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Part 2

I’m still chewin’ on Part 1

What’s more powerful than the fiery beast that rises from death itself? The Scorpion, of course.

Scorpio has three glorious symbols: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the almighty Phoenix. Trick question: Which of the three is immortal?

The answer? All three. None. All and none.

People LOVE to organize reality… but Scorpio tears off the lid to reveal the madness.

It’s no wonder the sign gets a bad rep as an evil psycho.

Let’s push shiz to the extreme with a triple-whammy:


MYTH #4: Scorpio is to be FEARED.
MYTH #5: Scorpio is totally NUTS.
MYTH #6: Scorpio has godly POWERS.

These lies are more skewed than a Skewpio.

Let me be clear: I don’t buy the Scorpion as a lowly symbol. The insect does not operate at an unenlightened, unevolved “level” beneath the winged bird.

The low-lying creature is your source of power. He knows the rocky quake of the earth, inside out. He’s survived life at its hottest n’ harshest.

There’s a madness to Scorpio, but truth within madness, like a mind-rattling koan. Scorpio is the glorious paradox. The creature you see in your worst nightmares. The absurdity and sublimity. This creature has a name… Reality. Scorpio knows reality. But reality, the paradox, is painful.

I connected Taurus to Pluto, master of wealth. Scorpio is the dark side of Pluto. Scorpio is Hades, lord of suffering — I mean, lord of souls. Master of death’s realm.

Skewpio is what I call a Scorpio holding onto his pain.

As perceptive as Scorpio is, when it comes to the key person — himself —- Scorpio is often a victim of “skewed” vision. The kind that emerges when you act out of fear. The most feared sign is actually the most vulnerable to fear.

We all know the Beast isn’t unassailable under his hard fur. That’s why Herakles wore the impenetrable skin of the lion he defeated. Every Scorpio has his own personal badge of armor.

Tragedy rules the day when, instead of passion, Scorpio lets pain take the reins. The Skewpio is volatile, suspicious and emotionally protective. At the core, Scorpio is terrified of trusting others with his passion — and believing in their worthiness to receive it.

Scorpio has a hard time trusting the worth of others. In a truly skewed way, this depreciates his own self-worth, making him a raging maniac — I mean, insecure.

MEAT #Allofit: Scorpio needs to believe in himself.



MYTH #7: Scorpio is lusty, possessive, and whatever else seems corrupt and uncompromising.

Taurus stands for most of the hardness and sex slander Scorpio ends up getting. If you joined me for tantalizing Taurus, I revealed Beauty is often the bigger beast. Taurus is the sign of possession. Taurus is lust, the desire to emotionally connect to the physical. But the Beast gets a bad rep — because he’s the one that roars.

Scorpio’s organic condition, Mars (personal drive) in water (connection to others) might as well be hell.

What happens when you heat up water? It boils.

Scorpio isn’t immune to excitement, obsessions and other symptoms of emotional repression. But this underworld god has a vital need to feed — and it’s not a perverse one.

Spite, malice, perversion, obsession — each a cry to release Scorpio’s pain. But what is this pain, really?

It’s the suffering of being separated from desire. I don’t mean the desire for big jugs or anything physical (that’s Taurus’s domain). I mean the desire to achieve the great release.

Scorpio is a dramatic son-of-a-hellion because he’s caught in the key struggle of asserting himself while being super-sensitive to the needs of others. How’s the man supposed to be selfish and unselfish at the same time? It’s a riddle for the Sphinx.

To make sure this riddle doesn’t eat him alive, Scorpio needs to understand his one non-negotiable need.

MEAT #7: Scorpio is emotionally (and often sexually) repressed. I don’t care what your Sunday school says. Scorpio might be cool bein’ a beast by himself, but he ain’t ready to show the beast to others. Until he is.



MYTH #8: Scorpio is a slave to extremes.

Scorpio is a slave to passion, until he’s not.

The planet Mars is associated with pure, pumped energy. Most spiritual (mature-sounding word for creative) concepts get dismissed by society. Why does energy, a completely ineffable, non-empirical idea get the royal treatment? Because we all feel it.

Energy is the rise of inspiration. The high of creative drive. There’s a high in energy. You feel powerful when you have it, weak when you don’t. It’s your willpower to go the distance. To make something happen, for your great and glorious emotional release.

Scorpio is both the build and the ejaculation. Why’d you think the Scorpion has a stinger?

He’s the forging of passion and the release of its power.

Insect or Eagle, the message is clear: Focus on the [unachieved] needs of the self and suffer, or spill it out and experience massive creative power.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is all about the fulfillment of creativity. Just as Taurus is conceived in Leo, Leo is conceived in Scorpio. As Taurus is the fulfillment of creative desire, Scorpio is the realization of creative power.

MEAT #8: Scorpio’s passion is so great, there’s no stoppin’ it. Watch out for that splash…



MYTH #9: Intensity is Scorpio’s middle name.

Intensity is one of those words that means nothing. The real name is focus. Focus is what gives Scorpio’s inspiration the strength and endurance to survive all tricks n’ tribulations.

This is why this bad boy can beat every shred of schmaltz stacked against him.

There’s a deep cost with this conquest. The strength of Herakles is not for the faint of heart. Like Scorpio DiCaprio’s mountain-man in The Revenant (with a title meaning risen from the dead, the film’s a fleshy meal for Scorpio from the rough, pain-driven first course to the very last EMOTIONAL CLOSEUP)…

…it will take every creature comfort you have. All the false ponies and glass houses come crashin’ down.

Focus isn’t the same as fear. There’s a difference between intensity and tension. Focus is your will to give to the greater good — as Glass discovers, just as the brink of fulfilling his Skewpionic revenge.

First-born Mars man Aries might be mission man, but for lover-boy Scorpio, shiz gets serious. Scorpio is the development of purpose.

This warrior’s mission is to serve the purpose. “God’s grand design.” Personal action needs to experience the surrender of release.

The Insect and Eagle feed off each other because Scorpio’s purpose is the same as his base need. Beneath a job title, devoted father or artistic product, Scorpio is here to urge emotional release.

I’m talkin’, being real about how you feel. And acting for it.

MEAT #9: Focus is the name of the game.



MYTH #10: Scorpio is short-sighted and selfish.

You learned in Part 1 that the Heraklean fighter pounds the offal out of emotional truth by tackling it first-hand. One word: Intimacy.

Because we’re in the domain of the red planet (Mars), Scorpio gets an exclusive pass to the aggressive emotions of sex, violence and destruction. It’s out of this fiery hell that he seizes the holy grail, the desire to focus his willpower.

He gets his iron grip.

Fixation is the skewed version of focus. Scorpio starts out focused on the survival of his trauma — and becomes a true primal survivor. The mature task, after a round of fire-and-brimstone, is to heal your wounds.

The trigger-ready Scorpion thinks the only way to heal is to focus on himself — but deep personal healing alone won’t give him his freedom.

It’s the outer mission that counts.

Taurus, the egg of creation, brings the outer into the inner — Scorpio, the serpent around the egg, brings the inner into the outer by cracking that shit open.

How does surrender happen for the primal survivor?

First, you have to know the madness.

Walter Otto said, “The creative phenomenon must be its own witness.”

Scorpio’s been on the edge, again and again. (DiCaprio’s maddening cycle in Inception surges to mind). Being on the brink of death lets the truth emerge. That glorious paradox. Living so intimately with death, you feel an insanity. Much greater than survival, much crazier than psychosis, this climactic chaos brings… joy. Freedom. Some call it GOD.

So what do you make of this sign flashing three symbols all around town (the Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix)?

The Scorpion experiences the freedom to soar when he releases his semen to the cycle of life. The Eagle is Scorpio’s freedom in acting as co-creator. It’s the mission to be creatively productive. To plant the real, primal seed of life for others to grow on. Standing strong in what you used to be ashamed of is the earth-shaker — the achievement that earns you true power.

Scorpio lights the torch for Leo the lion. Dignity isn’t some false sense of pride, as your favorite pop devil Lucifer discovers, but standing in your fire. It’s believing in yourself enough to give yourself to others.

When Scorpio’s trauma starts serving mankind, he is finally at peace with himself. Reborn from the ashes of the hell that made him, he slashes the sky with the burning wings of his Martian fire.

MEAT #10: Scorpio is here to FREE others with the achievement of HIS OWN emotional freedom.

Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.

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