Bridging Divides

Bridging Divides

That’s a tweet from my former editor at The Cut, where I publish weekly horoscopes. She might have made an error on the year she hired me, but she’s likely on the nose with what follows: I’m one of the first POC astrologers at a major/mainstream publication. In 2015. Let that settle, because it took a while to settle in for me. I had no idea before that moment. However, as I’ve thought about what astrologers I’ve read over the years in periodicals, like Elle, Vogue, New York Magazine, etc., I realized that I might indeed be one of the first…or gasp! the first.

I’m not writing you because I want applause for being first or “one of…”, but to sound an alarm. In 2016, there should be many more. I teach astrology and many of my students, thankfully, are people of color. However, we need to see many more folks of diverse stripes of life represented in the astrological world. I’m doing my bit by teaching and co-sponsoring diversity efforts like the 1st non-discrimination training at a major astrology conference (ISAR 2016 in October!) and what you see below at the NORWAC conference in May. However, here’s more info about how you can do your part to broaden diversity in the astrological community.

Scholarships for Diversity in Astrology

The 32nd Northwest Astrology Conference in Seattle is happening on May 26-30, 2016! We’re offering about ten full and partial conference registrations to astrology students who are underrepresented at astrology conferences.

We also have about $200 to assist with food or lodging. Consideration will be given for applicants from last year after new applicants for this year. (If we exceed our current scholarship fundraising goal of $2000, we’ll be able to give more!)

To donate to the Scholarship fund:

Qualified applicants, of any age, can be physically challenged, a member of a historically marginalized ethnic, gender or sexual minority, or an intersection of any of the above.

Applicants must write a 300-500 word statement that details the following:

  • Their brief personal history
  • A demonstration of their financial need
  • Their interest and level of astrological study.
  • Their perceived impact by attending the conference.

Statements and applications should be sent to Samuel F. Reynolds at by April 15th, 2016. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns as well.

We will notify applicants of their awards by April 30, 2016 to attend the conference.