Fall of the ‘King’: An Astrological look at the recent Hollywood sex scandals

These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend
no good to us: though the wisdom of nature can
reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itself
scourged by the sequent effects: love cools,
friendship falls off, brothers divide: in
cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in
palaces, treason; and the bond cracked ‘twixt son
and father.

“King Lear,” Act I, sc. 2

Last Friday a friend texted me the following question: “have there been any particular astrological aspects that have made all these allegations of abuse possible?” Believe it or not, I hadn’t given the astrological correlation much thought. I don’t often dig into mundane astrology, correlating astrological insight into world events. But when I did think about it, I said what many astrologers have been saying on the fly: story-spinning, truth-bearing Jupiter’s entry into secretive Scorpio. Jupiter seems to be digging up the secrets, especially the salacious and sex-related ones. But honestly, I wasn’t entirely happy with that answer.

There’s a couple of reasons.

The New York Times published its expose on Harvey Weinstein on October 5, 2017 at 11:00 am PDT. That’s a full five days before Jupiter went into Scorpio. He was still in Libra. And let’s be clear, more women have been discussing sexual misconduct and rape, especially since Hannibal Buress, a comic, snatched Bill Cosby’s wig in October 2014 about the decades of sexual abuse by “America’s Dad.” Jupiter was in Leo then. (That will become relevant soon enough.)

Yet, let’s not forget that the shame and silence of women attacked by men in power in Hollywood and beyond has been going on for most of the 20th century. So, it’s probably not enough to pin these shifts all on Jupiter, even though he’s big enough to handle a lot. And there were no big sex story scandals in 2005 or most of 2006 when Jupiter was in Scorpio last.

So, something else had to be tipped off with these scandals. I decided to see when another huge sex scandal had once rocked America. Of course, I thought of another Clinton who was in the news in 1998: President Bill Clinton.

Rumors had been circulating about Bill Clinton’s illicit affairs for years, even when he was governor of Arkansas. President Clinton decided to address those rumors on January 26, 1998 in a press conference. Most notably, Jupiter was at 28 degrees Aquarius. (You’ll see the importance of Jupiter’s position there shortly.) Then, President Clinton says, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” In his Paula Jones deposition, he swore, “I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I’ve never had an affair with her.” Months later, Clinton would admit that his relationship with Lewinsky was “wrong” and “not appropriate.” Lewinsky had, in fact, engaged in oral sex with Clinton several times.

What’s most fitting for what’s happening now is how there was another solar eclipse just near the time President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath on August 22, 1998. It happens within a day and a zodiacal degree of the “Great American Eclipse” we had this year. So, yes, there is a link between these eclipses, though they belong to different Saros cycles. (Click on Saros to learn from master astrologer Bernadette Brady about what those cycles are.) But what’s more compelling is that both eclipses happen fairly close to an important fixed star called Regulus.

Astrologers have known about Regulus for thousands of years. It’s known as one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia. The star has been around 29 degrees Leo for the last 100 years until it shifted to 0 degrees Virgo recently. Some have made the argument that this star’s shift from masculine Leo to feminine Virgo has shifted the balance more toward women. We’ve seen a lot in the last half decade to attest to that. But I still think Regulus’ lessons are bigger than gender-based dynamics.

As a royal star in regal Leo, historically, it concerns people in power or who desire power, of almost any kind. But remember heavy is the head that wears the crown. If a person fails to be noble and royal in bearing when this star is highlighted, then a downfall can be swift. It’s like Regulus is a check when the thirst for power is fueled more by a person’s arrogance and carelessness. It’s not just so much about sex, though this is often the area where too many men, in control, are out of control. For instance, when the August 22, 1979 solar eclipse happened on Regulus, the ruler to fall was the decadent and corrupt Shah of Iran and the US embassy in Tehran.

Similarly, this past summer, I discussed how the Great American eclipse resonated with abuses of power along racial lines in America’s past, like Nat Turner’s rebellion on August 21, 1831.

So, now it’s Hollywood’s turn, again. And though all the folks to crash and burn are men, there often seems to be connection between Regulus and the men who’ve fallen now.

We don’t have an exact birth time for Harvey Weinstein. But his Moon’s south node is right on Regulus at 29 degrees Leo and was activated by the Great American eclipse. I discuss my take on the nodes here. In my mind, this doesn’t mean that Weinstein was “karmically” destined to fall now. I would say that he didn’t keep up maintenance on his virtue and character. The star power of regal Regulus must be honored. And Harvey dishonored it and the eclipse signifies a time when that came back to bite him in the butt.

We also don’t have a birth time for comic Louis CK. But the Great American eclipse was on his Venus at (you guessed it!) 29 degrees Leo. Director James Toback has been accused of sexual misconduct by 200 women. We also don’t have a birth time for him. But his moon could easily be at 29 degrees of Aquarius, the point directly opposite Regulus by degree. Actor Steven Seagall also has been accused of sexual misconduct. His South node is also at 29 degrees Leo since he and Weinstein were born less than a month apart. I could stop with these three since the list seems to grow daily with surprising admissions from the past.

But perhaps the biggest shockwaves after the story on Harvey Weinstein broke was Anthony Rapp’s revelation that mega-star Kevin Spacey had been sexually inappropriate with him when he was a 14-year-old child actor. We don’t have an accurate birth time for Kevin Spacey. Yet in his case, I think he’s experiencing multiple planetary cycles that tally up with his current woes.

First, I think he’s experiencing more the power of the August 7 lunar eclipse on most of his Leo planets. (This might also be true for rumored sex offender Brett Ratner since his moon is likely in the early or mid-degrees of Leo. We don’t know his birth time either.) I also think we can make a strong case that Spacey’s moon is in Taurus as his troubles surged as Jupiter entered into Scorpio to oppose his moon. And there’s a way that Regulus connects to his perhaps 1 degree moon in Taurus through a “backdoor” means that we astrologers call antiscia. Let me explain.

Antiscia, also called solstice points, are ways planets or chart points connect by sign starting from the Cancer-Capricorn solstices or the Aries-Libra equinoxes. The solstices and equinoxes are ways to measure amounts of light we experience. The idea is that the amount of light we experience say on the Winter solstice (December 21st-ish) mirrors the amount of light we had the day before. This would mean that 1 degree Capricorn would mirror 29 degrees of Sagittarius, for example. The following day, with the Sun at 2 degrees Capricorn, would mirror two days before when the Sun was at 28 degrees Sagittarius. And so on. The light of one day casts its shadow on another point before it. We could do this around the whole Zodiac wheel. My colleague Kate Petty has a detailed explanation of the antiscia on her page if you want more.

This would mean that if Kevin Spacey’s moon was at 1 degree Taurus, then the antiscia point would be 29 degrees Leo, within a few minutes of being connected to Regulus. So, if Jupiter opposed his moon at this degree, it activated his own experience of Regulus by opposition and something called contra-antiscia. Contra-antiscia is the flip side of antiscia except that we’re paying attention to the opposite point by degree and sign. For example, 1 degree of Scorpio is the contra-antiscia of 29 degrees of Leo. Spacey had a double-whammy of a connection to Regulus from his possible moon in Taurus and transiting Jupiter’s connection to Regulus once it entered Scorpio.

It’s also worth noting that Spacey’s accuser, Anthony Rapp, has his Scorpio Sun at 1 degree Scorpio. It’s fitting that Rapp told his story about Spacey just as story-telling Jupiter was passing over his Sun, at the same degree, by transit. Again, activating Regulus and the Great American eclipse.

But Spacey’s subsequent issues since Rapp spoke out are not that unusual for someone at his second Saturn return and fifth Jupiter return. I’ve written and spoken frequently on Jupiter returns, like here and most recently when Jupiter went into Scorpio last month. But it’s very important, at this joint return of these two “social” planets, Saturn and Jupiter, that you’ve shared your gifts (Jupiter) generously and cleanly or you jeopardize your status (Saturn) as a maturing elder in your community. How you finish the last third of your life, if you’re fortunate to get to 58-60 years old, is just as important as you live your first third when you have your first Saturn return at 29-30 years old.

Another dose of irony is that Spacey lost his show, “House of Cards,” the show that put Netflix on the map as TV show content creator, just as his character, US President Frank Underwood, lost his Presidency. The “king” truly fell.

So, this isn’t only about sex and scandals. It’s never been about sex. It’s about power and the abuse of it. That’s tosses us into the heart of Regulus. Unfortunately, with patriarchy, when there are abuses with power, there are often sexual abuses. (I’m sure Freud has written copiously on this.) But this isn’t always true. Sometimes, as we saw with the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979 or Nat Turner’s Rebellion, both marked by eclipses on Regulus, that abuses in power lead to grave consequences. The responsibility that comes with great power means that we must rise to the challenge with better character and bearing. Otherwise, you’ll fall. Hard.

I believe the planets bear messages for us on how to improve our characters. When we don’t do that, then we earn a very different net result than we could have. The math of the planets doesn’t often fail in re-COUNTING those choices. Our job as astrologers is to follow that math. That’s why I think it might mildly lazy to pin all these recent salacious stories all on Jupiter’s entry into “sexy” Scorpio. Jupiter just activated an age-old lesson that was re-told at the Great American Eclipse. We likely will see another activation of these lessons when Mars enters 0 Scorpio, the contra-antiscia point for 29 Leo, on December 9, 2017.

Hold on, though. There’s another solar eclipse close to that “Regulus” degree (by opposition) on February 15, 2018. We’re probably due for more reminders in the coming year. In other words, more will fall and some have farther to fall.