Astrology of Movies, Part 2


Sexy starz for the stars



In Part 1, I barely iced the cake with a heap of meaningful astrological connections between actors and the roles they play. By now you know the characters live out some emotional reality for the actor.

If astrology hooks into fictional characters the same way it hooks into real people, then movie hook-ups carry starry juice, too. The juice gets razor-sharp when it comes to targeting links between actors.

Stars vs. Starz: Movie Match-ups

Titanic is a no-brainer. Kate and Leo’s Moons are tightly tied in Libra. This is an all-powerful emotional bond. The starry link explains why this comfortable connection took life outside of Titanic: The two are known to be loving best friends that have endured the test of time. DiCaprio recently gave Kate Winslet away at her wedding, and quotes, it “feels we can say anything to each other.” And remember that moving bit at Winslet’s Golden Globe acceptance speech? (Just ignore the Celine.) This is a very lunar connection, a case of married Moons.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki in The Avengers, two brothers in diametrical opposition to each other, in astrology are… in diametrical opposition to each other. Their Suns are head-to-head (opposite signs), Hemsworth at 17 degrees Leo and Hiddleston on the other side of the zodiac wheel at 20 Aquarius.

A lone and likable British woman suddenly finds herself sandwiched between two love interests in the movie you adore, Bridget Jones’s Diary. The star-connections here run rampant and painfully, magically precise. Renée Zellweger’s Ascendant point is connected to both men’s Suns, also joined at the hip to Hugh Grant’s Rising. Her own Sun in Taurus is on Grant’s Moon. Her Moon happens to be on Colin Firth’s Midheaven.

When I checked out Grant and Firth’s starry sigs, I exclaimed out loud about their shared planets — they’re practically twins. Indeed, the British bros are born a day apart. Their careers have even run parallel, beginning with Firth’s very first role as a rival film to Grant’s. A testimony to astrology for twin charts, sharing themes and cycles of time.

If you were hot for Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen, you’ll love this sexed-up little link. The Khal is played by Jason Momoa, whose warrior sex planet Mars is charged up on the Moon of Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke. This means ravenous hunger from the Khal for Daenerys’ body (portrayed by the Moon). A “gotta have her” link, he can barely restrain his lust.

Laurence Fishburne’s Mercury at 21 degrees Cancer is on Keanu Reeves’ Mars exactly—highlighting Morpheus’s belief (Mercury) in Neo’s fighting victorious (Mars)!

Trinity, Carrie-Anne Moss’ love planet Venus is smack on Keanu Reeves’ Ascendant at 10 degrees Virgo: “Fated love.”

A connection from The Godfather, Al Pacino’s Moon contacts Marlon Brando’s Jupiter, tying together family (Moon) and fortune (Jupiter). Moreover, Brando’s Sun and Moon are hovering around Pacino’s Midheaven (career point). Michael’s calling is to occupy the Don’s complete legacy. Facing his father’s history and life’s work is unavoidable for Michael, but, as the Midheaven always is, a long hard road.

Were you not entertained by Gladiator? If you thought your entertainment ended with the credits, check out the astrology of the film. Maximus Russell Crowe’s power-planet Mars at 6 degrees Aries is fixed to Commodus Joaquin Phoenix’s Moon exactly. This encapsulates Commodus’ perception of Maximus as the virile warrior (while he feels like the emo wimp), as well as a threat to the Emperor’s feelings (the Moon). The gladiator’s red-blooded prowess, his accomplishments and his ego all attack Commodus’ sense of security. Jealousy of Maximus and a desire for the power he possesses drives Commodus to kill his own father. The Moon also reflects the family.

Remember this same sexed-up Moon-Mars hook-up between the Khal and Daenerys from Game of Thrones? It’s hard to miss the homoerotic undertones in Gladiator. Whenever Maximus and Commodus occupy the same space, it’s intense. This intimate tension builds until the Emperor embraces the Gladiator as a brother to stab him in the back.

Let’s not neglect the charmed duo Woody and Buzz from Toy Story: Tom Hanks’ (Woody) Sun is at 17 Cancer; Tim Allen’s (Buzz) Moon, 18 Cancer.

With Hanks’ Moon in Leo, Woody is used to being the star of his home, but he finds Buzz, the Moon in Cancer, a natural in the role. This is because the Moon marks our emotional focus, and it’s most “at home” in Cancer. The emphasis for Woody is on his Leo stardom. He’s humbled to find out, in the end, that Buzz had no aspirations for Woody’s spotlight: He was simply caring for his “Cancer Moon” a.k.a. home environment.

Another bulls-eye, Hanks’ Venus and Allen’s Sun are both at 22 Gemini. Woody appears relatable and likeable (Venus) to Buzz, while Woody himself feels he is combusting in Buzz’s light — the Sun! Eventually, Woody is destined to show Lightyear where he truly shines, while Buzz brings out Woody’s loving side (Venus).

That’s right. Entire plot and character arcs are juiced up by real-life astrology.

In the Harry Potter franchise, Ron’s (Rupert Grint’s) planet of responsibility, Saturn, at 25 Sagittarius is exactly linked to Hermione’s (Emma Watson’s) Moon, keeper of home and hearth. Is it any wonder the two end up married?

In Avatar, Sam Worthington puts on the face of Jake Sully, whose Sun and Saturn are on Zoe Saldana, Neytiri’s Venus. To Neytiri, Jake represents both the future (the blazing Sun) and a dumbbell (Saturn) on everything she connects to (Venus). To Jake, Neytiri is, you guessed it — a love goddess from “planet” Venus!

Still haven’t had enough of these star connections or want more in-depth, juicy detail? Look out for my Movie Match-ups, where I reveal astrological links between actors in your fave films.

Movie-goin’ Horoscopes

The “star stuff” can rudely reveal your attraction to viewings, too. I winced at the slaughter of a chicken, when I suddenly found poignancy and humanity in Michael C. Hall‘s portrayal of killer Dexter Morgan. I swapped the fluffy tales for bloody murder. This appreciation came with a Solar Eclipse exactly on my dark-skeletons planet Pluto, tied to my Mars, the aggressive planet that wields knives.

What Gives – Are Casting Directors Expert Astrologers?

Maybe it ain’t magic. Maybe every casting director is an expert astrologer, and each screenwriter stuffs words of dialogue in the actor’s mouth to light up their real-life emotional battles, so that each actor is perfectly designed to the film, and the film to the actor.

Disclaimer: This material is not intended to feed film conspiracy theorists.

What makes the shiz work is the same ineffable power that makes our lives work. But it’s still a fun ride to look at the star-drama behind the screen drama.

No Laws of Nature were harmed during the writing of this article. The author would like to acknowledge the originality of all birth charts involved. All characters referred to in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely creative. Additional thanks to the Creator.

F*ck it. Just enjoy your viewing experience.

Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.