The Easier Way

My client would have heavy Saturn “sitting” on her spirited Sun by conjunction this fall, just like he’s parked on my own Sun right now. I described Saturn for her as the planet of “Sit yo Black ass down!” I say it this way most times when I know I have to lighten the mood, because I know Saturn sounds ominous, even if the client might not know much about him. I also reassure them that I match Saturn’s, um, injunction according to the ethnicity of the client, if known. He’s an Equal Opportunity Planet. Then I clarify that the opportunity that all planets seek: expression.

Every planet is a dynamic agent of energy that seeks expression in our lives. By embodying or incarnating the planets, we have a chance to direct their energy in ways that could work better for us. This may not always be possible or easy. But it’s a lot better to sit with yourself for contemplation or self-discipline, as Saturn dictates, than having someone else come in your life and make you do it…or worse. If we choose not to listen, either from ignorance or willfulness, to the loud or sometimes quiet voices of the planets, then we elect to let these swirling bodies of energy incarnate into other situations or people beyond our control. You don’t want that. With Saturn, you can choose to drive yourself rather than wait for him to become something or someone who rides you.That’s when Saturn could take the form of a boss who’s decided to ride you harder than a lone pony at a pony farm with two school busses full of 7 year-olds dreaming of galloping along happy trails.

The video used above is from a “Boondocks” episode that spoofs two different TV shows, with the central figure based on a real-life prisoner you never want to meet anywhere. That guy makes it clear that if you’re caught by him, you want to go the easy way. I think the same idea works with planets, even the “nicer” ones.

Embody what a planet’s attempting to express in the best possible way you can. Perhaps your astrologer can help with figuring out how you embody a planet’s expression better in your life, whether you were born with that energy or there’s an influx of energy & inclination from the night-sky now. Or once you understand what a planet’s attempting to express, you can be creative with your own way of embodying a planet’s energies. Just don’t pass on it, because Lord knows you don’t want that energy to end up in the form of a fool like that guy above. #JustSayin’