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Don’t be a “mark”

Monday’s Pisces full moon is the last super moon of the year. To remind you, a “supermoon,” is both an astrological and astronomical event. It’s a new or full moon that happens when the moon is closer to the Earth than usual. This closeness is thought to affect the Earth’s crust and oceans in disturbing ways that could lead to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and other natural disasters.

After we discussed last month’s Aquarius full Super moon, we saw a rash of protests across the nation along with a big earthquake in San Francisco. Perhaps we’ll be fortunate to see relatively tame natural disasters like the San Fran quake. On the astrological tip, this Pisces full moon is very different, though.

The “Super” Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces full moon is more emotional. Pisces, as a sign, takes us into the deep of our emotions, visions, and imaginations. The depth of our feelings could surge forth in ways that might reduce our ability to see ourselves clearly. We then could lose perspective on our worth and value, not knowing whether we’re leaving our mark, acting like “marks” or becoming martyrs. It might not cross your right mind that your sacrifices could make you a “mark,” someone who’s seen as an easy enough victim, usually for a crime instead. Nevertheless, it can happen, and there’s a fine line between being a martyr, a mark, or making your mark.

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Pisces Full Moon: A No “Mark” Zone

I have a timely lesson about this from what’s happening in the astrology world, in fact.

Abandoned by Susan Miller? 

Last week, I was alternatively sickened, saddened and angry by how many of astrologer Susan Miller’s “fans” had been treating her. This includes her own merry band of compassion-challenged fans who apparently feel dejected enough by her to form their own Facebook group: Abandoned By Susan Miller. Susan Miller has been battling a debilitating illness for years, but it’s gotten worse enough recently that it’s affecting her ability to put her column out regularly or on time. Although some of Susan’s readers pay $4.95 for her mobile app and premium content, most people read the FREE portion of her horoscopes that she’s put out for years. I’m gobsmacked that people are attempting to shame a woman who’s done nothing but attempt to serve people with her unique vision of astrology. Did I already mention she’s done it for FREE?

Although Susan attempted to conceal her chart for years, it’s out in the ether after an astrologer (of all people!) outed it for some reason. She’s a mystical Pisces with a service-oriented Virgo moon and a chatty Gemini rising. She’s born to write and serve, as she’s been doing.

The cost of being America’s favorite astrologer

When I met Susan in 2012 at the United Astrology Conference in New Orleans, I was struck by how genuine and warm she was. I wasn’t a “fan” or regular reader of her work, but I saw clearly that America’s favorite astrologer loved connecting to people. I’ve met plenty of cold fish astrologers with less of a following. However, I saw the dark side of her service-oriented Pisces-Virgo axis, a perfectly appropriate thing to discuss as we have a full Pisces moon, the reverse of Susan’s Pisces Sun opposite to her moon in Virgo.

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The Pisces full moon

I didn’t see Susan at many of the activities at the astrology conference. Now, I don’t know if being New Orleans had lost its charm for her because she had been many times before, but whenever I saw her, she was at her computer. The one time I didn’t see her at her computer was when she came into the hotel lobby one night, nearly wild-eyed, because she had lent a colleague her laptop’s computer cord for a presentation and he or she hadn’t returned it yet. She had to get back to work. I knew then that she was a workaholic.

That’s not too hard to figure: Susan cranks out 430,000 words per year for her horoscopes (not her books or anything else.) If you need some perspective with that, the average length of a dissertation is about 100,000 words; Mark Twain’s Huck Finn, by comparison, is a measly 109, 571 words; while Leo Tolstoy’s epic War & Peace beats Susan’s yearly output by only 157,000 words. There’s no doubt that what Susan does in a year is what some authors work on for YEARS. When I realized how hard she works, I wondered at what cost was she working so hard for these horoscopes, for her fans. I had hoped it wasn’t at the cost of her life. A number of her “fans” clearly aren’t worth shit.

Your sacrifice counts

I always tell people that there is surely nobility in making a sacrifice. The word itself means to make holy. When you play in the game of Life, you only have one playing piece, your body—“encasing” your soul and mind. If you sacrifice your playing piece, you’re out of the game.

If you’re going to sacrifice your body, over time or all at once, then the sacrifice had better be damn worth it, like saving your kids from a house fire. That’s where you have to appreciate yourself & know your worth. Don’t foolishly sacrifice yourself for the wrong things.

I will tell you flatly: if I could write like Susan, none of you still would be worth my life. I think that’s my moon in Leo speaking. However, at this Pisces full moon, I hope her Pisces Sun comes to honor that for herself. In general, if you’re slavin’ at your job or for other people, sacrificing nearly everything, to hope that *they* will appreciate it, you might be doing the wrong thing. When you sacrifice, know what it could cost you, and balance that against what you gain from it. However, if you want to leave your mark, without making the ultimate sacrifice, make something holy that makes you whole in doing it, something that reflects the whole of who you are. The appreciation of other people isn’t likely to make you whole, and hope isn’t a strategy. You owe your life more.

Here’s how these planetary specials play out at each “table” of the Zodiac Lounge by Sun, moon or rising sign.


Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

This super Pisces full moon could highlight an internal tug of war between being a puddle of “you” on your couch for a few days and needing to get some real work done. By Wednesday, the real work should win out, but not without some complications. Mercury the messenger has his plate full this week between tangles with determined Pluto and individualistic Uranus. You’ll need the compassion of that full moon in Pisces, because Mercury’s tangle with Pluto on Tuesday could have you speak with more force and conviction than you should. Hear someone out FULLY before advising him or her on what to do. Near the 13th, Mercury’s face off with Uranus could trigger a knee-jerk reaction to a compromise that you feel squelches your independence. If you consider that a proposed arrangement could be someone’s attempt not to have his or her own individuality drowned out, then maybe you both can come to a win-win solution.

Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

Monday’s super Pisces full moon should start this week pleasurably enough, especially since the Sun shines in your fifth house of pleasure. Be sure you make time for your friends and your own soothing self-care rituals. Lord knows, with busy Mercury’s blowouts with upsetting Uranus and power-playing Pluto this week, you could have a hard time keeping much else on schedule. Mercury’s square off with Uranus could spell unexpected changes around the office or your work environment. Just as you’re adjusting to those changes, Mercury and Pluto get into it on the 13th and someone’s (maybe even your own?) bright ideas, which sounded awesome on paper, prove hard to implement. You’ll need more patience…and practice with these changes. In the meantime, take the work blinders off then and reconnect to that full moon of pleasure at the end of the week.

Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

That super full moon in Pisces stands at very top of your chart like a bat-signal. It’s for you to see whether you’ve making your mark, making yourself a martyr…or making yourself a mark at work. I hope you read my intro above to get some ideas on how your sacrifices are measuring up. If you’re still unclear, the evidence presented to you over the next two weeks should be unmistakable. This week, in fact, Mercury’s back-to-back matches with purposeful Pluto (on the 9th) and inventive Uranus (on the 13th) should show you what’s up. With Pluto, you’ll have a stark reminder of how the fun seems to be ebbing faster than the days of summer. This could be evident with your job or your boo. And yeah, losing the fun in its entirety is a valid enough reason to drop something fast. Mercury’s bout with Uranus requires more of your attention, however. Uranus’ creativity symbolizes the spark of your ideas and whether you feel truly heard. It’s also time to evaluate whether you’ve been speaking up, too.

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

This Monday’s full moon in Pisces may take you off to far off places, at least in your mind if you have to stick close to home. However, allowing your mind or body to drift off will awaken a different perspective on what’s happening around you. You could feel disconnected from your neighbors or even your neighborhood. This doesn’t mean you have to move, but you’ll have to step up to the plate and make some changes. Mercury’s three-way conversations with innovative Uranus and passionate Pluto this week are good eavesdropping material for you. On the 9th, you’re able to make compelling arguments and points that could sway people to join you in making the changes you’d like to see happen. Just don’t be too forceful. On the 13th, Uranus seems to bring the ideas and groundswell of energy to tweak and perhaps implement those changes.

Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

Monday’s super full moon lights up the parts of your chart that deal with how you obtain, share, and lose the things you value in the world. Just now when you read that last sentence, did your mind focus on the “obtain,” “share,” or “lose” part? If you focused on the obtain, then you’ll likely obtain what you value when calculating Mercury hatches creative ideas with innovative Uranus on the 13th that could eventually net you attention and perhaps even more money. The “share” part could come more to light on or after the 9th when light-hearted Mercury in Libra shows determined Pluto how to use charm and wit to get one’s way rather than use forceful demands. You’d do well to learn Mercury’s lessons to Pluto so more people share the vision you want to make a reality. The “lose” part happens when you forget that everything changes and think your life will stay like it is now. Your current woes or losses will pass soon enough.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

This super full moon will manifest how well you’ve been able to nurture intentions you set in motion at last month’s new moon on August 25th. Perhaps you seeded having a new lover in your life or a better relationship with your child. However, the full moon might test your patience, especially if things are not going at an efficient enough clip. I suppose that’s Virgo-talk for what most of us might say as fast, plentiful, or good enough. A full moon doesn’t mean that the process of fulfilling your intention is over, especially since your sign’s patron Mercury is exceptionally busy with ingenious Uranus and laser-precise Pluto this week. On the 9th when Mercury squares off with Pluto, you could borrow Pluto’s laser-like focus to ferret out what’s not working with your current plans, but don’t obsess too much over details though. You’ll be too distracted to let in some of the new ideas that could come flooding in as Uranus faces off against Mercury on the 13th. You’ll have an easier time synthesizing the two energies next week.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

With this shiny, super Pisces full moon beaming in your sixth house of routine and maintenance, you could easily get lost in the sea of your own busyness. That’s great for getting organized and doing what you need to do to be on point, but it might be hard for folks to trust that you’re present with them. It doesn’t help that Mercury in your sign could feel like your mind has an IV drip of Gingko Biloba, taurine, caffeine and anything else that accelerates brain function on tap. Yeah, you’re hella quick, even more than usual. The downside to all of that is others may not be as quick and your patience isn’t long. You’ll also have to keep a short-leash on your sarcasm wit. Make your to-do lists relatively short each day this week, and be sure you set up activities to do with your peeps that will be stimulating enough for everyone involved, especially you.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

The brightly lit super full moon in Pisces will bring some scrutiny to who’s in your circle of associates and friends. Before you have visions of friends on the chopping block (since it doesn’t have to come to that and most likely won’t), you might start with whether you’ve been a good friend yourself. With heady Mercury in separate tiffs with iconoclastic Uranus and stubborn Pluto this week, you could be marching so much to the drum of your own thoughts that you’re not attentive to what’s going on with those closest to you. Unlike last week when you had to speak out more, you’ll have to listen more without judgment and actively shake things up, like a spontaneous night on the town. Don’t wait to see what someone else is going to bring to the table. In other words, put yourself out there, Scorpio!

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

A super full moon in Pisces might as well be a bunch of sirens that seem to call to you from under your pillow on your bed. As a result, your week could start with some sluggishness. Fortunately, Mercury’s square off with single-minded Pluto on Tuesday suggests that you’ll find focus and precision to make up for any lost time. By the time, you get to Mercury’s face off with spitfire Uranus in Aries on the 13th, you could be too much on the go. That’s great for being spontaneous and whisking a partner or date off to something fun and interesting, like your local Mensa chapter’s annual picnic or a flash mob protest at city hall. However, you’re also more likely to let your uncensored opinions fly out your mouth. So be mindful of your manners.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

The seas of a super Pisces full moon are actually good doses of inspiration and energy for a Capricorn sea-goat. (I know, you too often think of yourself as a goat and not a sea-goat, but you’re missing the best part of your symbolism: Capricorn’s an all-terrain creature—from the depths of the sea to the tops of mountains!) Inspired by this full moon, you could find yourself wildly and deliciously capricious. Yes, of course, you’re a master planner, but master planners also know when master plans must be mastered, not slavishly followed, when other matters arise. Mercury’s fender-bender with probing Pluto on Tuesday means that you might need the space to break away from plans in order to follow where your curiosity leads you. This could lead to some mind-blowing prospects to develop when Mercury faces off with ingenious Uranus on the 13th.

Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

A super full moon in Pisces in your second house of finance and resources puts what’s in your wallet or pocketbook as a priority. Of course, the natural tendency is to focus more on what’s not in your wallet than what’s there. I’m going to challenge you to avoid that because that’s likely how you’ll make yourself a “mark.” (See the intro above if you’re not familiar with that phrase.) The square off between calculating Mercury and makeover artist Pluto suggests that it’s time to re-frame how you’re thinking about and using your money. However, you should start the makeover from an unlikely place: your dreams. I don’t necessarily mean your sleeping dreams (though that’s not a bad place). I’m talking about the dreams you had for yourself before something or someone told you to get practical. There’s a time to “get practical,” but this week bump making sense. Stir some shit up instead. That fits a similar message that Mercury gets from Uranus the usurper on the 13th.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) 

A super-duper full moon in your sign means if you’ve been holding back on presenting something to your department or having a challenging conversation, then the next few days is a great time to put yourself out there. A full moon also isn’t the best time to conceal things that you don’t want anyone to know. Fortunately, for you, this cuts both ways. With normally chatty Mercury squaring off with cryptic Pluto on Tuesday, you’ll be able to pry out people’s secrets without trying too hard. Mercury also has important messages to deliver to you from ingenious Uranus for novel ways to boost your income, including new job leads. Additionally, you may gain some insights on where you can improve current spending habits to make your money go farther. You could even be in touch enough with your inner Warren Buffet to help a loved one out with his or her financial woes as well.


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