SkyCode Horoscopes for January 29-February 4, 2018

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SkyCode Horoscopes for January 29-February 4, 2018

Horoscopes to unlock the stars, not to be locked down by them.

“Practice for the performance of your life”

Wednesday is the start of eclipse season, a time when many folks often lose their right minds with inordinate fears. In past posts, I’ve attributed this to something primal in our development as homo sapiens, the wise ones. Seeing or imagining our primary lights, the Sun or Moon, dim in any way other than a cloud passing by, freaks many folks out at some visceral level. Ease your monkey mind, please.

Of course, we have the added bonus of having a super, blue moon eclipse. That surely makes it a rarer astronomical event. It’s the second full moon this month (a blue moon), a total lunar eclipse, and a “super” moon (a moon that’s closer to the Earth and appears bigger). After all, we won’t have a full moon in February at all. So, this is kind of a cosmic cookie? Kinda.

This eclipse likely has a stronger global resonance by the signs each light is in. The glorious Sun is in Aquarius, ruled by disciplined Saturn, while the shyer Moon shines in showy Leo. One of the possible lessons for this eclipse came to me as I read Manik Sood’s LinkedIn profile last week. He recounts this story:

Once, Lord Indra got upset with farmers. He announced there will be no rain for 12 years & they won’t be able to produce crops. Farmers begged for clemency from Lord Indra, who then said, rain will be possible only if Lord Shiva plays his Damru, but he secretly requested Lord Shiva not to agree to these farmers.

Disappointed farmers decided to wait till 12 years but one farmer regularly was digging & putting manure in the soil & sowing the seeds even with no crop emerging. All other farmers asked that farmer why he is wasting his time & energy. He replied, “I know that crop won’t come out but I’m doing it as a matter of “practice.” After 12 years I will forget the process of growing crops and working in the field.”

Hearing his argument Goddess Parvati praised his version before Lord Shiva & said he may also lose the practice of playing the Damru after 12 years. The innocent Lord Shiva in his anxiety just tried to play the Damru and hearing the sound of Damru immediately there was rain. The farmer who was regularly working in the field got his crop immediately & others were disappointed.

Sood spells out the story’s moral: the game is won during the practice, not during the performance. If you are waiting for the good opportunity to start practicing, then you have lost the race.

I can co-sign on this. But let me shine on some more astrological insight here. With the Moon teamed up with the otherworldly South Node at this eclipse, there’s something you’ll likely have to sacrifice or surrender.

For instance, in the story above, the other farmers thought the planting farmer was wasting his time and energy. Practice just didn’t seem worth it to them. But practice was its own reward for the blessed farmer. He was doing it, because that’s who he was and what he wanted to do. That’s very important.

With this eclipse, match the integrity of who you are with what you’ll do regardless of whether it’s for a paycheck or any visible reward. Your attachment is likely dragging you down in some way. Perhaps you’re not giving your all because you’re too attached to instant gratification. (That can often be a “Leo” problem.)

No, the practice is for the performance of your life. That’s not necessarily for one night or moment only. That’s for the purpose of living your life now as best you can. How you practice your best daily is how you perform a life of excellence.

How to read and use these affirmations

You could choose to read these only for “your sign.” Perhaps that might be your Sun, Moon, or ascendant sign, if you’re familiar with those terms and your chart. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, though.

I would skim through them all and see which affirmation affirms your life this week:

  • Pay careful attention to the affirmation(s) that you resist. You probably need to meditate on and say those aloud often.
  • Speak your affirmations aloud and preferably to yourself in the mirror. Address yourself kindly and respectfully, always. Bullying, even yourself, doesn’t usually yield long-term change.
  • These affirmations are written for this week, but many of them might speak to you for longer, even a lifetime.

You might not know at the top of the week what you need to affirm. But you might have a sense from the previous week, from a dream or something that happens right on Monday morning. You can also visit this page later in the week to see what resonates. You might also discover I write more for another planet or sign in your chart. I talk more about this here.

My desire is to prompt you to read more for your whole chart, not just what you know or understand your birth chart to be. It’s also possible that none of what I write here speaks to you, and that’s okay. The goal is to open and to explore. That’s the only way we ever truly know anything.


The Signs of Saturn

Planets or Ascendant in Capricorn and/or Aquarius

Capricorn (Cardinal, Earth sign)


I bravely invest in what grows more of the future I envision for those I love and myself.


Aquarius (Fixed, Air sign)


I am an excellent agent for what’s glorious and good, not the source itself.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Signs of Jupiter

Planets or Ascendant in Sagittarius and/or Pisces

Sagittarius (Mutable, Fire sign)


I show more wisdom for when to speak up and when to be silent.


Pisces (Mutable, Water sign)


My unshackled fears will lead me to daily victories and celebrations of freedom.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Signs of Mars

Planets or Ascendant in Aries and/or Scorpio

Aries (Cardinal, Fire sign)


I honor my #SquadGoals as fervently as my solo goals.


Scorpio (Fixed, Water sign)


I can appreciate the nurturing of my comfort zone without losing sight of my ferocity to reach the end zone for my big achievements.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Sign of the Sun

Planets or Ascendant in Leo

Leo (Fixed, Fire sign)


I embrace more folks who can hold space for my generosity and gifts.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Signs of Venus

Planets or Ascendant in Taurus and/or Libra

Taurus (Fixed, Earth sign)


I make more room for the Cosmos to co-create with me rather than be attached to every detail of how I think everything should play out.


Libra (Cardinal, Air sign)


I give generously to someone in need with absolute faith that what goes around will come around.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Signs of Mercury

Planets or Ascendant in Gemini and/or Virgo

Gemini (Mutable, Air sign)


I’d rather get along with my soul’s truth than go along with than the lie everybody loves.


Virgo (Mutable, Earth sign)


I commit to high impact tasks that will do more for me and others than play it safe with low impact errands.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.

The Sign of the Moon

Planets or Ascendant in Cancer

Cancer (Cardinal, Water sign)


I invest the benefits of my past labors into the activities, people, and things that will make my life easier later.

Don’t know what planets or points you have where in your chart? Learn what to do about it here.