Meet the people of the Zodiac Lounge — Carmen, astrologer

Meet Carmen the Astrologer at the Zodiac Lounge!

Carmen Mayes, astrologer

Carmen, Astrologer

Carmen is the creator of Written in the Stars (, a website aimed to fuel personal growth and discovery using spirituality, conscious wisdom, and astrology.  Several years ago, Carmen picked up a book that explained characteristics of people born on her birthdate that was spot on and realized that astrology was much more than daily horoscopes; it is a useful tool that can bring self-awareness and personal discovery.  Since that time, Carmen has studied and practiced astrology from the standpoint of sharing wisdom of the universe to uncover the strengths, opportunities, and challenges to aid clients on their journey to greatness.

In Carmen’s own words:

Whats it all About? Over the last few years I have discovered a completely new perspective on spirituality, self-discovery, and unveiling my destiny.  It’s my belief that New Age, Numinous practices (Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, Energy Balancing ect.) are tools to help us tap into our self and connect to a higher power.  I’m sharing with you the things I’ve learned and that have been truly helpful in hopes that you to become inspired and empowered.

Check out Carmen’s debut at the Zodiac Lounge on April 30, 2016, 4-8 pm at Sacred Brooklyn!