Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Osunyoyin Alake, Diviner


Osunyoyin, Zodiac Lounge, Diviner
Osunyoyin Alake, Diviner

Osunyoyin Alake is an African American anthro-photo-journalist, fine arts photographer, initiated priestess of the Yoruba river goddess Osun, sidereal astrologer, talismanic jewelry designer and poet. Yoyin, as she is affectionately called, has studied and practiced divination for over forty years. Her primary divination systems are merindillogun, (16 cowries from the Yoruba Ifa tradition), Tarot, sidereal astrology and I Ching. Osunyoyin maintains a busy lecture and divination schedule and travels all over the world to conduct workshops and see her divination clients.



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