Are Void Moons & Mercury Retrogrades THAT Bad? 2

Here’s a description of  my presentation at the recent NCGR Astrology conference in Philadelphia:

Astrologers speak often about the hazards of initiating actions during a void moon or Mercury retrograde. But is that mere superstition or is there some basis of truth to it all? Are there some cases where it’s best to initiate an action during a void moon or Mercury retrograde? Samuel briefly describes both the classical and modern understanding of void moons and Mercury retrogrades. Then he explores examples of how they work…and when they don’t.

Powerpoint attached with lecture.

Also, the phrase I explore in the presentation is “Stud Part” transformed to “Study Party” or “Study Partner”  (Toward the last 10 minutes of the presentation.)

Mercury Retro-Void Moon (PowerPoint Presentation)


Mercury Retro-Void Moon (.pdf of PowerPoint)

Enjoy! If you’re interested in a session or classes, check out my offerings here.

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