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Slandered as the most villainous, self-serving bastard you don’t wanna mess with, Scorpio is the most butchered sign of all — and no mortal wants to feast on the meat. Scorpio is the “DARK” one. I already revealed that your lovely Libra, the scorpion’s claws, is the darkest sign.

What happened to create this Scorpio scare? What is it about Scorpio that has some people thinking he’s pure evil?

You’re not wrong. There is something very scary about Scorpio. Here’s the nugget: It’s not what you think.

Last time, you entered the juicy, enticing world of Scorpio’s beautiful monster — that is, his adversarial First Lady, Taurus. Now I’m taking you deep into the bowels of hell

…so you feel the glory of heaven.


MYTH #1: Scorpio is a power-hungry villain.

No matter what grand ideas Scorpio whips up about what power is for him — winning a marathon, pulling big strings or becoming King of the f*cking world — dig deeper, and Scorpio only ever wants one power.

It’s not even a want. It’s an essential need.

No saving the juicy goosey bits for last. In honor of Scorpio’s daemon, I’m cuttin’ right to the chase.

While Aries, Scorpio’s fiery Mars brotha needs a witness to his personality — Scorpio needs a witness to his emotions.

The jacket of a General or love of the people is all for Scorpio’s singular need. Scorpio is desperate for a world which feeds him emotionally, where the beast is free to be himself and loved for it.

Instead of acceptance, praise and unconditional love, something else happens for Scorpio. He gets absorbed by the sting of shame.

Early experiences force Scorpio into this self-inflicted torture chamber. I don’t mean unsupportive parents or childhood stress that’s just a pinch extra. Scorpio is about intimacy.

Rejection of his real feelings made Scorpio lock up the truth and throw away the key.

Scorpio isn’t a born hellion, excited and ready to cavort through the underworld. He’s born honest and true to his feelings, more angel than hellion. Then comes the fall. He becomes the lord of souls by learning to hold his strongest emotions in.

The result? Emotions grow larger, heavier, more impactful. Scorpio’s emotions, like a dragon fed to fatness in the confines of a cave, grow so powerful their release is bound to be explosive.

If there’s one holy emotion that gets stung the worst for Scorpio, it’s his passion.

MEAT #1: Scorpio desires to realize his powerful passion.


MYTH #2: Scorpio is the horned devil of SEX.

All your seared ears hear about Scorpio is sex, sex, sex. Tell me you ain’t sick of it.

Scorpio is the phallus (the COCK) engorged by passion.

This warrior stands for essential masculine power. I called his buxom babe Taurus’ essential feminine power the Erotic. My name for masculine power is Passion.

Don’t expect me to sing sonnets about doing what you love, yadda yadda. This power is about two things: action, and emotion. Scorpio is action planet Mars in emotion’s sea.

Passion I define as the URGE to ACT on BURIED emotion. Heated tension from rooted feelings balloons up, creating physical restlessness. It’s a force that desires peace — a blood-pumped erection, swollen for the spill.

For this power, I’m evoking Herakles’ (Hercules) first labor: defeating the Nemean lion.

This beast is virtually undefeatable. The hero’s arrows merely bounce off his impenetrable fur.

Forget arrows. F*ck, forget weapons. To hell with superficial offal. This fight is about hands-on connection. Herakles defeats the lion by grappling until the cat can no longer breathe. Up-close and personal, Scorpio is the grip that creates death.

Herakles’ first conquest is finding his real strength. How you really feel usually gets buried for artificial reasons. It’s crucial for the first-born superhero to launch his mission by murdering his superficial life.

Courage — the will of the heart to live its truth — is the prerequisite of victory. Scorpio loathes doing anything in half measure. The Nemean lion is Herakles’ initiation into a fight that calls for no less than the heart’s effort.

MEAT #2: Scorpio is an erection, the drive to release emotion.


MYTH #3: Scorpio is the Prince of Darkness.

Let’s smash up that cut of meat and sauce it up as the Prince of Brightness.

Scorpio is a bright-ass sign. So bright, you can call him Lucifer.

Yeah, I’m turning the devil on his head. Lucifer is a sympathetic suit for Scorpio. He’s a light-bearer that has shiz to do with darkness — but is maligned with negative interpretations. He’s so butchered, he gets to be the lord of perversions in our culture. (Slam dunk: The FOX show Lucifer’s titular character is played by a — Scorpio!)

Scorpio represents the connection to the fire of inspiration.

In his book on phallic god Dionysus, Walter F. Otto expressed, “The closer we get to the GREAT, the PRIMAL, the EPOCH-MAKING creations, the clearer and more powerful this awareness becomes.”

He’s talking about the awareness of divine presence or godliness, fueling mortal actions.

Inspiration belongs to the truth beneath the surface. But it’s not a complex and cunning truth of a manipulative mastermind.

Scorpio understands the primal emotional desires of others, because he sweats and smolders with his own. I’m thinkin’ of Scorpio as the Daemon of Desire.

It’s no accident that the root of passion is suffering, from Latin pati — to suffer.

The passion of Scorpio is the drive for raw emotional release, after stoking… and stoking… the fire to a climax.

Passion is pain. Scorpio’s makeup, heated planet Mars in the cool element of water, is a maniacal sentence: Personal assertion — the Heraklean thrust for self-governing power — doesn’t want to subject itself to the inclusive, cooperative sea of feeling. But this is exactly how inspiration is born.

Taurus, the material sign, is about the possession of internal power. Scorpio, the sign of intimacy, is about the release of power.

Scorpio needs “to be touched and inspired by a wonderful OTHERNESS,” to quote awesome-Otto again. You are not creative by yourself — even when you’re the one doin’ the creatin’.

Working from your emotions is no solo journey. It’s a journey of connecting to the passion outside of you.

MEAT #3: Scorpio is a vessel for creative power.

Hook in next week for Part 2 to see how scary Scorpio really is, how shame becomes gain and how the small scorpion POWERS into the fierce and fabled Phoenix!


Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.

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