Murdering Zodiac Myths–Libra, 2




Part 2

I’m still chewin’ on Part 1

In Part 1 of Libra, you got a proper introduction to the Queen of swords: Libra, master of cold, hard reason.

Reason is not innocent.

The heart can become just another casualty crushed under Libra’s metal clamps. Too much consideration can strip you of your humanity, taking focus away from your center and the powerful storm within. You can end up looking and acting like an android. And, like an android, you’ll be effective as hell — at the cost of true power. 

Libra has to be careful not to become the snipping, detached pincers of the scorpion he represents.

This week you’ll see why an army of sharp swords is no match for the fiery breath of the dragon — for the emotional core of power.
Myth #1 picked on the arc of Libra Lena Headey’s character Cersei on Game of Thrones. If you tuned in this weekend, you saw a setback for the Queen on the Iron Throne. Better hold on tight to the hard metal back of your empire, because reason won’t be what holds it together.


MYTH #2: Libra is the relationship expert. 

While Aries can be in a relationship and feel great to share themselves, Libra can feel loneliest in a partnership. This is because the animal-self is not given the priority it needs.

Another association of the scales is the yoke that ties oxen together. In a noble sense, the oxen are tied to serve a purpose. But look at a photo of the beam and it looks downright dominant. That the “animal-self” — the emotional world of the person — can be tamed is a myth. This myth keeps Libra and all its associations (propriety, manners, diplomacy) lookin’ pretty. The false design of moderation is hiding the real intention of Libra’s yoke: control.

Libra, in his bid to protect and remain in control of his emotions, rarely shares the innards with the other. The weight of keeping all that to yourself is too much, and a false responsibility.

The distance those pincers put between the rest of the animal — the self-denial of Libra in favor of superficial displays to keep you from getting close — is the dirtiest game Libra plays. And not to others.

The biggest reason Libra’s emotions get the cold treatment isn’t distrust of the other person. The first person Libra doesn’t trust his emotions with is himself. 

For Libra, the loved one is not the source of strength — they’re always the impetus to self-discovery. This is why the Libra person seems to be breaking more significant relationships (often long-lived ones) than maintaining them. Libra isn’t here to learn to be in a relationship. Libra is here to learn to break free of relationships.

Only then can real, nutritive connections be found and formed.

Yes, Libras, you too — like UBER-Libra (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) Kate Winslet’s ship-cracking Rose — shall find Jack when you say “YES!” to yourself. (If you’re male, you’ll get the girl). But only after you let go to find yourself.

Like Spartacus, Libra is here to release the bonds of slavery.

MEAT #2: Libra is here to promote freedom.


Libra, Kate Winslet, Murdering Zodiac Myths, Dar Alexander, Adrianna Dream

MYTH #3: Libra is prim and proper.

This one’s easy. The symbol of curvaceous Venus, Libra knows the desire-nature so well that his politeness is actually overcompensating from a fear these things might be known — and shunned — by others.

Where there’s too much propriety, be suspicious. I won’t invoke naked Rose again. Although she proves — propriety or not — it’s hard not to notice the charms beneath the sea foam.

MEAT #3: Libra is a secret beast (a good-looking one).

Libra, Kate Winslet, Murdering Zodiac Myths, Dar Alexander, Adrianna Dream


MYTH #4: Libra is balanced, or knows the first f*in’ thing about balance.

UGH! Balance, balance, balance. The B word is like a big F U to poor Libra. Libra is almost never calm, Libra is almost never under control, and Libra is certainly never a peaceful little lamb.

Rationality is a cruel master that masks Libra’s anxiety. Lie-bra tells lies to himself. In truth, Libra suffers from extremes.

If you watched that video in Part 1, you’ll see the claws are always on the move, always looking and responsible for what to stabilize (to control) next for the animal’s survival. The body of the arachnid, with its venom-filled, trigger-ready tail, is more content at being what it is — the carnal animal.
While the scorpion’s tail is resting to serve its carnal purpose (release venom), the arms and pincers are doing all the damn work. The luxury-loving Libra is a myth, baby. Pretty Libra is a workhorse. No one feels the weight of responsibility in quite the same way; a thing Cersei’s shoulder plates illustrate beautifully.
Libra is just as prone to depression as Aries. While Aries has overused physical energy and unused emotional energy, Libra has underused physical energy and over-internalized emo-energy.

Saturn’s exaltation in Libra (a testimony to Libra’s “rationalizing prowess”) doesn’t shield Libra from mental illness. Libra can end up handling illness worst from “handling” too much. Rationalizing illness leads to illness, because disease — an imbalance or lack of equilibrium — emerges from the gaping hole of an emotional neglect or need.

No one needs that delicious candlelit bath or massage more than Libra, yet you can bet Libra isn’t out there seeking these calming and revitalizing moments out. He’s too worried about making ends meet, taking care of this or that. The importance of equilibrium-restoring recreation and relaxation can’t be underestimated.

Libra needs the greatest moderation in the form of justice to his own feelings. Real balance comes from staying focused on your center, the heart.

MEAT #4: Libra is an extremist of insane proportions.


MYTH #5: Libra keeps the peace.

Perhaps Libra‘s darkest not-so-secret of all. Every good Libra has a nice big bottle to hold his anger, because anger is the congealment of emotions experienced from a perceived injustice. Plain and simple.

Libra is especially dangerous with his anger because it’s often repressed until it’s not. That bottle will burst, ’cause it’s made of glass. And when it does, what pours out is usually blood.

Libra‘s one true anger arises from the personal injustice — the cost. No one learns to recognize bullshit as well as Libra, even if he seems to perpetuate it. Keep payin’ the toll of roleplay, Libra, and pretty soon you’ll be belting out your own “The Way I Am.”

MEAT #5: Libra is a far better hell-raiser.

Libra, Kate Winslet, Murdering Zodiac Myths, Dar Alexander, Adrianna Dream

Take a bite outta Themis and meet Nemesis.


MYTH #6: Libra is sweet as sugar.

A dose or two is fine, but too much sugar can be corrosive in the most gruesome manner. Just check out diabetes.

No doubt about Libra‘s charm. The point here is that “nice” is anything but. Consideration is inconsiderate to the key playing piece: you.

That hard metal device that symbolizes Libra (the scales) proves he’s a cold-ass masochist!

Give up the cold and cruel metal — stop trying to rationalize and judge everything — and Libra can finally take a deep breath or two.

Libra‘s role-play is a dark and expensive enterprise. The only person that ends up paying dues for it is Libra. Speaking to a lack of proportion again, the scale-masta receives no fair and just exchange for this hefty fee.

Libra is the sign of loss, before it’s the sign of gain.

Keeping up appearances sucks Libra‘s energy and soul. Over the years, the injustice builds and builds until it reaches a breaking point. You’ve gotta feed yourself sometime, or U dead.

MEAT #6: Be kind, not nice. Nice is cruel.


MYTH #7: Libra is attached. 

Libra‘s symbolic planet Venus, in its Morning Star phase is known as a warrior. Libra is the perfect leader of spiritual warfare: penetrating enemy lines from a position of distance.

Libra has the remarkable ability to DEtach — sorry, pop astro-babble; this prize doesn’t go to Aquarius.

So how do you account for Libra‘s energy in partnership? Libra‘s focus on another person is at its best a willingness to work together; at its worst, mental vanity. While Aries needs the other to solidify and express his sense of self, partnership can validate for Libra the greatest ego of all — the reasoning mind.

Libra is more dependent on his powers of reason than on other people. If he sticks with a relationship past its shelf life, he’s reasoned himself into it. He often needs too many reasons to say no, walk away or to say yes. Again, anything but balance.

Libra is made to address injustice but needs the willpower — and the heart — to correct it.

All you have to do is turn to the Queen sitting on the Iron Throne to know the scale master has a great capacity to be inhuman. Libra Lena looks more in touch with hard metal than ever before. After losing her children, her character Cersei reasons away her own heart, as if it were never there.

All Libra needs is a big enough loss, and the cold steel of the mind is there to offer its embrace.

MEAT #7: Libra is a slave to reason — until he’s not.


MYTH #8: Libra is submissive.

Libra would rather be caught dead than submitting.

In fact, I believe I suggested Libra’s yoke is the one demanding obedience.

Libra is guilty of submitting to one master and one master only: rationality. And it’s a false master even Libra doesn’t believe in, when push comes to shove.

The only sign represented by a metal device in place of flesh-and-blood, Libra often misses the personal point of who he is. Too much “reality awareness” sacrifices inner focus. Systems, structures and relationships rise and fall, and only your guts remain. Libra needs to be okay with “being an animal” — in fact, the moment Libra embraces his carnality, he starts to make the moves he always dreamed of. In short, thoughts and mental processes take Libra away from his destiny.

The fear that carnal needs and urges won’t be accepted is a false one. Everyone has it. Everyone feels, cries, shatters glass and throbs over some form of lust. Libra perpetuates the facade that keeps these things under wraps. Ultimately, though (and ironically) Libra is the one most likely to bring these dark and dirty things to light.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? (Eminem is one good Libra).

A hard-working, ambitious Libra can experience diminished personal power without realizing it. “Reality” is a convincing argument, but the argument doesn’t belong to others — realizing your reality begins and ends with you is a remarkable achievement.

Libra is best equipped for the reign of fire and blood because it took so much to f*cking break those chains of slavery.

Libra, Kate Winslet, Murdering Zodiac Myths, Dar Alexander, Adrianna Dream, Andy Whitfield

The lesson here is, if I want someone to assert something well or wield a spear, I pick Libra — or a strong Venus. Perhaps it’s no accident Venus rhymes with …

MEAT #8: Libra is primed for world domination.

Which leads me to …

MEAT #9: Libra has balls.

And to …

MEAT #10: Let’s hear it for Libra‘s BIG balls!


And, uh, if you’re on the wrong side of justice — run.

Libra, Kate Winslet, Murdering Zodiac Myths, Dar Alexander, Adrianna Dream


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