SkyCode Horoscopes for February 5-11, 2018

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SkyCode Horoscopes for February 5-11, 2018

Doug Morgan

Horoscopes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them.

“The Worlds We Live In”

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Doug Morgan

I’m still trippin’ over last week’s eclipse. Not in a bad way. But it has stirred up a lot of thoughts and feelings. I’m thinking particularly about the themes of community (matching airy, social Aquarius) and individuality (for fiery, proud Leo) from last week’s “super blue blood” lunar eclipse. There’s an important way to remember these two opposite signs, and it relates to one question:

To what or who, beside yourself, do you hold yourself spiritually accountable?

“I’m spiritual”

When I was a fundamentalist Christian minister, I held myself accountable to my God, church, and family. When I left religion, I answered to the people and institutions linked to my ideas and ideals, like my fraternity, academic department, friends, or the community of dead and living authors I loved.

Then I went through a phase where I felt I was just a law unto myself. You might have heard me say, “I’m spiritual” then. And that was that. I did what I believed was right according to my own thoughts and understanding, without much regard for what others thought about it.

It wasn’t that I thought only about myself. I just didn’t think that I had to respect the authority of others as greater than my own, like I did when I was a fundamentalist or when I was in school. If I were a grown-ass man as an adult, what did it matter how I approached my inner life?

Worlds within worlds

By the time transiting Saturn squared my birth Saturn at 35 years old, my thinking had shifted. Fitting as Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. I was active in a Kabbalah study group. I was also active as a teacher of astrology and becoming more involved in the astrology community. Increasingly, I came to remember that “no man is an island.” Spirituality isn’t only what happens in my soul, but also how I connect to the world around me.

Kabbalah and astrology both make it plain that we live in worlds within worlds. You have many worlds residing with you, many realms of knowledge and understanding. Your mind, like Leo’s ruler, the Sun, holds the orbit of whirling thoughts nestled into thoughts that are even more complex.

Yet, the orbit of each world affects and resonates with the others. It’s the same with how we live out our spirituality. How are you keeping up with the promises you’ve made to yourself? To your ancestors? To your God? To your community? Are you keeping up with the rituals you’ve created or vowed to maintain? If not, do you know your reasons why? You might not be able to answer all or any of these questions. But accountability means someone asks questions about how you do what you do.

You are not alone

And that’s the best of what all major religions offer. They hold their believers accountable to something beyond themselves. Part of the trap of current human life is that accountability ties us close to dogma, too. But dogma is beside the point here.

Dogma doesn’t have to decide how you practice and stay accountable to a community or set of values. In my experience, your aspiration to be a better person along with others is most fundamental. Support from others and giving that support is what can inspire us to persevere. You don’t have to do the work alone. To be honest, no one really does or ever has. Many others already bolster your spirituality, whether you know their names or not. Moments like last week’s eclipse just remind us to be more open, conscious, and honest about that.

Venus exults in Pisces

Speaking of our connection to others, Venus steps into the beauteous waves of Pisces on Saturday. There are powerful lessons Venus offers in Pisces. I will talk about some of these on Twitter during this week, if you’re on there. But I will speak more on this here next week. Until then, keep unlocking your worlds

How to read and use these affirmations

You could choose to read these only for “your sign.” Perhaps that might be your Sun, Moon, or ascendant sign, if you’re familiar with those terms and your chart. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, though.

I would skim through them all and see which affirmation affirms your life this week:

  • Pay careful attention to the affirmation(s) that you resist. You probably need to meditate on and say those aloud often.
  • Speak your affirmations aloud and preferably to yourself in the mirror. Address yourself kindly and respectfully, always. Bullying, even yourself, doesn’t usually yield long-term change.
  • These affirmations are written for this week, but many of them might speak to you for longer, even a lifetime.

You might not know at the top of the week what you need to affirm. But you might have a sense from the previous week, from a dream or something that happens right on Monday morning. You can also visit this page later in the week to see what resonates. You might also discover I write more for another planet or sign in your chart. I talk more about this here.

My desire is to prompt you to read more for your whole chart, not just what you know or understand your birth chart to be. It’s also possible that none of what I write here speaks to you, and that’s okay. The goal is to open and to explore. That’s the only way we ever truly know anything.

The Signs of Saturn

Planets or Ascendant in Capricorn and/or Aquarius

Capricorn (Cardinal, Earth sign)


I carefully tend to the ties that bind and release the bonds that bind too tightly.


Aquarius (Fixed, Air sign)


I am wise enough to wield the power I have and delightfully foolhardy enough to defy conventional wisdom.

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The Signs of Jupiter

Planets or Ascendant in Sagittarius and/or Pisces

Sagittarius (Mutable, Fire sign)


I focus on how I move forward rather than my fears about how I slipped backward.


Pisces (Mutable, Water sign)


I splendidly bear the heat of scrutiny and the spotlight on my accomplishments.

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The Signs of Mars

Planets or Ascendant in Aries and/or Scorpio

Aries (Cardinal, Fire sign)


I respect the wisdom of my elders, yet I also appreciate insight from my own unique experiences.


Scorpio (Fixed, Water sign)


I possess a strength that only fools would underestimate yet I am wise enough to let them.

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The Sign of the Sun

Planets or Ascendant in Leo

Leo (Fixed, Fire sign)


I rise from any ashes of loss and fear slowly and steadily to become more of the roaring fire in my heart.

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The Signs of Venus

Planets or Ascendant in Taurus and/or Libra

Taurus (Fixed, Earth sign)


I embrace more who and what pleases me than what pisses me off.


Libra (Cardinal, Air sign)


I see more evidence of the greatness I have to share with others, even if I only view it with my mind’s eye.

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The Signs of Mercury

Planets or Ascendant in Gemini and/or Virgo

Gemini (Mutable, Air sign)


I pay closer attention to what others do than what I think they do.

Virgo (Mutable, Earth sign)


I forgive loved ones for offenses, large or small, for my own heart to beat better with love.

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The Sign of the Moon

Planets or Ascendant in Cancer

Cancer (Cardinal, Water sign)


I own my defeats and setbacks as speed bumps along my learning curve to keep me in control of my pacing.

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