Fun times talking about Jupiter cycles and Star Trek…

Jupiter cycles and Star Trek! I had an amazing time being a guest on Matt Savinar’s radio show last week. We ended up nearly talking an hour astro-geeking about Jupiter cycles…and Star Trek! I even revealed who my favorite Star Trek captain is! It reminded me of a time a few years ago when I […]

7 critical age ranges and what astrology has to say to every African American about them

Here’s my talk from yesterday’s Oraje Holistics Summer Solstice Gathering.  Great learning and sharing happened at the event! Looking forward to the next one. A recording of my talk follows below as well as a pdf copy.  7 critical age ranges and what astrology has to say to every African American about them. (Click to listen) 7criticalAgeRanges (.pdf copy of my talk)

Are Void Moons & Mercury Retrogrades THAT Bad? 2

Here’s a description of  my presentation at the recent NCGR Astrology conference in Philadelphia: Astrologers speak often about the hazards of initiating actions during a void moon or Mercury retrograde. But is that mere superstition or is there some basis of truth to it all? Are there some cases where it’s best to initiate an […]

Panel discussion: Making things Right for the ‘Rites of Spring’ 4

Re-listening to this panel discussion, I have to say that this 24 minute panel discussion might be among one of my faves.  We covered a lot in a short period of time, and, I think, we gave some great advice and insight.  Enjoy!

Fishing for Pisces… 2

Here’s my talk at the last Zodiac Lounge on 3/30/13 where I talk about #Pisces. The questions at the end are about a young woman’s son who has an extremely sensitive moon in Pisces. The other question is about managing Pisceans who swing from passive to really aggressive.

True or False about the Void Of Course Moon…

For International Astrology Day in NYC (Mar. 22), I had the fortunate delight of being on a panel with astrologers Ronnie Gale Dreyer and Mark Wolz to talk about some of the “boogeymen” of astrology: the void of course moon, Mercury Retrograde and planetary stations–all the things that make people a little spooked.  Here’s my […]

Love Panel at the Zodiac Lounge!

I love this panel on love and astrology at the Zodiac Lounge from Feb. 16. Moderated by Dr. Wendi Williams, the panel features three astrologers:  myself, Dr. Kim Max Brown and Kevin Uehlinger. We all have our slightly different takes on how to understand, forecast and obtain “love” from an astrological chart. But what most […]