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Think that box-office smash was just for big bucks? All those parts in the flick you’re watching were no more an accident than your last date. Or theirs.


At the movies!

Apr 15, 2014 

A Cinema-Cosmic Love Affair

Movies. You all watch ’em. Actors. You hate to love ’em. You know when you’ve fallen head over your cinema seat for heroes and villains that speak to you. But your little bubble bursts, because for dull rationality’s sake, you realize it’s a — fictional —  role, and that the actor has a whole other, unknown, mysterious life behind the scene. Leo DiCaprio isn’t the life-saving, passionate lover that takes a chick flying on the bow of a ship. Kate Winslet isn’t the babe with the elegance, poise and beauty of a rose. Brad Pitt, with his long sun-kissed locks, isn’t brave Achilles on a mission for glory. The intimate hero with epic ambitions isn’t who Brad is as a real person, in his real life, with his real people. At home.

What if I told you he is?

And what if I told you, it’s all explained by that weird shit called astrology?

I’m not just talking blockbusters. This “cosmic casting” is true in everything from your favorite sitcom, Netflix broadcasting binge to your secret late-night indie spree with Cheetos. From Friends to Spartacus to Lost and Delirious. It works.

Each and every time.kateleo1

Actor/Character Match-ups: Roles straight outta the actor’s starz

Leonardo DiCaprio is a majestic case study. The pretty Romeo unmistakably churns out characters of profound struggle and bravery, as well as honest emotional depth and dedication. DiCaprio’s Moon lives in romantic Libra (hello Romeo) Its patron Venus is beside his Sun in hold-on-for-dear-life Scorpio. The planet of undying devotion and inevitable death, Pluto, sits on his Libra Rising (the sign of attractive looks—I mean, partner-seeking.) A little-known detail from your generic Sunday school astrology, Libra I also call the sign of loss. Just the Libra/Scorpio combo alone screams “doomed suitor”! (That’s not all that makes “Jack” his perfect destiny. Stay tuned for my Titanic Actor/Character Match-ups).

Is it any wonder the Scorpio plays “conflicted, tortured-by-their-own-demons characters, who need to deal with their past,” to quote IMDB. His trademarks, “hard-edged anti-heroes,” “intense emotional acting style,” “men who have suffered a loss or trauma” is a page out of his Scorpio stellium (a star party that includes Sun, Venus, and Mars). DiCaprio’s iconic roles are unabashed testimony to his Part of Fortune (where he experiences career success) lighting up his intense, red-hot power fighter planet Mars. He even calls his indoor office accomplices his “warriors” in The Wolf of Wall Street.


In The Aviator, DiCaprio stepped into Howard Hughes’ shoes; a man of many talents and many obsessions. The role targeted his Libra-Pluto Rising, a sign of versatility and agile communication, affected by obsessive compulsion (Pluto). Ever notice a trend as a victor of power (Mars in Scorpio) only to get caught? Catch Me if You Can and The Wolf of Wall Street bring his “Pluto Rising” to light, but he’s even “caught” as a Libra suitor for out-of-his-league women (Venus in Scorpio, a forbidden, “no-no” place for his love planet). Speaking of repeat roles as a financial crook, Scorpio deals with other people’s resources — their money, baby. DiCaprio’s double Libra is also ruled by the planet of money, Venus.

Let’s take Leo’s cohort, Kate Winslet. The Libra bombshell (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) has blatantly lived out her astrology by playing the well-mannered, well-bred, lovely damsel but she knows her characters are “ballsy.” Her roles sport some real guts. Pretty as Libra is, it’s a masculine sign, and a Libra woman is no one’s pet. To top it off, Winslet’s Libra planets oppose her daring Jupiter in Aries. That’s why you saw the perfectly proper Rose punch someone’s nose.


And the list of actors playing roles out of their starry stats doesn’t stop there. Johnny Depp, his Sun in versatile, questioning Gemini, Moon in heavy-weight Capricorn, plays curious, inventive characters with gloomy, reclusive hearts. His long-time collaborating director, Tim Burton, also known for films that straddle magical exploration and dark lamentation, is a fun Gemini Rising, Moon (heart) in morose Capricorn, with death planet Pluto tied at the hip to his Sun (mind). Is it any wonder he’s Hollywood’s King of Ghouls, Graves and Goblins?

Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean and Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones are actors with similar astro-signatures. Sure enough, they play similar parts. The two share the Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio configuration. (Here’s the kicker: I only looked up Harrington when his appearance and vocal tone reminded me of Bloom.) Characteristic of the Moon in Scorpio, Jon and Will are both intensely dedicated to performance, giving their all to a line of work; the expression of a Capricorn Sun: Jon as a renowned watchman, Will as a superior blacksmith.

Dar Alexander’s ASTROLOGY TWINS: Orlando Bloom & Kit Harington


Both Moon in Scorpio characters are abandoned to a harsh life in the shadows, completely foolhardy with their passions for a woman — but the bull’s eye? Drum roll: Both (I repeat, both!) end up joining the side they were fighting against! Jon joins the wildlings, Will the pirates.sherlock

Entire story lines are thematically reflected by astrology. Compare crime dramas Sherlock and Elementary, both centered on the literary figure of Sherlock Holmes. The difference is not between British and American. One Holmes, Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary looks for intimacy; the other, Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock—for family. Miller is a Scorpio, Cumberbatch a Cancer! ‘Nuff said.avengers

Bring on The Avengers. With a reclusive Moon in emotional Cancer the Crab and Mars in cool, restrained Capricorn, Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) is control central but guess what? Moon and Mars, feelings and hostilities face-off (what’s called an “opposition.”) I don’t have to spell it out: When this Scorpio blows up it’s bombastic. (With bombastic physical consequences). Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, a mighty Leo, spouts of “honor” while Loki, played by Aquarius Tom Hiddleston, stands on the sidelines for his own cause. Moon in dark Scorpio babe Scarlett Johansson is the ideal Black Widow. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., an Aries, is ruled by iron planet Mars.

If you’re a fan of smarty party boy Tyrion Lanister from Game of Thrones, then check this out: Peter Dinklage has a killer star signature to match his character. The Gemini, ruled by “mental” planet Mercury, delivers a line declaring his great asset to be his “mind.” Saturn on Dinklage’s Moon suggests physical limitations, but his Mercury in Gemini attests to his superior intelligence. Venus and the Moon are dominant planets for Dinklage in pleasure-seeking Taurus, referring to Tyrion’s penchant (and utter weakness) for women and pleasure.

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It’s no mistake that Jennifer Aniston, an Aquarius, the sign of friends, plays the friend in, ahem, Friends. Tom Hanks, the Cancer family man with a larger-than-life but consummately genial Moon in Leo has made a career out of playing “the good guy.” As script consultant Michael Hague puts it regarding Hanks’ roles, “we just like ’em.” It’s no wonder. His starry makeup depicts him as gracious and dignified but down-to-earth, the “I’ll take care of it” kind of man.

You know him as Snape from Harry Potter, but do you know where Alan snapeRickman gets his oozingly liquid voice? It’s his electric Moon in Scorpio with a major party of Pisces planets: He’s heavy on the water element. Alicia Silverstone made her mark in Clueless as the pampered princess with “an innate urge to help those less fortunate,” quoting reviewer Don Kaye. Her fashion sense is her Sun in Libra; her philanthropic bent, her Aquarius Rising. The Rising sign is what we “discover,” and sure enough, the barbie babe slowly realized her calling in the movie. To top off that cake, Cher’s dreamy search for the “perfect boyfriend” is straight out of Silverstone’s Moon in Pisces.


Angelina Jolie: Man-stealer or Mother Figure? Check out the article.

What, you thought it stopped there? Angelina Jolie (check out the article here), action heroine: Action planet Mars makes its heroic moves at the top of her chart in Aries, on her career point. Lucy Lawless, TRIPLE Aries: Warrior Princess Xena was her hot-damn birthright. Russell Crowe: A gladiator/general (Sun in Aries) for the people (Moon in Aquarius). Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona in Shrek, spends her entire life practicing and preparing for (Sun in Virgo) her rescuing Prince, while dealing with image consciousness/beauty issues — expressive of her Moon in Taurus! Dainty Virgo Princess on the outside, robust “ogre” on the inside.frozen

What about the voice of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Paige O’Hara has both Sun and Moon in the very sign of beauty, TaurusIdina Menzel who plays the Snow Queen in Disney’s Frozen has a tell-tale signature that makes her so: Saturn, the coldest, iciest planet, is at the midpoint of her Sun and Mercury. It’s pitted against Jupiter and Neptune, which means magical growth. Menzel’s Moon in Leo makes her the literal Queen!

In the Netflix original series House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is a former military cadet (Moon in Aries) who plays president (Sun in Leo the King). In the crime drama Dexter, Michael C. Hall is a cutter with a violent past (Moon in Aries) seeking friends every season (Sun in Aquarius).troy

It’s not just brave Achilles: Brad Pitt plays a slew of heroes with a tragic twist. His versatility is attested to by his Sun in Sagittarius, a sign as flexible (called mutable) as it is expansive. Try the wild, untamable (Sagittarius the half-horse creature) Tristan in Legends of the Fall, agonizing through adversities before meeting “a good death” fighting, and thus becoming one with, the forest beast. And who can leave out the beautiful, mournful vampire with the human soul, Louis from Interview with the Vampire? Look in the eyes of each of these characters, and you’ll see a soulful melancholy expressive of the Moon, his heart, in Capricorn, which conveys suffering. Capricorn’s master-planet Saturn rules timely death: Pitt played Death in Meet Joe Black. The BULL’S EYE is born-old (literally) Benjamin in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Moon marks the body we’re born into, and Capricorn is the sign of old age. F*ck.

If that bit of crazy isn’t enough to numb your brainz, an actor’s own life can match up with the starry destiny of his roles. Keanu Reeves is a real-life hero who, for starters, gave up his Matrix earnings (a surmised 80 mil) to the Special Effectsmatrix team, feeling they truly deserved it. His Moon in care-taking, reality-sensitive Cancer pairs with his Sun in sincere Virgo that understands earning and effort. Quiet fighting through the galactic storm sound familiar? Reeves’ life is marked by constant tragedy, yet the Cancer Moon “knows the beauty of life.” He has what may be called a “Uranus Rising”: His Rising Sign is joined with the highly volatile, volcanic, erratic planet Uranus. With his world-overturning “Uranus Rising” and death planet Pluto along for the ride, it’s literally The Matrix Reloaded for him over and over again. If you’d never heard of Reeves’ bravery or good deeds, it’s because, like Neo, the Virgo/Cancer keeps a low profile of admirable humility and respect. Movie roles and real life overlap. Both live out the same astrology.

Also from The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne, Sun in Leo the King with Moon in Pisces the spiritualist, is the perfect spiritual master as Morpheus.daeneryskhal

I know what you’re hungry to know: Are there star connections between stars?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Astrology of Movies to explore the really juicy “parts.”

From Jack and Rose in Titanic to Khal Drogo and Daenerys in Game of Thrones, I’m strippin’ the celestial starz down and dirty!



Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.

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    I don’t do movies, but often look up the Solar Charts of the “stars” that people adore so I appreciated this article. Will send it on to my star obsessed daughter who loves, loves, loves movies (smile). I like your style of writing. You keep it interesting and insightful. Last movie I went to see was “What The Bleep”… Also don’t know of any astrology websites dealing with movies and actors. You’ve carved an unique niche for yourself. Carry on, I think this point of view will get many fans. Love & Light, Ayesha Grice

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    I greatly appreciate your appreciation dear Ayesha! You honor me with your kind words. My love, love, love of story and of the cinematic medium gave birth to an inevitable linking. But the link has always been, and it’s my duty to bring the shimmers out of the shadows and into the spotlight! It’s amazing to behold the perfect synchronicity between the stars and the stories we weave, in life and in movies. It shows how the “actors” are the “stars,” after all. 😉 Or how we are divine. Much love & light to you and to your daughter—we need to keep the flame for our starry stories alive!

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