Why the diversity scholarships at NORWAC 2015 matter

This year I have the honor of presenting on “Jupiter returns” at the Northwest Astrology Conference from May 21st – 25th.   As you can see from the list of speakers, I’m the only person of color on the roster. This has often been the case for the conferences at which I speak. However, this can change. We’re offering diversity scholarships, but we had more applicants than expected. We can help nearly all of the ones we’ve accepted. Here’s how.

Please meet astrologer Jason Fleming-El, also known @sagittarianmind. His website is sagmind.wordpress.com.

Jason Fleming-El, Astrologer, Black, African American, Progressive, sagmind, SagittarianMind

SagittarianMind AKA Jason Fleming-El

Below you can read what Jason how an astrology conference impacted his life. What he hasn’t said is how more than 5 years after attending his first conference, he has 12,000 followers on twitter, a thriving astrology practice of his own, radio spots to talk about astrology and several writing gigs on astrology, perhaps even forthcoming books. He’s making a difference for astrology. I know one day soon Jason will present at a conference himself. Jason says:

“In 2009, I had the pleasure of attending the ISAR Conference in Chicago. This experience not only broadened my concept of myself, by helping me to understand more about my multidimensional nature, it also served as a catalyst to expand my vision of my career as an astrology practitioner.

ISAR allowed me to the opportunity to listen to and dialogue with some of the most respected Astrological minds in the world. The conference was a springboard for me to what’s now a promising career in private practice as a Counseling Astrologer, Writer and Educator.

To anyone who has the opportunity, I would wholeheartedly recommend attending a major Astrological conference if you wish to be exposed to learning at the highest.”

This is what could happen to more people of different ethnic, sexual, gender, and ability backgrounds if they could attend a major astrology conference. Many can’t because they need financial assistance. They’re not asking for a lot. Will you help us reach our goal? We’re soooo close.

Click here to make a change. Thank you.

For my other thoughts on diversity in astrology, check out my piece, “An Open Letter to African Americans about Astrology.” I also just came back from the awesome Queer Astrology conference in San Francisco. Stay tuned for the next one. If you’re on Facebook and Black, consider joining the International Society of Black Astrologers.