A New Way to Consult…

Zoom, screenshots

Your astrology chart, explained to you like your own private webinar

I love to teach. I particularly love to teach astrology while giving a session. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how consults work. Unfortunately, many people still go to astrologers with the expectation that we’re fortunetellers. A fortuneteller treats you and your future as a statue that’s shrouded. She sees her job as unveiling a future and sense of yourself that’s hidden from you. An astrologer treats you as a work of art in process, with cycles of becoming. We can talk about where you’re perhaps adding too much “color” in your life…or not enough. But you are the most important author in your life, not another. Your past, present or future doesn’t start beyond your grasp. It starts from within.

But it helps to have visuals, especially in this now image-driven world of social media. With video and internet technology, it’s easier now to connect by video. Using a video call program like Zoom.us, I can talk with a client about her chart while showing her the actual chart, my notes, and other teachable items from her phone, tablet or computer. I’ve tried this through Skype before. But Zoom’s easier with more ways to show than just tell. It’s also more stable, especially if you don’t have a reliable internet connection.

That’s a long way from just using a phone to record voices on cassette tape, CD or even mp3. Your session becomes more like a webinar, only on you!

For Februar 2017y only, I’m offering 60-minute sessions for $165 via Zoom only. Or $75 for 30 minute sessions by Zoom. This is only for remote sessions by video, not phone or in-person sessions. Zoom is super easy to download to your phone, tablet or computer (all operating systems). You’ll be able to see the session and interact with me.

Check out the screenshots above to see how it might look for you.

You can sign up here. Look for the “Zoom sessions”