at the next Zodiac Lounge! More info here. Krena Dean is an Artist, Activist, Writer, Composer and forever a student of Astrology. Krena’s work in healing began about 5 years ago, as she learned how to heal herself and her life through Astrology. Healing is the focus […]

Why the diversity scholarships at NORWAC 2015 matter

This year I have the honor of presenting on “Jupiter returns” at the Northwest Astrology Conference from May 21st – 25th.   As you can see from the list of speakers, I’m the only person of color on the roster. This has often been the case for the conferences at which I speak. However, this can […]

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