Jennifer Aniston: America’s Favorite Friend

JENNIFER ANISTON: America’s Favorite Friend

From true love to free love, fairytale to breakup, she’s a posh princess on a rocky road


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Sep 11, 2014

You know her as the “friend,” but did you know Jennifer Aniston’s Sun sign, Aquarius, is the “friend” sign of the zodiac? After a high profile breakup, a famous hairdo and rocky relationships, “America’s #1 Sweetheart” finds her mission in a string of skewed romantic comedies.

Love her or toss her, you’ll be stunned by what her stars say about her life, her roles, and her deal with men.

From the heartbreaking truth to naughty facts — there’s a lot you didn’t know about Aniston!

Posh Princess/Runaway Bride

Let’s start with “the Rachel.” A hugely popularized haircut from the nineties, Aniston’s Friends character put girly-grungy layers on the map. Every time a girl reached for a hair iron, it was to get the sleek, femme, emo “Rachel” do. Aniston reportedly spends tens of thousands to bring her own personal hair stylist with her at overseas events just to get her famous do looking right. You know she’s hell bent on not disappointing in the looks department; a hit for the sign on the horizon when she was born, Libra. This “Rising sign” isn’t just about looking for relationships (romantic comedies anyone?) Jen’s the girl who likes looking pretty — she’s even turning her garage into a walk-in wardrobe. The Libra Rising is a lifelong mission to your makeup — and your man. Jennifer Aniston, Posh Princess

But I won’t give that man stuff away just yet.

The Libra Rising may be the leading lady, but she ends up as the girl next door. From her popular sitcom to her chick flicks to tabloids, the public loves this average-babe image of Aniston. Her Moon lives in the Third Arena, where we rock around our “neighborhood” in the chart wheel. That’s right — planets (like the Sun you know about) don’t just have their own signs, but arenas where they strut their stuff (usually called “houses,” but let’s not get too homely).

The Moon speaks to what kind of emotional animal you are. Jen’s “neighborhood Moon” isn’t the full picture of why Jen gets roles as the girl next door. Her shiny point of career success, called the Part of Fortune, is smack on that Third Arena Moon!

If we’re gonna play signs, Jen’s Moon is in down-to-earth Sagittarius. Remember how you met Rachel? Running. Her character made her entrance as a runaway from her own wedding. Sag the Centaur gets a rep for being on the run (or, uh, the gallop). There’s one condition, though: There has to be a better, cooler, funner horizon on the other side. Or at least, it has to look like it.

This sign doesn’t like to be tied down, and when tied to your emotions (the Moon) as with Jen, you love your freedom more than anything.

No picture-perfect but predictable marriage for this posh princess! Jen keeps taking the “greener pasture” bait in her roles, whether the adventure is with a married man as in Along Came Polly, God himself (or a Jim Carrey gloriously geeking around with god’s powers) in Bruce Almighty, or running for your life with your ex who is targeting you in The Bounty Hunter. The starlet juggles jobs in Wanderlust, finding it hard to pick only one to love. Sagittarius is a juggler, which highlights Aniston’s shooting of Friends, Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly at the same time!

The Good Girl

Okay, so if this babe likes being a free bird, why does she always settle down with her honey or play the conservative card? In Just Go With It, she’s a single working mom who starts out in frumpy nurse clothes. The Switch focuses on her best intentions to start up a family (only to have her ex switch up the sperm). She’s been dubbed the good girl for a reason: Saturn, master of responsibility, plays a big role in her chart. It challenges her Ascendant (pushing her to strive for stability), parks its stern behind on her “marriage point” and rules her Sun. The partner-seekin’ Libra Rising pushes for commitment when Saturn’s around. Hence the quick marriage to Brad Pitt.

Jen’s challenges with the traditional life in real time mimic those of her characters in “screen time.” Her commitment-colonel Saturn has a hard time feeling comfortable in Aries — America’s sweetheart tries her best but can’t kick off some kink in the works. A rumored kink in her marital bliss with Brad was the absence of children. Jen’s freedom-lovin’ Moon may not have been completely down for it, irrespective of bogus pop fantasies of her pregnancy every year. And every year, the baby stories are skewered like the false fish they are. In Friends, The Switch and Just Go With It, the actress has kids — but she’s a single mom. Jen’s Moon, the motherly planet, is in combat with intense, possessive planet Pluto.

The Moon-Pluto struggle is a hit for Aniston’s estranged relationship with her own mother. The actress has a strong Mars — as the warrior, Mars is naturally barren. Kids? Don’t want those caught at the end of a sword!

True Love to Free Love

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True Love to Free Love

But are kids the real reason her fairy-tale marriage to Pitt broke apart? Aniston changes partners as often as she jumps from one romantic comedy to the next. Uranus, the planet of sudden, unpredictable change, is tied at the hip to her Jupiter in the sign that put her in the chick flick role (Libra). Since this is also the sign that pursues partnership, it’s shakin’ things up for Aniston in the romance department.

Jupiter amplifies the disruptive effects of volatile Uranus. Pluto, planet of death is also hangin’ near shaky Uranus, demanding “out with the old and in with the new.”

Loss and gain are an exciting theme in the actress’s life. Stern Saturn is pitted against the love-seeker, with no remorse for her best attempts at stability. New relationships, new flings, new chick flick roles. It’s a vicious cycle.

“It’s not you; it’s me” can be Jen’s catch phrase. She just loves her essential freedom. This springs back to her role in Wanderlust, where things heated up with her current beau, Justin Thoreux. More than just stoking that flame, this role brought out Aniston’s amped-up Uranus in sex-lovin’ Libra, her freewheeling Moon in Sagittarius, and her offbeat Sun in Aquarius. Wanderlust was her moment to put all her “talents” out for the world to see, first hinted at in her quirky runaway bride role as Rachel in Friends.

I expected her to flaunt it as soon as I heard about this role, and watching the movie, she sure did (literally): Aniston pulled off her top, waving her boobs “at an unjust world” then exclaimed how freeing it was. It was a wild Moon-in-Sag move for an equity-centered Aquarian.

If Aniston’s Moon is up for an adventure, her Sun in Aquarius wants to spice it up with a life outside the grid. When Uranus picks up Jupiter as a partner in crime, a crazy drive for open sexual experiences pops up — sometimes for multiple partners. It’s all about expanding your horizons, especially with Jen’s galloping Moon. A community where free love reigns, like the one Jen found in Wanderlust, is smack up her Aquarius/Sagittarius alley (of course, the Saturn girl started and ended the movie fully clothed).

Jen’s sex drive, symbolized by planet Mars is glued to “free love” planet Neptune. She probably let Brad say bye-bye: Her Jupiter is retrograde, meaning she has a wonderfully wayward way of experiencing self-growth. Her actions might not make sense on the outside, but she knows when it’s time to move on. “You never did things like everyone else,” says her on-screen dad in He’s Just Not That Into You, “because that’s you.”

Blackstrap Molasses

So is Jennifer Aniston “The Good Girl” like her 2002 film by the name? Is America’s Sweetheart really all sweetness and sugar? Recent racy films paint a picture of Jen ya haven’t seen as much. The stars testify to a “racy” side to the starlet. In Horrible Bosses, there’s a funny spin to her Mars in Scorpio: She’s an erotic man-eater who demands sex from her assistant, using the art of blackmail. Heads turned for her role as a stripper in We’re The Millers. No, this is not a “good girl gone bad” scenario or attempt to break up the chick flick chain: Aniston’s starz know what’s up!

For years Jen made her career out of her posh princess Rising sign — now we’re seeing her wild, provocative side. Mars in Scorpio connected to Neptune can be a secret sex freak. Key word secret. It’s undercover, it’s hidden — and it’s hot. Taboo and fetishes reign in this Mars sign. Mars the Warrior is no stranger to cutting — including, like in Horrible Bosses, cutting others down!

The razor cuts deep and true. In Just Go With It, after a remark that wounded her future on-screen mate, Jen darkly delivered the line, “that wasn’t a nice thing to say, but you can always count on me to tell the truth.” (You can bet her Sag Moon helps with the truth part).

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Lacy or Racy?

No surprise to me when Aniston expressed in a recent interview her love for roles that are strong survivors; spoken straight out of her warrior Mars in Scorpio. “Challenges” in astrology are like badges of survival, so all the pressure from Saturn congeals into strength for Jen. Mars in Scorpio loves power. No one can oppress this Mars sign and expect it to lay back and take it. “No boss but myself!” is probably Aniston’s mantra.

This strength makes her a natural for her role as a housewife surviving an abduction in her new dramedy, Life of Crime. (The role also lights up the deceptive streak of Neptune, matching Jen’s self-confessed ability to “be a great criminal mastermind“). The edgier career direction has more testimony from taboo-lovin’ Lilith on Aniston’s Midheaven — this girl is bound to get more and more provocative.

Tainted Love

Jen the star may crave independence, but finding love means the world to a Libra Rising. The North Node sits on her partnership point, meaning she’s headed toward commitment whether she likes it or not. Good girl or bad girl, Aniston’s conservative streak definitely wants to settle down, but will she? As it stands, she’s engaged, but it’s been two years talking about a “hilarious” wedding straight out of a romantic comedy — and, like in a chick flick, you’re still biting your nails.

In He’s Just Not That Into You, Jen’s character implores, “Are you ever gonna marry me?” She’s perpetually “still on the market,” finding it hard to actually walk down the aisle with her long-time boy, played by Ben Affleck. Is Jen the person a doomed girl after love? Her stars show a love life on the rocks, fraught with challenges.

It began with the picture-perfect promise to a Libra Risin’ gal — a fairy-tale romance and five-year marriage to her sweetheart, Brad Pitt. They were the next-door Hollywood couple that was supposed to make it. Fourteen years and seven beaus later, Jen Aniston hasn’t walked down the aisle again. Libra Risings are headed toward partnership, but they also have the hardest time holding one. The ruler of Jen’s starry wheel, the planet Venus, is in a tough place in Aries. To boot, this frazzled Venus sways her hips in Jen’s Arena of Marriage, playing out dysfunctional vibes in her serious relationships. You already saw the hard taskmaster Saturn casts his cold shade on her point of partnership.

Jennifer Aniston, astrology

Picture-perfect promise…broken

It’s no accident the actress starred in a movie called The Break-up. (She broke it off with her co-star Vince Vaughn, too). In her latest role for Life of Crime, Jen starkly mirrors her own stars and history when her on-screen husband — you guessed it — leaves her for another woman.

Power gained from surviving trauma is a theme in the star’s starz. Chiron, the planet of wounds, is connected to her marriage point. But Jen is a born healer, doing what a healer does best: Usin’ the venom as the balm. The blessed North Node is smack on her wounded planet. Facing her pain and disappointment is the only way to move forward, into a future brighter and more blissful than when the actress started out.

No more runnin’ for this Sagittarius Moon “runaway bride”! Jennifer Aniston, America’s favorite friend is finding her way in this crazy world of love both on and off screen, jumping from one fun romance to the next, until she finds her place to be the perfect friend.


Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.