Saturn in Sagittarius: Bridging the divide between Us, Them, Here, and There

Saturn in Sagittarius: Bridging the divide between Us, Them, Here, and There

Saturn in Sagittarius

I have to agree with the President.

When talking about the growing concern about Donald Trump’s run for the presidency and the violence associated with his rallies, President Obama said this about Republican Party leaders, “How could you be shocked? This was the guy who was sure I was born in Kenya. “As long as it was being directed at me they were fine with it.”

The question of who’s American and who’s not was fair game as long as some could comfortably make a man elected President of the United States into some kind of “other.” Many of the same GOP leaders looked askance benignly as Trump asked for the leader of the free world’s papers, as if he were newly emancipated. Little did those leaders suspect that Trump’s situation with Obama seven years ago presaged what was to come with more Americans and what’s also signified by Saturn’s sojourn in Sagittarius.


Saturn’s been in and out of Sagittarius for the last year, but since last September, he’s been in the sign in earnest. Saturn signifies, generally, how we draw boundaries. Sagittarius, as a zodiac sign overseen by Jupiter, signifies how we experience going beyond boundaries in the world, whether those are philosophical, spiritual, or physical. We can say then that Saturn in Sagittarius details how we configure and draw the lines between the boundaries of what’s “us,” “them,” “here,” and “there.”

It might seem self-evident to know what those different boundaries are, but as Saturn returns to this sign, we’re usually given good reason not to be sure. The last time Saturn showed up here, we witnessed the creation of hypertext punctuation in 1987. This shortened the distance, virtually, between here and there and lay the groundwork what would eventually become the World Wide Web. Interestingly, in1988, during Saturn’s closing tenure in Sagittarius, Trump also steps out of his NYC home base to acquire his first casino, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ.

However, Saturn doesn’t like the sprawl of Sagittarius. He’s likely attempting to shrink-wrap what could get too big, including ideas, people, or connection points. So, Trump has become our Saturn made flesh. He certainly taps into the bombast of Sagittarius, not surprisingly since he also has a moon in Sagittarius. However, he lends the same gaudy decor of his properties to his sense of authority and entitlement. It’s no small marvel of celestial irony that he wants to build a wall between our closest southern neighbor to clarify who is “us” and who’s “them.” The same goes for mysterious Muslims and protesters at his rallies.

Nonetheless, like all expressions of the heavens, we must do the work of considering them. After all, the word consider comes from the Latin “CON” (with) and SIDERE (stars). Our job with the stars is not be controlled by them, as so many suspect astrology is about, but to consider, mind and mine what’s meant by the stars and signs. Indeed, they are likely to show up anywhere, including in the personage of a strangely coiffed, orange businessman with stubby fingers.

And he didn’t come from outer space. He’s been with us here all along. He evolved (or transmogrified) under our watchful gaze. His “Art of the Deal” made many into Apprentices and now he’s poised to make a deal of a lifetime to become a master of the world. So, rather than be puzzled and amazed that this has happened, we should be more vigilant in our understanding of how we keep allowing this to happen.

For starters, we have to think better about who and what is us/them, here and there. Even those who are vigorously anti-Trump want to make his supporters into folks who are elsewhere, not possibly their neighbors, clients, bosses, close friends, or even family. If this is your country, then think twice about leaving it if “they” don’t elect your choice for President. You’d be increasing the divide.

At best, Saturn in Sagittarius can be a bridge-maker if we don’t become too entranced by the divide. This doesn’t mean, of course, that all divides disappear. However, ingenuity and openness is the pre-requisite for erecting any bridge. No bridges, though, are built if we don’t hazard crossing boundaries. Consider that.