Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Sydney Francis, Intuitive

Meet Sydney Francis, Intuitive, at the NEXT Zodiac Lounge


Sydney Francis, Intuitive

Meet Sydney Francis at the Zodiac Lounge

“My overall purpose is to assist in the cultivation of as many Lightworkers as is possible for the Planet at this time.”

Author of STEPS TO ASCENSION and psychic intuitive Reader, Sydney has been gifted and consistently buoyed by 28 years of channeling experience and profound global interactions with Spirit.

Acutely present, sensitive and able to give clarification when helpful, she convenes with those who ask for her assistance and/or insight with two (2) goals in mind:

  • To remind them of who they essentially are;
  • To help clarify for them the vital work that is for them to do.

Available for private readings



“I met Sydney Francis at one of my fairs. She was incredibly well received by my  clients who all said she was on point and sincere with her readings. Most importantly, she is honest and her attention stays focused with each particular client and not distracted by thoughts of the next client to come. Sydney is a pleasure to work with and I love having her at my events. She is a very special and loving person.”SuZen Ravenheart, Healing Center, New Jersey

“Sydney Francis is one of our most gifted psychics. She consistently receives the highest raves from the clients we serve, and her sessions are often sold out far before the end of each shift. She is accurate, tactful, insightful and deeply compassionate. I have no reservations about labeling Sydney as one of the most gifted psychics currently in practice today.”Helen O’Neil, Psychic Fairs Coordinator, Edgar Cayce A. R. E., New York