Meet the People of the Zodiac Lounge — Sunder Ashni, Tarot Reader

Meet Sunder Ashni, Healer and Tarot Reader, at the NEXT Zodiac Lounge

Tarot reader, Sunder Ashni, healer

Sunder Ashni, healer and Tarot reader

As a healing practitioner and multi-dimensional artist, I serve, love and inspire those within my local and global communities by providing tools to fine tune love and compassion based awareness. These tools assist in fostering connections between the hearts and minds of individuals and the heart of our world.  I use subtle healing modalities faithfully to support an expansive approach to life and everyday challenges. 

My prayer for you is to be and feel loved, worthy and in alignment in body, heart and soul, leading effortlessly to a greater love and appreciation for all life on earth.

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Be there for Ashni’s debut at the Zodiac Lounge
on September 17, 2016, 4:30-7:30p, at Sacred Yoga.
More details here.