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Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Tara Bedeau, Tarot

Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Tara Bedeau, Tarot, at her ZL debut, Saturday, February 11, 2017 Tara Bedeau started off her early adulthood as a lawyer.  However, she has made many turns and travels to become the Wonder Worker she is today. Besides being a gifted intuitive, Tara is the visionary and […]

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Changing the world! One astrology conference at a time. Be part of the change!

  In 2015, Zyon Gray was among the first recipients of a diversity scholarship at NORWAC for people of color and the LGBTQ community. He was my roommate at the conference and had a great time there. Last year, Zyon returned to NORWAC without a scholarship, and roomed with a 2016 diversity scholarship recipient. His […]

Tarot reader, Sunder Ashni, healer

Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Sunder Ashni, Tarot Reader

Meet Sunder Ashni, Healer and Tarot Reader, at the NEXT Zodiac Lounge As a healing practitioner and multi-dimensional artist, I serve, love and inspire those within my local and global communities by providing tools to fine tune love and compassion based awareness. These tools assist in fostering connections between the hearts and minds of individuals and the heart of […]

Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Sydney Francis, Intuitive

Meet Sydney Francis, Intuitive, at the NEXT Zodiac Lounge “My overall purpose is to assist in the cultivation of as many Lightworkers as is possible for the Planet at this time.” Author of STEPS TO ASCENSION and psychic intuitive Reader, Sydney has been gifted and consistently buoyed by 28 years of channeling experience and profound […]

Sydney Francis, Intuitive

Bridging Divides

That’s a tweet from my former editor at The Cut, where I publish weekly horoscopes. She might have made an error on the year she hired me, but she’s likely on the nose with what follows: I’m one of the first POC astrologers at a major/mainstream publication. In 2015. Let that settle, because it took […]

Bridging Divides

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Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Gemini Brown

Meet Astrologer GEMINI BROWN at the Zodiac Lounge! Children of Gemini are quick witted, social and versatile.  Gemini Brown lives up to his Sun sign by being just that–versatile.  Gemini is a published writer, poet, musician and astrologer known for giving in-depth and detailed readings that focus on the soul’s karma and purpose. Check his debut at at the Zodiac Lounge on March […]

Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge–Kelsey, Palmist

Let Kelsey see the future in the palm of your hands at the next Zodiac Lounge on September 12th, 2015 from 3p – 7p. Tickets available now! Greetings! My name is Kelsey and I have been a palm reader for about 6 years now and I have worked with dozens of clients over the years. My style of palm reading […]

Kelsey, 1st palmist at the Zodiac Lounge

Numerologist, numerology King Simon Lloyd Strayhorn

Numerology wizard says, “Numbers r simple…”

“…people are complicated,” according to numerologist author King Simon. King Simon spoke on numerology and people during his 15 mini-lecture at the last Zodiac Lounge on May 7th. As a student of the fabled numerology legend, Lloyd Strayhorn, King Simon showed that he learned well from his teacher. Listen to his very clear and entertaining […]

Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge–King Simon, Numerologist

Experience a numerology reading from King Simon at the next Zodiac Lounge on May 7th, 2015 from 6p – 10p. Purchase your ticket(s) here. King Simon is a well known numerologist, emcee, promoter, producer, radio and media personality based in New York City. King is the author of Numbers R Simple…People are Complicated. King Simon has promoted all types of […]

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Why the diversity scholarships at NORWAC 2015 matter

This year I have the honor of presenting on “Jupiter returns” at the Northwest Astrology Conference from May 21st – 25th.   As you can see from the list of speakers, I’m the only person of color on the roster. This has often been the case for the conferences at which I speak. However, this can […]

Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Lauren McBride, Astrologer

    I have been a practicing astrologer since 2012. I couldn’t decide what to write in my bio (because #Libra) so I asked my son. Here’s what he said: “My mom? All she does is paint her nails and read Astrology books.” Valid. But I do other stuff too! Like practice as much yoga as […]

Astrologer Lauren McBride

12 Years a Slave: A Slave to Image Over Emotion

12 Years a Slave: A Slave to Image Over Emotion Why a film that should have been exceptional is soulless and sadomasochistic  by ADRIANNA DREAM (blog) · Within the first few seconds of 12 Years a Slave, I was struck by the familiarity of the music, confirming my suspicion that Hans Zimmer, my most beloved composer of all time, is credited […]