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Finding and Understanding Lilith in Your Chart

Taught by Paul Kelley

Lilith, Paul Kelley, astrologer, Black Moon Lilith, Black moon

Astrologers write books on interpreting just one planet, so what do you do when there are four or more things in a chart with the same name?! In this recorded, Astrologer Paul Kelley (more on him below) will provide you with some background on the Lilith objects and points most commonly used by astrologers – the asteroid, Dark Moon, and Black Moon. He’ll show you exactly how to find them in your chart and present basic guidelines for interpreting this challenging archetype in each of these manifestations. Illustrated with a diverse selection of chart examples from well-known figures in modern culture as well as his personal experience.

What you’ll get:

  • A 120 minute quality recording of Paul’s webinar on Lilith objects

  • 3 separate pdf handouts:

–>How to find Lilith in a chart

–>Resources and sources on learning more about Lilith

–>Guidelines on interpreting the different Lilith objects in a chart

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Lilith, Paul Kelley, astrologer, Black Moon Lilith, Black moon

In my twenties, I purchased two astrology books, had a reading done, and mail-ordered a chart interpretation from ACS in San Diego. But it wasn’t until March 2007 that I began actually studying the subject. Less than a year later, I was teaching my first astrology class. I knew little more than some of the students, but we had fun.

On election night 2008, a mutual friend connected me to Rick Levine on Facebook, and through one of his posts the following spring, I learned about the Midwest Astrology Conference. I went, I struggled, I made friends, and I showed as many people as I could the little text I had just finished writing for my students. That fall I attended a post-conference workshop at Donna Van Toen’s State of the Art astrology conference, and continued going to both of these conferences until financial responsibilities shifted my focus elsewhere for a while. At one of the SOTAs, I was told about a new NCGR chapter forming in the Philadelphia area, which is where I live.  I took a deep breath and dove in.

In 2014, they elected me Vice President while I was busy working at my regular job, but I’ve been a very active board member (still VP) since the group reconstituted under new leadership in September 2015. In February 2017, I was grateful to realize that I was at last attending an astrology conference – the NCGR event in Baltimore – with a group of astrologer friends from my home region. I envision creating a web site for my educational materials and to offer specific services in the near future.

Purchase here for $40

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