Murdering Zodiac Myths: Aries, 2

MURDERING ZODIAC MYTHS: ARIES, part 2 A NEW series from Dar Alexander  In Part 1 of Aries, I claimed this energetic, leading sign to be the victim of loneliness, depression and death. This doesn’t have to be Aries‘s fate, but it is a severe sentence I’m standing up for. I realized before starting Part 2 that I […]

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Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Dondy, of Stay Lit, Love, Astrologer

Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Dondy, of Stay Lit, Love, Astrologer Premiering at the Zodiac Lounge TODAY, July 15, 2017 Dondy is the founder of StayLit, Love which shares the illumination of awareness through astrology and guided meditations. Known as the meditative astrologer, on the daily, you can find astro-meditative mantras that […]

SkyCodes Horoscopes for week of May 9, 2016

SkyCodes Horoscopes for week of May 9, 2016 Horoscopes for the week of May 9, originally published at TheCut.com with fun gifs Early Monday morning, gracious Jupiter takes his gargantuan goodness out of retrograde, finally. Considering he’s the planetary placeholder for how we experience enthusiasm, broad-mindedness, and that bucolic “the hills are alive with music!” […]



Your SkyCode Horoscopes for December 21-27, 2015

Your SkyCode Horoscopes for December 21-27, 2015 Original horoscopes with gifs published at TheCut.com Although the New Year is a week away, there’s a palpable, electric feeling of change in the air. Of course, some measure of the excitement might be the collective hopes for the holidays. However, on the celestial front, upstart Uranus moves […]

What’s meant by a sign?

Here’s something most folks into their horoscopes or signs don’t know. When you look up in the sky and you somehow have a night sky app like Stellarium or Google Sky Map to make out the constellations, you’re not looking at what we commonly call Zodiac “signs.” For instance, an hour or so after sunset […]

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"Practically Perfect" Dame Julie Andrews in "Mary Poppins"

Venus in Virgo: Study to show thyself…

Sensual Venus submitted to the sign of Virgo last Saturday. She won’t be there long before she begins her retrograde back into Leo on this coming Saturday. However, she still has something to teach those with Venus in Virgo in their birth charts (and those without) during this week. Whenever I think about Venus in […]

Why the diversity scholarships at NORWAC 2015 matter

This year I have the honor of presenting on “Jupiter returns” at the Northwest Astrology Conference from May 21st – 25th.   As you can see from the list of speakers, I’m the only person of color on the roster. This has often been the case for the conferences at which I speak. However, this can […]

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Astrology Match: Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding Jr.

by Adrianna Dream · October 9, 2014 · movieastrology.com (blog) · starastrology.net Yesterday I was singing the praises of Cruise’s Jerry Maguire monologue. Today, it’s all about cosmic matchmaking. Forget what you thought: This film is not about Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. This film is about Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr., period. Why? Because Astrology said so. Tom Cruise’s Sun […]

Jerry Maguire – Play From Your Heart

by Adrianna Dream · October 8, 2014 · movieastrology.com  Two words: Jerry. Maguire. I heart Jerry Maguire, one of the secret founders of this blog, a hidden motivator, a part of my writing here right now. And I don’t just mean Tom Cruise with slick hair Jerry Maguire, or even Jerry’s Mission Statement that “even looked like The […]