Dar’s Power Readings


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Here’s what I DON’T do:

  • I DON’T talk “star clusters and clouds.”
  • I DON’T gossip about boy/girl concerns… My undivided attention is on YOU.
  • I DON’T hold your hand while drivin’ into your challenges.
  • I DON’T play politesse or promise to keep it PG. If you’re too shy or horrified by your real desires — if you cringe at any reference to sex, destruction or animal impulses, this isn’t for you.
  • I DON’T idealize “virtues” like love and demonize “vices” like rage.
  • I DON’T talk about your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.
  • In fact…
  • I DON’T play “SIGNS” AT ALL!

I don’t make any promises to talk about ANY SIGNS — there’s a WHOLE WORLD of astrology far JUICIER than that.

Do you wanna chew on sand castles or meat?

Astrological readings are often spread too thin, lacking focus. Even the basic “Sun/Moon sign” analysis misses the essential points of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It doesn’t dig down into your core power, the key nourishment you need to survive — like most things in modern culture, it can neglect the primal hungers of the HUMAN ANIMAL.

HEALTH, LOVE and SUCCESS — without a torch to light the way, it’s a hit-or-miss.

If you want a reading so you can take a pretty pic of yourself home, look elsewhere.

I look at your driving emotion, the very juice and guts of who you are. This is the key to maximum energy, productivity and joy.

In short, I look at your REAL POWER.

So take a breather from your Sunday school astrology. Let’s talk real sh-t.