Murdering Zodiac Myths–Sagittarius, 2

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November 17, 2017
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Murdering Zodiac Myths–Sagittarius, 2




Part 2

I’m still chewin’ on Part 1

Ah, so you’ve come to the Epic Battle…

You’ve been warned — unless you’re a giant or can find the giant in you, your fate is among the Devoured.

Sag the “sage” is not here to support the gods you know and revere.

In the cosmic showdown, Sagittarius is given the biggest, baddest, bloodiest role to play. (You’ll have to read on to find out what).

Why is Sagittarius so demanding? March on to see just how intense the “freest” sign really is… and just how hot it gets down here, at the roots of the wolf’s mighty storm.




MYTH #5: Sagittarius is SHAMELESS.

So a pregnant mare will get it on with all (all!) the stallions in her stables, for practical reasons. But no worries — Sag ain’t a horse, right? (This is where you thank me for the wolf).

The wolf Fenrir is restrained by the same people who raise him — the people who “CARE” for him.

When your master betrays your faith, you realize what’s real and what’s fudged-up food coloring.

Sag’s wild, sometimes starkly sexual impulses come from a need to rebalance. Even if she’s not aware of it, the need to RETURN TO THE NATURAL is instinctive.

The head is so far-reaching for Sagittarius, that the only way for her to FEEL herself touch down is to hop on. (I didn’t say it. It’s not like I’m a Sag).

Sagittarian extraordinaire WILLIAM BLAKE spat out: “He who DESIRES but ACTS NOT, breeds pestilence.”

A die-hard Promethean (per our mythos) and herald for free love, Blake insisted on freeing external energy from the binds of socio-cultural restriction.

Shame is the big Limitor. But freedom isn’t some Utopian fantasy for Sag. It’s in the natural experience of the self.

Sagittarius’ boundary-smashing impulse is often misjudged as rebellion, anarchy or just plain heathen. In actuality, the machinations of culture force Sag to seek a greater truth.

“When I tell a truth,” Blake says, “it is not to convince those who do not know it, but to protect those who do.”

Sag is the defender of man. The Sag impulse to spread and protect the light of the self is greater than with Leo “the star,” who may be fine keeping it all to himself.

Just ask the real-life Disney Princesses — Sagittarians Britney, Christina and Miley.

I bring these brand-babies up ’cause everyone remembers what happened to the sweet-as-soda icons. Every single one of “the Princesses” starts out completely in line with pop CONFORMITY… and every single one CRUSHES the model. Devilishly and without mercy.

As the infamous Spears said in her break-out diddly: “I’m not that innocent.”

Sag is not here to simply hand out the light of self-awareness.

Like the fire-stealer (and his Norse wolf counterpart), Sagittarius wants to rectify a WRONG.

Sag “the giver” doesn’t give selflessly. Sag gives out of provocation. What she’s really giving is a CHALLENGE: If your ideals aren’t full of it — if they honestly mean so much to you, they’ll persevere.

Sag’s sly smile is built on knowing the idols will come crashing down.

“Sooner strangle an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires.”

This absolute, Sag-severe proclamation of Blake’s states that not acting on your desires is a fate WORSE than death. Contrary to pop opinion, Sag is not about childishly doing whatever you want. Sag is about generation from the flame of life.

That great Jupiter-organ Prometheus regenerates, the liver metabolizes “the drugs” — the toxic lies responsible for humanity’s decline. These lies are the anesthetizing limits of your everyday culture. Promethean Sag is made to observe not many truths — remember, the hunter can only hunt with absolute, utter focus — but A SINGULAR TRUTH: the DECLINE of man’s POWER.

What Sagittarius and her daemon Prometheus say is, GIVE MAN BACK what he’s owed, by being a creature BORN.

…And if no one will, just F-IN TAKE IT.

Y’know, my skeleton friend from Gemini also just took it (if you don’t know what I mean, you haven’t seen the film).

Sagittarius’ convictions are not “innocent.” In fact, they often sound angry (passionate).

Fenrir the wolf is the child of the DAEMON Loki and GIANT named ANGERboda.

There will be hell to pay, for the big restraint of man’s power. Ever wonder why Sag’s ego can be as massive as her planet Jupiter? Sag is not just some shameless rebel. Sag needs to live larger than life, BE larger than life — in the pursuit of creative freedom.

Let’s look at the Sagittarian glyph another way: It’s an erect rod with two sacks at the end (the line crossing through).

Sagittarius is the only one with a COCK for a symbol. As the ninth sign, the phallic arrow is necessary in the reach for the TOP (the zenith of the zodiac). Sag represents the energetic PUSH you need in returning to yourself.

Painting a picture just ain’t as good as poundin’ the puddin’.

Prometheus famously tricks the gods. He disguises an ox’s skeletal remains in fat, while dressing the ripe, juicy meat with its disgusting stomach. One of the piles is for mankind — but that’s not for Prometheus to decide.

Zeus, King of the gods picks… the pile of bones.

Give man his rightful PORTION, says Sag! This portion lives in FLESH and blood experience.

So I say, toss the mucky metal and stick your finger into the juicy meat.

MEAT #5: Sagittarius plays it like it is, stripped down to the gonads (the essentials).




MYTH #6: Sagittarius is easy-going.

I fried up this meat when I started to notice how VIOLENT we are — I mean, Sagittarius is.

Biting wolves aside, Sagittarius is way more likely to be fun-smacking and happy-hitting than the Mars (aggression) signs, Aries and Scorpio. The funny part is, she’s usually late to notice this part of herself.

Whippin’ back to wunderboy Blake, the man openly called important figures of his society out on their hypocrisy about being all ideals and no practice. Put your honey where your mouth is — uh, money.

Where I relate to the Sagittarian blast from the past is the outrage with which he treated the “guise” of nobility. He scorned so-called devout icons. Humility is often the worst kind of hypocrisy… because no man is without bite.

Creative genius aside, William Blake was called out on his dissident views. He’s seen as everything from radical to barking mad.

Dude… WHY are we so VIOLENT?

Sag’s planet Jupiter is about “growth.” More directly, about making impact. The arrow cocks its head again. (No puns, but you should be amused she has spear in her name).

The giant wants to know the impact SHE has on the world AT LARGE.

While Gemini is the What’s This, Sagittarius is the WHAT HAPPENS?

It’s the difference between the dabbler who wants to try different toys and the dom who wants to SQUEEEEZE the torture tools… until there’s nothing left to find out.

This sign really, really needs to go the distance.

Relentless. Ruthless. Severe and condemning. All the qualities cookbooks love to give the previous sign Scorpio, are at home with ease in the Jupiter sign.

Pro is a prefix you recognize well, meaning “projecting forward/outward” (sounds like f-ing to me). Pro-active, pro-ductive, pro-creative. Pro-metheus means forethought.

Remember Prometheus’ “trick”? Prometheus was just the dealer. The god is the one that took the bait.

The mythic titan eclipses the gods in thinking ahead. He lets the almighty King of kings fool himself.

You could say Prometheus was quite a dick.

Sag, like her titan-daemons, lets you eat your own sh-t.

Sagittarius’ button-pushing is also responsible for her rudeness. Even the sweetest, most proper (it’s more like 70% rule-following with 30% other-stuff) Sag slips at some point.

Sagittarius is caught shoving, putting feet on chairs, line-cutting at the movies, being loud and openly offending. She shoots arrows from her mouth, calling you or “society” out on dishonesty.

Meanwhile, she’s still playin’ trick-or-prick with her own titanic hypocrisy, part-pretending to go along while mostly-rattling in her cage.

The “rudeness” is Sag being real. What she really wants to say is “I will not be chained, subdued, silenced or tamed.” Being “civil” is only part of the picture — what about being human?

The impulse to violence is the real parts of the wolf yanking on his chains.

Sagittarius has no good reason to be delayed by your motion-inhibiting, energy-draining “rules.” All she asks is one killer question.



Give her one GOOD answer, and she’s all ears.

Go on. I dare you.

MEAT #6: Sagittarius has to YANK on her CHAINS. You don’t expect her to just take it, do you? (Pssst: Yank back, buster. Or you’re tomorrow’s breakfast).


MYTH #7: Sagittarius is CRAZEH.

Imagine Beethoven flailing his arms, commanding his 7th Symphony into mind-spinning motion. Before the madness consumes his musical wand, you hear it…

Da, da da DAA DAA, da, da da DAA da

…each staccato swoop a build, to something bound to be big. Daring and defiant, you know it’s THE APPROACH. But to what?

Crazy. Weirdo. Downright alien. Sag is the one that’s pitted against society from the get-go.

If you’ve, uh, EXISTED, you’ve heard this before. How does such a simple rhythm pull you in? When I tell you, you’ll be amazed how simple it is.

Beethoven’s second movement of masterpiece No. 7 starts not with the THEME… like every other song and movie and speech you’ve heard… but the COUNTER-theme.

DAA da da daa da… is the Sagittarian impulse to COUNTER the norm.

Sagittarius is seeking to unbuckle stigma because she’s the victim of it. From dissenting Blake, tormented and teased as a young man, to taboo-tackling Woody Allen, the one “hard to catch” is always caught in some controversial insight or other.

Sag’s daa-da-ing asks you to simply pay attention. Not at single and small things, but EVERYTHING. All you gotta do is stand back — can you see how WEIRD the sh-t made up by centuries of custom is?

I was taught a beautiful “Sagittarius” lesson in the park.

While people safely tuck away on man-made benches, I ditch the concrete. At some point, as I enjoy the realness of the grass, I’m interrupted. The most jarring souls to me are the ones that are like, “are you okay?” to which I snap back, “why (really, why the f-ck) wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, uh, because you’re sitting on the ground.” Gasp — I’m on the EARTH. VIOLATION number 1!

God forbid we ALL start resting our backs against trees.

Others come to proclaim long speeches about my “energy” and how awesome it is I’m so unusual.

One day, as I sit under my tree writing on my ipad, a golden-haired little girl runs up to me, declaring, “you’re so BEAUTIFUL!” The little angel tips her head. Walking closer, she sings out, “Look at you, you’re just a normal girl.”

I have a moment. To culturally saturated adults, I’m strange. This beautiful young person, free of convolutions, expresses no less than my own instinct. The impulse to connect to what’s around you is completely normal…

…and Everything Else isn’t.

People judge Sag to “not care” about hail or hellfire from her “crazeh” behavior. Truth is, Sag feels self-consciousness just like every other human. But she’ll FIGHT to the last drop. No measly little “insecurity” is deserving of LIFE.

It’s a way of saying she’s brave.

Part of being a Devourer is wanting to experience the fullness of life.

Beethoven’s 7th is a romp in passionate emotion, a climax wild and free. So much so, it’s been called Bacchanalian. Even the tame allegretto, that haunting rhythm is FULL with LIFE.

Fat and frenzied, you can almost hear Prometheus running off with fire. 

“All tumult, all yearning and storming of the heart,” exclaims Richard Wagner about the symphony, “The [insolent joy], the POWER carries us through the ROOMY SEAS of life… shouting the daring strains of this dance.” It’s like Beethoven, a DOUBLE-whammy Sag (Sun and Moon) is just DARING you to steal fire.

Prometheus cares for his creation, enough to bring back the lost light, so you can RE-alize your connection to what’s immortal in YOU.

It’s life’s great and glorious rebellion!

There’s only ever one Big Picture for Sag. The overturning cycle of nature. The cycle IS the fullness, the frenzy, the daring dance.

Sag stands her ground to make it “okay.” She knows some day her actions won’t be weird, and she fought to make that possible.


…and all-out war, baby.

The wolf has to learn to howl. Sagittarius isn’t blind to her need for widespread acceptance, to promote her “far-out,” mighty ideals. She’s actually dead-conscious of it — because it’s all a part of the BP (Big Picture).

But for Sag, none of this shiz will hold up in the BBin the Big Battle.

Da, da da DAAA DA!

MEAT #7: Sagittarius dares to experience life’s FULLNESS.


MYTH #8: Sagittarius doesn’t hold onto shiz.

The cookbook account of the “forward-driven” Sag is incomplete, for one gross reason — it misses the backstory.

Every push to Exploooore, every drive to Expaaaand is informed by Sag’s P.A.S.T.

The human truth of the “sage” — more justly, the Devourer — is being caught in a web of limiting circumstances. Sag doesn’t pop out wanting to tear down walls.

The reason Sagittarius can never get enough is because she wasn’t given enough to begin with.

You saw how her predecessor Scorpio endures rejected emotions, and her opposite, Gemini, finds people to fall short of reliability. Scorpio feels his feelings and is shunned for it. An antagonistic relationship is born — it’s him vs. other people. Gemini observes people’s feelings don’t match what they say and do. Let’s act flaky, says Gemini, ’cause people just can’t be trusted.

For Sagittarius, people aren’t simply dishonest… They’re not true.

Like the chained wolf, the biggest deceit is being cheated by the one who raised you to trust in his honor.

If not an actual person or people, some other circumstance that Sag believed in disappoints her with its ugly, less-than-noble truth.

Hell, if you ever wondered why Sag is a) so damn serious or b) a diehard joker (cough, tension-reliever)… Both attitudes stem from the enormous amount of bile to shoot out.

Gemini’s throat is where the toxic lies are given voice. The liver is where they’re purged.

The world of Sagittarius — and her key impulse — lives inside one killer war.


In the GREAT BATTLE between GODS and GIANTS, Sag (as established in Meat #2) is THE GIANT with the epic mission: to strike her arrow into the very HEART of hypocrisy.

Remember Antares, the bloody star in Sag? Antares means ANTI-Ares, the reigning Greek god of war. Sagittarius is a rival to the established order… and disorder.

(Sagittarians, I know we’re unforgiving, but let’s be cool with how the Thor movie that came out turned our titanic player into a… uh, pet).

FENRIR the WOLF is destined to HUNT down and KILL none other than Odin — the ALL-FATHER KING of gods. It’s like killin’ Zeus and his Olympian legacy. Yeah, you know — the god Sagittarius is equated with.

Sagittarius is not a god.

Sagittarius is here to OVERTHROW the gods.

Deadlier than anarchy, she needs to KILL the betraying order at its source. 

How do you kill a god? By getting in touch with the crazed, vicious beast you’re wrongfully accused of being.

By becoming the wolf.

WILDNESS is the TRIGGER… The motion to the epic battle, where the entire world is devoured whole — for your own benefit.

It’s every battle, tragedy and challenge you’ve ever faced to grow bigger, better, stronger.

It’s the Bacchic fury, the “whirling dance-energy” of Beethoven’s symphony. The overthrow of order as a life-affirming act of justice

Sir George Grove underscores the force of #Sagthesign when he says that SUPER-SAG Beethoven has “FIRE enough in his belly” to “BURN UP the entire WORLD.”

As a practical aside, this is also why Sag sometimes (ahem, always) tries to DO TOO MUCH.

It’s a way of purging the past — secreting enough fiery chaos into the whirlpool to churn the god-given cycle of nature.

Meat #8: The wolf is bound by the chains of her past, until she breaks free.

But hold on, you haven’t broken free just yet. 

In the THIRD and LAST (joy) movement of Sagittarius, you’ll hit a home run!

Up next, find out why the Sag-apocalypse is not a bad thing. In fact, it’ll leave you leapin’ for barnacles.



Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.