Group Astrology Classes

Tarot In Times of Transition

with Nina Yasmin

produced by Samuel F. Reynolds

Have you been feeling something big is coming for you? But you can’t quite figure out what it is? Feeling subtle or not so subtle changes in your mind, body or spirit?

Life is all about transitions, changes and learning to make the best of what we can not control. Sometimes we need call on our higher powers, our higher selves, or additional emotional support as we shift from one platform to another. Tarot in Times of Transition is a four-week course focused around providing emotional and spiritual assistance to those who are at varying levels of transition in their lives. Classes will be 45 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion and questions. All classes are virtual via Zoom, with recipients receiving links and info to get into the class upon signing up. Classes will be recorded, so you can listen if you miss a class or would like to review.

Classes will start Saturday, January 5, 2019 from 4-5 pm EST.

Then run January 12, 19, and 26 at the same time each week. Participants will be given a link to join both the live class and a means to download recorded classes.

For all FOUR classes: $180 (Classes cannot be purchased individually.)

Your instructor

Nina Yasmin spent the beginning of her professional career in an extraordinarily clinical environment. Working as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. There, Nina saw a different side to life working with people affected by mental illness, addiction and trauma. It was in witnessing their pains, tragedies and sorrows, she learned true compassion, empathy and the meaning of unconditional support.

It was also there that Nina began to learn that not all who are affected by mental illness are correctly diagnosed, and that many people have spiritual, psychic and intuitive gifts. But without guidance and support, these gifts can present as mental illness.

Motherhood took Nina to another place emotionally and mentally. It was not until she was diagnosed with post postpartum depression that she was fully able to understand the experience of not be able to control your own mind.

These experiences have had a profound effect on Nina, especially how she carries herself and sees the world around her. Of course, this also speaks to the level of compassion, empathy and understanding you can be assured to receive from her.

Bakara Wintner trained her as a tarot reader, and she began her Brooklyn-based practice in 2015. Nina uses her extensive background in social work to bring a new level of clarity, perspective and healing to her clients. Nina believes that the tarot can be used as a healing tool to bring others to self-actualization and a higher level of consciousness.

Follow her on ig @ninayasmintarot or visit her website at


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