Astrology Reading Frequently Asked Questions

1What can I expect astrology to tell me?

First, a brief word about me and my relationship with astrology. I came to astrology first as a skeptic. I was an academic, pursuing my Ph.D and I found it very hard to believe that planets could spell out my fate. But I was blown away and baffled by my first astrology reading. Yet I spent the next 10 years attempting to unmask astrology as a fraudulent art. Well, obviously that didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean that I turned off my brain. I still think very actively and critically about astrology as an intuitive art. I also look at astrology as part of an overall spiritual framework for my life that includes a belief in God. I can’t say that I can describe easily what I mean by God here, but let’s say that I believe in an active sense of the Divine in our lives. I also believe that your God-given life is your God-given responsibility, not Saturn’s or Pluto’s or any other planet. I see the planets as our wandering guides, not our lifelong masters. Astrology is a great tool for understanding what guides are active and present in your life to better fulfill your life purpose with greater pleasure and joy. I believe “Fate” has two arms. One of them is your own. One arm wrote the instructions that came with your birthday suit, but you still have build your life with the other arm I help you read the instructions.

2What kind of info do you need from me to do a consultation?

Most times, I need your birth date (including year), birth time (including am or pm) and place (as in city). If you’re from the Caribbean, be sure to give me your city, not your parish.

3What if I don't know my birth time?

There are several things that can be done. First step is to ask a parent or family member who might remember when you were born. However, if you have no idea of the time or any kind of approximation, then the next step depends on where you were born. If you were born in the US, you can contact your city’s or state’s department of vital records. If you were born in one of the five boroughs of NYC, you can start here: Please be sure to request the long form of your birth-certificate, or the form that has your birth time on it. That information does not come automatically anymore.

I can also rectify your chart if you have a rough idea when you were born, like between 3-6pm on a specific date. Rectification of a chart means that I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and email back. I will be asking for dates or months with the year when significant events happened in your life. From those dates, I can work backwards to see if I could have predicted some of these events by “composing” a chart based on the birth time range you’ve given me. The tighter the time frame, the greater the possibility of accurately “rectifying” your birth time.

4What types of consultations do you offer and how much do they cost?

Please see my readings page.

5Where are you located?

I do phone consults, regardless of whether you’re in NYC or elsewhere. However, if you’d like to visit me for the consult, I am located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, along the “A” and “C” train lines. I am equidistant from the Utica Avenue stop (A,C) or the Kingston-Throop stop (C). I can send you specific directions to my place once we’ve confirmed our consultation. At my place, I do have two cats. I have a HEPA filter on my vacuum to catch much of the dander. They’re usually not in the room during the consult, but if you have a severe allergy to cats, please let me know. We can make other arrangements.

6Are there any extra fees?

  • $25 fee for house calls in Manhattan. Generally, I don’t do house calls in any of the outer boroughs unless it is within half mile of my place.
  • $25 reschedule fee for a cancellation or no-show within 24 hours of appointment.
  • $25 late fee, if later than 15 minutes for the appointment.
  • $75 to rectify your chart, as described above.

7How do I pay you?

If you’re booking a phone consult and you’re not paying by credit card, I will need a check or money order to be mailed to me in time enough to clear in my bank account before the appointment. If you send cash, then we’re automatically cleared to proceed with the consultation as scheduled. I will supply my mailing address at the time we book the appointment. Otherwise, I can accept cash, credit, paypal, a check or money order at the time of the appointment. With phone orders, I usually put the credit card through first and have the receipt emailed to you.

8How often do I need to consult you?

Generally, I recommend that clients consult with me every 6 months. There are occasions when you may have a pressing question or issue, but I find it rare that if you have a full consult with me that you’d need another one within 6 months. Likewise, I wouldn’t think it financially prudent to have more than two partial consults within 6 months, regardless of what forms of astrology I used. Of course, it’s up to you, and I’m happy to oblige if time and space permit.

If you have any additional questions that I’ve not answered, please don’t hesitate to call me or write me. I often can respond to emails faster than voicemail messages, but I understand if the phone proves easier to reach out. I look forward to consulting with you as astrology has taught one very valuable lesson: everything happens in Divine time and order.

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