Murdering Zodiac Myths–Taurus, 2

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September 4, 2017
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September 9, 2017

Murdering Zodiac Myths–Taurus, 2




Part 2

I’m still chewin’ on Part 1


Taurus is the one that turns it all upside down.

The Taurus your Sunday school teaches as the paragon of time-honored tradition and consistency is, in reality, the wild card. The HAMMA on your sense of order.

You know from my Part 1 of Taurus that beauty is deadly. But how likely are you to think a monster is beautiful?

To bridge the gap between beauty and beast, I’m invoking double-trouble Sun & Moon in Taurus Paige O’Hara. If you haven’t seen her face, you’ve heard her voice in a tale “as old as time.”

In this underworld, you’ll see where beauty and beast are much closer than you think.

MYTH #4: If Taurus isn’t boring, she’s a predictable…

If you go for a dive, you don’t wanna run into rocks or reefs, any more than you’d prefer a good smash with horns or tusks on land. Taurus made all those hard edges in soft places. Taurus is rockiness.

Few things are more crazed than a charging bull.

That bull might get comfy, but there’s a note of thrill and danger that sooner or later will erupt.

MYTH #5: …follower.

“Staying power” is code for an abject refusal to follow the herd.

I’ve never known a Taurus person (by Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mars) that hasn’t made defiance a keynote of their lives.

Taurus is the best candidate for breaking free from the crowd — to honor the wealth, the substance and beauty inside. Taurus breaks free to discover an outer world that matches the richness of her inner world.

Bull-headedness? You bet. But do you know what that means? It means you can’t move the Taurus off her anchor of dignity and into yours. Just won’t happen. You have better chances convincing a crazed squirrel on steroids to follow you than Taurus.

Think about it. If Taurus stands still on her rock, then everyone else is beating the path around her to the ground while she’s high up on her blessed mound. There she is, on her mound, suddenly towering over you.

I’ve never observed a Taurus person that didn’t take a stand off the beaten path.

Aries, the first horned creature of the zodiac, is the birth and charge of life. As the second pair of horns, Taurus is the daring that perpetuates it.

That’s right. Daring.

What, you think someone without guts could keep the world in shape? If not for Taurus, it’d be a world of soft stuff. Of the formless. Taurus wields the rigidity her opposite Scorpio dreams about having. An anchor so strong is fascinating, because it makes you wonder what this person not just believes in (belief is such a frail and fickle beauty) — but what they possess that’s so indispensable. What on Earth is so damn precious it simply can’t be parted with?

The answer is just as interesting as the beautiful monster (Earth) Taurus holds together.

Taurus isn’t like the identity-lovin’ fire signs to blaze around town proclaiming her conviction — her greatest possession — or forging a brand out of it. Taurus shows you the money. The life Taurus lives testifies to her basic, intrinsic beliefs. It’s not enough to make it known — Taurus has to manifest it.

For Taurus, despite the slander, that precious thing is not a thing at all, but an iron identity forged from unnegotiable self-worth. With Taurus, inner value has to be lived and practiced.

Your Sunday school teaches that Aquarius is the trailblazer of the zodiac. How disappointed you’ll be when a little earnest experience proves so many Aquarians more conservative at the core and Taurians as unusual daredevils.

Taurus people are the ones that make the rest of the flock look sideways. Belle in Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast is a “funny girl.” But the flock just can’t fully object to the original choices of Taurus because they didn’t have the dignified strength to make it themselves.

Under Taurus’s material judgment is the strong sense of personal worth. In the presence of such immovable value, “something different” is bound to erupt.

Taurus Karl Marx wrote, “philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways — the point is to change it“. Taurus Sigmund Freud’s insistence on the erotic origins of the psyche plays a big role in the psychoanalysis he created.

The revolutionary leadership of Taurus thrusts into fantasy realms, too. Flip on Black Sails to watch top-notch actor Toby Stephens embody the stormy seas of deadly pirate Captain James Flint.

A major hit for the “wayward path” of Taurus, the Royal Navy officer breaks free from the conservative society that made him, turning against all it stands for. The officer-turned-pirate intends to lead a revolution against the England he came from.

Taurus takes definition one shot farther than Aries. Aries is convinced his identity is separate, but remains elusive about his self-worth until he encounters it head-on. It’s natural for Taurus to hone the details of that identity like a blacksmith knows what to hammer and why.

After all, a blacksmith’s job is to hammer steel into its definitive shape.

In the same way, Taurus forges her identity to serve a purpose. Aries’s sense of mission is taken to the next level, too. Taurus hammers her name in there like no other.

People underestimate how far Taurus is willing to go to affirm and underscore her self-worth; her conviction of identity. Let’s not remember Hitler. Damn, we did.

Remember, the bull can be trigger-ready.

In the name of Taurus, bring on the double hamma!

MEAT #4: Taurus has unending goods.

MEAT #5: Taurus will f*ck up your game plan.


MYTH #6: Taurus is a cow. Oh, sorry. I meant dependent.

More of this cow-ness. I love Taurus for the horns. She — uh, he (kind of falls apart here doesn’t it) — was never a cow.

If you still think so, then please set off your nearest bull and allow me to laugh at the impalement that follows.

Just because Taurus relies on you doesn’t mean Taurus depends on you. No matter the worry she might spew about her mundane welfare, she can and will take care of herself.

Taurus is hell bent on her essential independence from you, and you and you too.

I’m not much for believing in impossibilities, but if there’s a single impossibility it’s — I can barely spit out the words — owning Taurus. Taurus is the possessor, never the possessed.

Remember that, next time you try to fetch her head.

MEAT #6: You’re the [lost, sad little] cow if you think you can claim Taurus for yourself.


MYTH #7: You gotta be generous to give.

Instead of viewing the selfish in the negative, Taurus teaches a vital lesson. Under the guise of societal adaptation and regard, Taurus is the daemon of mortality, the Medusa of the sea. To truly live in your body; in your emotions that make you love, laugh, roar and cry, you need to embrace its basic principle of survival.

A nod to the mothering and devouring nature of Taurus, true unselfishness can only be born of true selfishness.

If you don’t have a firm grip on your own self-worth, then when you “give” to others, what are you giving?

I don’t believe in asceticism, in spiritual gain from denial of the bodily self because that’s all it ever is — denial. The real koan or spiritual lesson is releasing attachments to what’s outside of you so you can find the worth inside of you.

Here is the lesson of wealth or money, a Taurus association. Real wealth is valuing yourself. And until you value yourself, nothing of value can come to you and nothing of value can be given from you to another.

MEAT #7: What and how much you give is directly carved outta how much you value your ass-ets.


MYTH #8: Taurus is a slow-a$$.

This depends solely on Taurus’s priorities, which are determined by that ever-dominant sense of value.

Taurus can be just as much of a swift shooter as a tardy tyrant. My “Taurus” father has never been late to an appointment in his life. So is the most lightning-fast person I’ve ever known or seen.

This person is so action-oriented, he completes a task before you have a chance to even warm up. Back when I hadn’t purged the Sunday school verses from my mental trash bin, I was positive he was an Aries. Wrong. He’s a Taurus.

Taurus will move for her values. End of story. If she values being quick and efficient, she’ll be that. If she values taking the time to dress up, she’ll do that. Just don’t ask her to move for your values. Won’t happen.

MEAT #8: Taurus moves ONLY for what moves Taurus.


MYTH #9: Taurus is a couch papaya.

The miserable myth about Taurus’s slowness goes hand-in-hand with the false notion that Taurus is always on the prowl for comfort. For many Taurians this “comfort-seeking” can mean an unwavering work routine. Watch one “Taurus” enjoy a bite of dessert while another rarely snatches a prolonged moment of enjoyment. Taurus plods on, after all. But that sounds too cow-like. Taurus is about [massive] endurance.

No one endures shit without a feeling to back it up. Taurus endures for her values. This can be caring for her family or buying that nice house, but it can also be enduring danger, grit and grime for that value.

Enjoyment and endurance are not dissimilar. Both require being anchored in the experience of your body.

MEAT #9: Taurus is being comfortable in your flesh.


MYTH #10: Taurus is vain.

Refer to Myth #5 — Taurus, the beauty sign, is about a deep, rooted sense of self-worth. Taurus has no room for vanity, a false player fashioned from the deepest insecurity.

Taking her physical worth as a given is what allows Taurus to be the one great beauty obsessor of the zodiac.

She doesn’t need lines like “love your curves.” Please, save the cheese. Life is flesh. Better to have an excess of focus on form than be removed from your body, I say. To feel insecure with life’s vessel is weirdness beyond measure. Maybe in this way, Taurus is in fact “normal.”

Taurus can be a knockout and a source of comfort. Everyone wants to be around Taurus — enjoys being around Taurus — because Taurus enjoys being around herself.

Taurus, the embodiment and enjoyment of all things physical — of lust, at her greatest expression — is not vain. Taurus…

MEAT #10: …is in love, as you’ll get when I knock over…


…BIG MYTH #11: Taurus is a slave to the material.


[SINFUL] MYTH #12: LUST is sinful.

I proclaim Taurus has nothing to do with the material.

I can see the cups thrown over and incredulous objections tossed up.

To compare Taurus with that masquerading charlatan called materialism is an insult to self-worth. There’s a deeper reason Taurus is not a follower. And while Taurus doesn’t follow, Taurus is no less devout.

Taurus represents the chthonic. The ancient, rooted underworld. Inner value, which becomes inner power. But there’s more to inner power that meets the eye.

The Venus signs, Taurus and Libra, can espouse die-hard values. Libra Mohandas Gandhi’s values rose to the fore when he swapped his law briefcase for pacifist reformism. Gandhi had to deeply analyze those values when confronted with unjust treatment of Indians under British rule. Libra Vladimir Putin’s political ideologies and policies have been called “Putinism.” Might as well slap a brand on a man’s values.

Desire is the name of the game with Venus. While the above mentioned Libras are about ideological values, Taurus wants to experience worth in the flesh. A bigger title for this inner worth is god, the divine or the lover.

Taurus experiences the greatest bliss from love — and gives it the least voice. Yes, Taurus can appreciate romance. But love isn’t easily talked about and there’s a reason for that. It’s the most precious possession to Taurus.

There is one thing Taurus needs more than anything. It’s not a creature comfort. It’s the assurance of unconditional love.

The one with all the conditions needs the unconditional the most.

But Taurus’s best lesson for the world at large, for our gadgeted prisons isn’t spaced-out love. Taurus is not about abstraction. Desire that runs deep is longing. Longing for a physical experience of love is called lust.

Taurus’ obsession with the material reflects the longing to merge with the sea of creation.

Medusa being mortal means she can long for immortality.

Medusa’s father Phorkys is the ancient god of the deep soulful sea; her mother, Keto, goddess of the sea’s dangers — specifically, its creatures. Its monsters.

Despite what you may think, Beauty and the Beast isn’t about the Beast’s redemption. It’s about Beauty owning up to her self-worth, and the truth isn’t as pretty as she first appears.

Beauty recognizes the beast in herself, and that’s the exact moment she becomes truly beautiful.

Ultimately, all of lust is a “spiritual” desire. It’s the longing to merge with something unseen, some ineffable preciousness, through physical means. This often plays out as the experience of “pleasure.” Pleasure is bringing back together the truth felt inside.

The earlier origin of “Beauty and the Beast” is Eros and Psyche. The beautiful mortal Psyche falls in love with Eros, god of Desire without ever seeing his godly body. It’s a metaphor for the “blind” — the emotional — experience of love. Or better, the connection to your inner wealth of creativity.

You might know Taurians as innately creative people. The most natural, flowing expression of lust is creativity.

Taurus is the fulfillment of Leo, the symbol of the bright creative light of the Sun. (For detail lovers, Taurus is conceived in Leo). The Medusa I mentioned from Part 1, the gorgon, is associated with other strong, self-possessed feline figures such as the lioness and the sphinx.

Chrysaor and Pegasus spring out of the gorgon’s chopped head — Medusa’s children are born from her neck, the body part of Taurus. Fiery Sun symbolism is huge in the gorgon’s children: One wields the Golden Blade and the other is called the Thunderbolt Bearer.

There’s a deep, ancient religious link between the bull and bee, the chthonic world of primal flesh and solar creativity.

Together they forge the greatest god of all time: The cosmic serpent.

For the gloriously Taurocentric civilization of the Minoans, the earthly bull and light-bearing bee were symbols of the almighty god. Flanked by lions and leopards, this mega-primal god is always within reach. Coiled around the fertile egg of life, he stands for the creative experience.

Taurus, the sign of attachment, is a message of human freedom: Love for the experience of life leads to creative release, which is real emotional freedom.

MEAT #11: Taurus is a symbol of emotional (creative) freedom.

MEAT #12: Lust is the longing to merge with your emotional experience.

Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.