Unlock your gifts with a Jupiter Return Report

The Jupiter Return Report

Jupiter Return Report

Glyph for Jupiter

The ages 11-12, 23-24, 35-36 and every 12 years after that are crucial years. They are the times when the planet Jupiter comes home to his original position in your birth chart and those years can either bring a heap of good or loads of trouble. My Jupiter Return report can help you understand how to avoid the trouble and reap more of the good. This report can be an amazing gift to yourself or another.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and bringer of good luck. When Jupiter returns, he signals how we can bring home the life lessons we’re meant to learn. As our planetary wise teacher, we can learn key lessons to grow into the souls we’re born to be. He might be better described as how we’re prepared to meet important opportunities rather than stumbling on random luck. Jupiter’s much too smart for “dumb” luck.

Here, in a concise and yet nearly 16-paged format, is a full-life report on Jupiter., a well-known astrologer. I use my extensive counseling experience and hundreds of case studies to cover not only all of the standard astrological factors (Jupiter in sign, house, and aspects), but I describe your seven Jupiter returns of your first 84 years unlike any other report or book you’ll find on the web. Imagine:

  • Knowing what lessons you’re here to learn
  • Knowing at what ages you might be facing striking challenges
  • Knowing which strategies or rituals you could use to help you manage these challenges! It’s all right here in this Jupiter Report!

The Jupiter Report provides details on SEVEN complete Jupiter returns (84 years!) with extensive interpretations for the date of each return. This is, essentially, a lifetime’s “Jupiter journey” contained within a single report.

Jupiter Return, Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi unlocked his gifts at his 2nd Jupiter Return at 24 years old. Learn how to do the same with yours!

Inside The Jupiter Return Report


  • Interpretations for Jupiter by sign, house, house rulership, and aspect.
  • Life Ages Interpretation for each important checkpoint of life, like 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, and 84, and the mini-cycles before the next Jupiter return
  •  Life Lessons succinctly described and fleshed out. 

Read a sample Jupiter Return Report

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